Prince of hypocrites

Andrew Bolt

It’s an almost universal rule that greens emit more of the gases they condemn:


       Closet Muslims Charles,  “Protector of Faith’s” & Camilla on a mosque visit

Prince Charles was accused of hypocrisy last night for using a private jet on an ‘environmental’ tour of South America.

The prince will travel to the region next month in a visit costing an estimated £300,000 as part of his crusade against global warming.

He will use a luxury airliner to transport himself, the Duchess of Cornwall and a 14-strong entourage to Chile, Brazil and Ecuador on a 16,400-mile round trip.

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  1. This man is not only an idiot, but dangerous in his ignorance. His head will be the first on the block when sharia becomes part of the British way of life.

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