Rabbi Hirschfield Defends Islam From Honor Killing Accusations

Aasiya Hassan Honor Killing Watch:

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* Mark Steyn: Pay no attention to that dead body; the real victim here is Islam.

Beheaded woman in Buffalo? “Shocked friend says murder damages Islam’s image.”

Hindus, Jews and Christians massacred in Bombay? “The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India highlight the dangerously vulnerable situation of India’s Muslims.


Bridges TV Press Release:  “no one here could ever imagine that this may happen to our beloved colleague.”      (Gee, it couldn’t happen to nicer people…)

The beheading of 37-year-old Aasiya Hassan has all the markings of an honor killing, psychologists and Islamic experts tell FOXNews.com, as the upstate New York woman’s husband awaits a preliminary hearing on murder charges.

Useful idiot watch:

…..Meanwhile, Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, a producer and host for Bridges TV who worked alongside the Hassans, said “now is not the time” to debate the cultural and religious context of the murder that appears to be an honor killing inspired by Aasiya Hassan’s desire to divorce her husband.

“There will be time for that later,” Hirschfield said in a statement obtained by FOXNews.com. “I will only say to those who leap to the conclusion that this kind of thing is intrinsic to Islam, ask yourselves if you think that drunkenness is intrinsic to Irish Catholics, or cheating in business is to Jews?”  (drunkenness and cheating doesn’t equal  beheading, Rabbi. I think your analogy sux. But anyhow, if now is not the time to discuss it, when suits? I will be happy to meet with you and discuss it right there on Bridges TV, deal? /ed)


Religious speculation upsets imam in case of beheaded woman

“Grieving Imam shocked and outraged” over linking honor killing with Islam

* Actually the imam is mostly outraged over kuffars who are connecting the dots:

“We’re all shocked. We’re all grieving,” said Mangera, imam of the Islamic Society of the Niagara Frontier. “To compound that, we have to face the difficulty of the religion of Islam being blamed for [the killer’s] personal actions. It was an individual person who did this act, for whatever reason. We don’t find any justification in the Islamic religion for any such violence.”

Mangera was upset about suggestions that Muslim attitudes, especially toward women, have been blamed for the Hassan killing.

* Clueless Police Chief buys it:

The people that I’ve talked to have said killing your wife or beheading anyone is not condoned in the Islamic faith,” Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew Benz said Tuesday. “I haven’t found anyone to say it’s all right to do that under any circumstances. But it’s something we have to investigate.”

* Start now, Andrew. Start with educating yourself about Islam instead of listening to what Muslims tell you! Start here and read this here as well…

Muzzammil Hassan has been charged with second-degree murder, leading to many Internet and e-mail complaints about his not being charged with first-degree murder.

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    Kasem: According to Islam, if a woman disobeys her husband she is disgraced. Therefore, when Aasiya Zubair, the wife of Hassan, resorted to the Western justice system to seek protection from her menacing husband, she had certainly broken the Islamic tenet of complete surrender to the wishes of her husband. Thus, she had dishonoured her husband, his reputation and, most importantly, the Islamic code of conduct for an obedient wife. Therefore, it is not surprising that the killer had to end her life Islamically, to restore his pride, honor and religious conviction.

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    One of the “black-eyed virgins” the explodees for allah are promised?

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