Taliban planning massive strikes in India


New Delhi: If intelligence reports are to be believed, Taliban is planning to carry out massive terrorist attacks in India, sources said.

According to the report, hundreds of Taliban fighters, who have taken training at Islamic institutions, are ready to sneak into Indian territory in this regard.

Taliban has planned to attacks western cultural centre in various part of India, intelligence report said.

Following the intelligence input, government has asked state governments to remain on high alert in wake of the possible terror threat.

On the other hand, Pakistan government truce with Taliban by acceding to the enforcement of Shariah in the Malakand division of NWFP, including Swat Valley has raised serious concerns in New Delhi on several counts, particularly the Pakistan Army’s apparent inability to squarely check the influence of Pakistani Taliban that is now beginning to reverberate even in the Punjab province.

Experts believe that it is tempting to conclude that the agreement marks nothing less than a “military surrender” even though some assessments from Pakistan suggest it could be a tactical retreat.

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