Ugly is as ugly does…

Special lady pledges $900 million for Gaza Hamas

From Carl in J’lem

While they’re handing out bailout money in Washington, the Hopenchange administration is promising $900 million in American taxpayer money to bail out Gaza (Hat Tip: Red Tulips).

* Shrillary Clitman Watch:   Clinton warns Israel over delays in Gaza aid

The United States plans to pledge more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza after Israel’s offensive against Hamas and strengthen the Palestinian Authority, a U.S. official said on Monday.

The money will be channeled through UN and other bodies and will not be distributed via the militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to make the announcement next week at a Gaza donors conference in Egypt.

The March 2 donors conference in Sharm el-Sheikh resort aims to raise humanitarian and rebuilding funds for Gaza after Israel’s offensive against Hamas at the end of last year.

Clinton’s bid to get the $900 million could face an uphill battle in Congress where requests for Gaza will likely meet resistance as Hamas continues to rule there and the U.S. focus is on its own souring economy.

In December, the former Bush administration said it would give $85 million to the United Nations agency giving aid to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Come on now – you don’t really think this money isn’t going to go to Hamas or that Hamas isn’t going to get credit for it, do you?

3 thoughts on “Ugly is as ugly does…”

  1. The Obamaniacs want to beat the EUSSR in wasting money to Hamastan – and yes, if it passes, they’ll win! Congrats! 900 million : 642 million, it would be! Everything for the poor and disregarded arabs down there, sob. Hey, how many inhabitants has Hamastan? 1.4 million? That would make every sh*thead a millionaire down there. And we learn: being an lying and deceiving, hatemongering, whiny, medieval moelover pays! Hell, yeah!

    …and in a few month, if the money is spent on weapons,TV equipment and numbered accounts, we’ll see “starving” kids, under equipped schools/hospitals and hysterical weeping fat walking tents on Paliwood TV, convincing the libtards throughout the western world, that we are the plague and have to pay for our existence, then die slowly, soundless.

    fnord (whose day is in minor)

  2. Once upon a time responsible governments would calculate what would advance their nation’s interests and act accordingly by doing or not doing certain things. Not anymore. Now in DC we have a misadministration that was put in to fix a bad economy
    so how does it go about doing this? By handing over a billion dollars to the most useless people this world has ever produced halfway around the world. Now how does this advance American interests? Does it get a base in Gaza? No. Does it get an ally in Gaza? No. Does it buy friendship in Gaza? No. What the hell is gained by this insanity? Not a damn thing other than to waste tax money stolen from people in the middle of a recession. This is the Obamination at its finest. May those who voted for this fraud rot in hell for foisting this fraud upon the world at the worst possible time.

  3. You know, in this and in another photo that appeared on, Sec of State Clinton reminds me of Dolores Umbridge as she appeared in the film of ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.

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