United Despots Meeting

Andrew Bolt

The United Nations is to hold a World Conference Against Racism. But in typical UN style, this conference against meanness is being run by some of the meanest:

A key Israeli objection is that the UN committee managing the conference is chaired by Libya, with vice-chairs from Iran, Pakistan, Cuba, Russia, Indonesia and Turkey.


               Chose your favorite dictator!

*         Durban II: A Conference to demonize Israel

The Durban II “anti-racism” campaign off and running

October 6, 2008: Durban II preparations push multi-pronged strategy: attack Israel, defeat the war on terror, manufacture “Islamophobia”

* Any participation by civilized countries would not only legitimize, but actually reward the worlds worst dictatorships, theocratic zealots and criminal Communist regimes in their oppression towards their Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or other minorities, while deflecting blame on Israel. 

  • Jason Koutsoukis/ The Age

SENIOR Israeli diplomat Dan Gillerman has urged Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd not to send a delegation to a United Nations forum on racism, saying it will be used as a platform to bash Israel.

In an interview with The Age, Mr Gillerman, who was Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations from 2003 until September last year, also strongly rejected calls for war crimes investigations against Israeli commanders involved in the recent Gaza offensive.

Speaking from his office in Tel Aviv ahead of a scheduled visit to Australia at the end of the month, Mr Gillerman said the 2009 UN World Conference Against Racism, also known as “Durban II”, to be held in Geneva in April, was a charade.

“Keep away from Durban,” Mr Gillerman said.

“Countries like Australia who, to my mind, represents the best of what democracy and civilisation can be, shouldn’t take part in this charade.”


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  1. Is this a conference where they talk for hours on how to be a more thorough racist?
    The UN is a rotting carcass, leave it for the muzzies to argue and pick over.

    Some of the numerous and serious abuses on the part of Libya include poor prison conditions, arbitrary arrest and detention, prisoners held incommunicado, and political prisoners held for many years without charge or trial. The judiciary is controlled by the state, and there is no right to a fair public trial. Libyans do not have the right to change their government.
    Freedom of speech, press, assembly, association, and religion are restricted. Independent human rights organizations are prohibited.
    Domestic violence against women appears to be widespread, and there have been reports of trafficking in persons. Ethnic and tribal minorities suffer discrimination, and the state continues to restrict the labor rights of foreign workers.
    In 2005 Freedom House rated political rights in Libya as “7” (1 representing the most free and 7 the least free rating), civil liberties as “7” and gave it the freedom rating of “Not Free”.[1]

  2. Habibi, you are right. To my mind, a significant question is why do the left wing parties put such energy into supporting these monsters??? When we can answer that we should be able to reduce the influence of PC idiocy on our countries. And yes, given past form, the Durban conference will ignore relevant issues such as the genocide of non-muslims by muslims in places like South Thailand and Kashmir. Rather, various diatribes will be unleased against Israel by the arabs, and against the west by the third block. Here racism does not mean persecution of a minority group because of color, it is a tool to blame others for one’s own shortcomings.

  3. Middle Eastern countries should put their own houses in order . The way they treat migrant workers is appalling and nothing less than modern day slavery.

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