Yusuf Al Qaradawi: “Is it permissible for a Muslim to marry a communist?”

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Sheik Yusuf Al Qaradawi about the unholy alliance of Eurabia’s  useful idiots and their misguided hope to enlist Muslims for their plans for a  Socialist  hope’nchange utopia:

Why RESPECT Failed

This is guest post by Yusuf Al Qaradawi, and first appeared on Islam Online

Ihsann – Afghanistan asks: “Is it permissible for a Muslim to marry a communist?”

“A young man has asked my daughter to be engaged to him. He’s a communist and still strongly adheres to communism. If he marries her will this be in accordance with the Sharia, bearing in mind that, at least officially, he practises Islam, his family are Muslims and he has an Islamic name?

Or must I refuse permission for him to marry my daughter because his ideology is corrupt?”

“In the name of Allah with prayers and peace on his messenger…..

It’s well known that communists are infidels and heretics. They don’t believe in Allah or the Last Day. Now if it wasn’t permissible for a Muslim woman to marry Someone of the Book, then it’s certainly not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a communist.

Yet if the marriage did take place between a Muslim woman and a communist then it’s obligatory that they must be split up and the father, who is communist, prevented from having access to his children until he no longer corrupts and denigrates their religion.

Sheikh Dr Yusef Al-Qaradawii gave the following Fatwa

“We’re obliged, even before answering this question, that we present a summary of the Communist position on religion in order to clear things up.

“Communism is a materialist doctrine. It doesn’t acknowledge anything other than what is material and therefore rejects the metaphysical. Communism doesn’t believe in Allah, the soul, revelation, the Afterworld, or in anything supernatural and divine.

Communism categorically denies & refutes all the religions and considers them myths & superstitions, remnants of ignorance, weakness and exploitation.

“The founder of Communism, Karl Marx, said the well known expression – ‘Religion is the opium of the people’. He disputed those who said that Allah (God) created the world and man, and he said mockingly that God didn’t create man but on the contrary, man created God. That is he devised God from his imagination.

Lenin said – It’s not possible for our revolutionary party to adopt a positive position on religion as religion is merely superstition and ignorance.

Stalin said – We are atheists and we believe that the idea of God is a myth. We also believe that religious faith is a barrier preventing our development. We do not want to make religion dominant on us because we do not want to be intoxicated by it.

This is both the Communist position, and both that of the doctrine and of its leaders, on religion. Therefore it wasn’t strange that we see that the Communist Party Manifesto and the Manifesto of the Communist International imposes atheism on all of its members and that it propagates against religion. The party strips anyone who indulges in religious practises of their party membership.

So therefore the Communist State will end the services of any employee who practises their religion.

So if true for the sake of argument that a communist only takes from communism its social and economic sides leaving aside its intellectual and ideological base – as some people imagine, though this is not realistic and certainly not plausible. Yet this was enough of an aberration of Islam and forsaking of it. This is because Islam has very clear rulings in regards to the managing social and economic life, which Communism refutes fully. These include – private possessions, inheritance and zakat, man’s relationship with woman etc. etc. etc. These rulings are known as being necessary in the religion of Islam and the Muslims deny the infidel unanimously.

Communism is a cohesive doctrine. It’s not possible in any way to separate its system, ideological base and its philosophy.

Therefore if Islam didn’t permit a Muslim woman to marry one of the People of the Book (Christians & Jews) who believe in God (Allah), his writings, message and the Last Day – then there’s absolutely no way that it would it allow for her to marry someone who doesn’t believe in a divine power, the prophecy, & the resurrection.

The communist is considered in Islamic ruling as an apostate, deserter, and as an infidel. It’s not permissible at all that a Muslim father accepts this man’s marriage proposal for his daughter. A Muslim girl doesn’t accept marrying him and she (should) satisfy God the Lord, Islam the religion, Muhammad the messenger and the Quran.

If he was Married to a [this] Muslim girl then it’s obligatory to separate him from his wife and keep him away from any children until he stops misleading them and denigrating their religion.

If this adherent to communism dies then it’s not permissible that he is washed, prayed on, or buried in a Muslim cemetery.

It’s obligatory that the Islamic Sharia rulings on apostates and renegades are applied on him and that he can expect the severest and most humiliating punishment from Allah in the next life.

“Nor will they cease to fight you until they make you, if they can, renounce your religion. Those of you who renounce their religion and die, while they are unbelievers, are those whose works come to grief [both] in this world and the Hereafter. And they are the people of the fire, abiding in it forever” – The Cow 217.


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  1. Asalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    I am a 19 year old Pashtun living in Sydney and for the past few months I have been in a mess about the issue of jihad al-dafaa’ in my country (Afghanistan). I have done shura’ first, then istikhira and the answer seems clear to me, however, many people around me seem to deny what is happening.

    In 2001, my country has been invaded by the kufaar…since then civilians have been murdered, churches built, bibles handed out (translated in Pashto and Dari and handed out until they got caught by al-Jazeera and had to be burnt) and the Shari’ah has been thrown in the bin. There is Mujahideen right now from all over the world defending Islam in Afghanistan and wanting to establish the Islamic State once and for all, but the main issue is they are defending the land and deen from the kufaar. No disrespect intended Sheikh, but if the people who are going to answer sympathise with the kufaar in anyway, then I can not take their answer seriously. Even if it is wrong to go, I strongly believe we can’t and don’t sympathise with the kufaar, the enemies of Allah subhanuhu wa ta’ala in anyway.

    My question is, is jihad permissible at the moment in Afghanistan as we have been invaded? I understand the greater jihad is with the nafs and I understand that I can help my ummah here in Sydney as well, however, I can not ignore what is happening. I am not for suicide bombing etc. as I know it is haraam to bring death upon ones self, however, I yearn for marytrdom. Sheikh’s like Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki, and the Shiyukh in Afghanistan and Pakistan have called for jihad. I also understand that we need a khilapha to call Jihad, but in this case we have none. I can not accept that the kufaar have invaded our lands and defying Islam. My cousin said I would be “defying the legitimate government” which I disagree with, as I do not believe it applies in this case. The Qur’an says, “those who take the enemies of Allah as awliyah, truly they are the enemies of Allah” The Afghan and Pakistani Government have take the help of the enemies of Allah to slaughter their own Muslims. Are they considered Muslim? If I want to kill a disbeliever for the sake of Allah, and a deluded Afghan soldier wants to jump in front of the bullet for the kufaar, am I to blame for that? Please help me, as I feel the unfortunately that our Sheikhs today our to scared to say al-haqq for fear of arrest etc. and may Allah guide those Shiyukh of ours. Wa salaam, my apologies for the longness of the question.

  2. Sheik,
    I am not sure that this email should be taken seriously – however send the above to the federal police – as well as full details of message header. The name seems odd for a pashtun but you may just found your first terrorist. For those who don’t know, the scum who were jailed for raping several women were pashtuns.
    The writer informs us that he is a pashtun living the Sydney – no doubt one of the “refugees” allowed in by crudd. The details of this email and the sender amd the content should be sent to the AFP. I will be sending this to another source.

  3. Milad,
    The kafir went into Afghanistan to remove Osama’s alqaeda who orchestrated the 911 ‘attack’, the invasion was justified and so is the on going assault against the barbarism and human rights violations, the women and girls especially deserve better than to live under the abhorrent extreme interpretation of the Taliban.
    You’re not for suicide bombing ‘etc’. as you know it is haram to bring death upon ones self, however, you yearn for martyrdom.
    And you wonder why kafir ‘defy’ islam, the mind boggles…

  4. Eloivsdiable,
    There is little point in arguing with Miilad – he comes from Afghanistan and he knows nothing about the sequence of events that occurred in his country!! This means it is probably a brain dead graduate of a madrassa, although the standard of english is superior to a standard madrassa graduate. It seems likely that it was educated by another faith based group. By studying its text it will be possible to determine more, but i am not entirely certain that it is genuine. Nevertheless, the details of the author (Milad) should be sent to the AFP – if it is genuine we have another potential islamic murderer whom krudd has invited in without our permission..

  5. Kaw, it may have been one of Howard’s “decision people” (pre Rudd),
    and may have attended Canterbury High school … worth following up,

  6. My name was posted on this website, I was sent this link in an email. Whoever wrote my name on the post about Jihad, please delete it immediately. I did not write that stupid post nor am I that stupid to post this. Please remove it immediately, things like this aren’t funny. Get lives.

  7. Do not threaten here Milad. Yes, you are sufficiently stupid to post threats – as you have again proved!!!

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