Yusuf Discovers Little Green Jihad Balls

Yusuf’s Turd Balls


* Always a day late and a dollar short,  Australia’s resident sharia-shyster Yusuf Irfan discovers the vile accusations  derailed blogger Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs made against Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch.  Johnson accused Spencer of  somehow supporting “white nationalists who advocate conquering Turkey and expelling/slaughtering the entire Muslim population—150 million people.”


But why bother with facts when spin is the nature of your game?  Why not smear your ideological enemy with the help of wacko Johnson? 

Unfortunately for Yusuf, there’s nothing to it. Spencer doesn’t promote a genocidal ideology. Spencer exposes the genocidal ideology called Islam, that’s all.  Most of all, Spencer has scholarship and integrity, something you lack entirely, Yusuf!

Post a link to where Spencer advocates genocide. Loser!

* That’s why Yusuf rubs it.  We don’t hold it against you, Yusuf: enjoy yourself!  But whatever you do,  have a nice day and don’t forget to flush!

*****   Update: Urban Dictionary Definition of ‘Chuck Johnson’  

3 thoughts on “Yusuf Discovers Little Green Jihad Balls”

  1. I think most intelligent people (which probably means not many people) realise that whenever anyone dares to expose the truth about Islam, they will immediately be smeared as
    1. racists
    2. colonialists
    3. red necks
    4. bigots
    5. neo-cons
    6. far-right
    7. Zionists (yes, that’s a term of abuse now!)

    These false charges are being lead by academia and are permeating throughout all stratas of society. they are particularly popular with certain church leaders like Philip Newman, who proudly wears a Free Palestine badge .

    We know academics benefit greatly by Islamic largesse, with massive funding of universities and many freebies and lucrative speaking opportunities , so why would they bite the greasy hand that feeds them?

    Sadly, the few truly moral people around, such as Merv Bendle, are pilloried and threatened with dismissal, thus serving as an example to other academics not to rock the gravy boat.

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