Yusuf Rubs It…

Sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan is mighty unhinged over reports that jihadists who have settled in Australia – in their perception behind enemy lines- openly rejoice, cheer and curse  the kuffars over the loss of loved ones and property in  Victoria’s bush-fires. While Yusuf himself posted as “Irfsol” on one of the Islamic hate-sites like this one he just can’t remember posters like the one below  and demands to know: 

 “jihadist”? Where? On what site? In what language? When? 

* Who is behind the horrific bush fires in Australia?

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They burned in this life, and will burn in the next.         

النَّارُ وَعَدَهَا اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا ۖ وَبِئْسَ الْمَصِيرُ

I got an email asking for blood donations, entitled ‘Australia’s worst bushfire disaster: Victoria 09 – what can we do?’ (kind of reminded me of another email – ‘Gaza Massacre – what can you do?’, but the latter deserved attention, and the former deserved the trash can). There’s no way my blood is going to run in the veins of some kaafir, nor will I be going out of my way to show any sympathy, pity or offering help. These people are muharibeen, and under the threat of Allah’a ‘adhab.

So my attitude is ha ha serve you right, but may Allah spare the Muslim Ummah of a similar affliction.

Amnesia, Yusuf?  Not only. You are also a proven liar and an intellectual fraud.

 Or, as this poster here correctly notes, you are also a mendacious drama queen and as dumb as a stump.”

In his lastest blog entry Yusuf blames the Sunday Heralds-Sun, Eleni Hale, for reporting just that. Yusuf can’t remember anything and goes apeshit, as usual:

One jihadist wrote: “It would be an act of revenge for Australian’s participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

One “jihadist”? Where? On what site? In what language? When? Is Hale citing Osama bin Ladin typing this from his cave? Or is this “jihadist” a 15 year old kid writing on this online chat room?  Already Hale’s article has been picked up by a variety of websites known for their sensible and unprejudiced reporting and analysis.

And then this:

I managed to do some trawling of my own and located a small online forum where one of two people have made some insensitive remarks about the vistims and survivors of the bushfires. The same forum contains some fairly robust attacks on those who made the insensitive remarks.

I admit “irfsol” did get a little excited in his responses.

God keep our nation safe.

Yes, Yusuf:  may God keep our nation safe from A-soles like yourself and those who wage jihad against us. May your shit come to life and bite you in the nose and  here’s some more from the same website you like to post on…

Personally, I regret  wasting so much time with this pathological liar Yusuf. Its mud-wrestling with a greased pig. Who needs that?

But if you feel you need something to crack you up, check out the comments on Yusuf’s site. That is if he doesn’t delete them.

Samples here:

Anonymous Anonymous said…
AN ACCUSED arsonist charged with lighting a bushfire that killed 21 people was an oddball loner, acquaintances said yesterday.      

Neighbours and former colleagues of the suspect described his personality as “a bit unusual”.

The 39-year-old appeared to crave the respect of others, one former colleague said.

“He liked recognition and he wanted respect,” the worker said.

The newspaper has not yet described him as a useless fat Paki called Irfan Yusuf or described him as addicted to mind-altering psychiatric pills and diabetes drugs.

2:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Life Lesson 6#      

When fucking a pakistani hard up the arse if it’s not as obese as Irfan remember to do this.

Grab the thin bone running along the top of the shoulders called the collarbone. Wrap your fingers under it. Then put in an extra deep hard thrust with your cock and rotate your hands. This will break at least one collarbone and usually cause the Paki to pass out and sometimes scream and pass out. There are lots of arteries under the bone so once broken then jap slap it or go hard on with the elbow. Say Durka Durka Islamic Jihad Allah Akhbar Goat fucka while you do this. While it’s mouth is open as it struggles to breath go arse to mouth. It’ll be dead within 20 minutes from internal bleeding so you have plenty of time for a boot party. 

Celebrate the war on terror every day. Don’t forget to feed the thing to dogs or pigs. 9 year old children are preferable if you want to go the full Muhammed

9:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said…
;What you have said here is barely believable.      

“Bushfire victims said they were stunned”, Hale quotes one and you think she somehow thought one was two? No, you see she was just quoting one.

As for your assumption that the “jihadist” quoted by Hale is just perhaps some 15 year old child, where’s your evidence? You seem to enjoy flinging around such claims with no factual basis.

Provide a link to the Sun article next time so people can read and decide for themselves.

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  1. This Paki Islamo-fatshit er, 3rd column, liar,SOB, muslim Da’wa merchant traitor, fascist, gets a gig on ABC Unleashed. A campaign should be launched to shut him & this ratshit leftist crap-fest down. Abc is a leftist degenerate cesspool of leftism-un-representative of main strean Aussie opinion. public funding to it should be stopped.

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