* What’s the point in detaining Somali pirates? Blow the MF’s out of the water!

German navy detains 9 pirate suspects

The Danish vessel Absalon which is also taking part in anti-piracy patrols off Somalia. – Foto: SOK

DER SPIEGEL: In a dramatic deployment off the Horn of Africa, a German navy frigate has stopped a pirate attack and taken nine suspects into custody. The success marks the first time Germany has made arrests during pirate patrols off the coast of Somalia. More…

Terror for 1,200 Britons as Somali pirates with rocket launchers attack cruise ship

More than 1,200 British holidaymakers on a round-the-world cruise came under a terrifying attack from pirates armed with rocket launchers.

The 715ft-long Balmoral came under fire four times from Somali bandits, a crew member said.

The 43,000-ton cruise ship was forced to zigzag violently to evade its pursuers as the pirates gave chase in two small craft in the notoriously dangerous waters off Somalia.

One crew member said in e-mails to her boyfriend back in Britain that the pirates circled the ship and came within 400 yards of the cruise ship, The Sun reported.

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* Mauritania expels Israeli ambassador (Slave-trading nation expels democracy…)

Morocco severs relations with Iran

It’s the age old Sunni-Shia hate affair.     

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Morocco cut off diplomatic relations with Iran on Friday, accusing Tehran in a rare public spat of trying to spread Shia Islam in this Sunni Arab kingdom.

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Holy Genocide:

“We will keep murdering and there’s nothing you can do about it” sez Sudan…

 ICC warrant for mass-murdering Sudanese president “insult to Muslims”

‘Rape the women, kill the children’: ex-Sudanese soldier recalls Darfur raid

Former soldier tells how he was ordered to kill, rape and destroy villages by the government

Qatar disappointed at ICC ruling against Sudanese President

Sudan: Bashir will ‘not cooperate’ with court, says diplomat

Rome, 4 March (AKI) – Sudan’s ambassador to Italy, Alier Deng Ruai Deng, said his country would not cooperate with the International Criminal Court after it issued an arrest warrant for president Omar al-Bashir for alleged war crimes in Darfur on Wednesday. Al-Bashir, the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the court, faces five counts of crimes against humanity, including responsibility for murder, rape and torture, and two counts of war crimes.      

“The view of Sudan is very clear. We will not accept such a decision from the ICC. We think it is a politically based decision, not based on legality,” said Deng in an interview with Adnkronos International more from (AKI).

A million face starvation as Sudan shuts down

* Quick: where’s Bono when you need him?

Desperate cry for help as victims of Sudan’s fit of anger lose faith, hope – and now charity

                      The move has put the supply of food to 1.1 million people in doubt
*  Sudan Threatens a Million Africans with Starvation to Protect War Criminal…


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  1. My only question is……….why would any sane westerner pay money to take a F*ucking cruise through these areas anyway?

    The only logical answer I see is “Natural Selection” they need to die to preserve a stronger and more intelligent gene pool.

  2. * The 715ft-long Balmoral came under fire four times from Somali bandits

    The Royal (rules the waves) Navy won’t do anything, in case any pirates they catch claim
    asylum in Britain (in accordance with their “human rights”) and an immigration judge grants
    it… and the booty & pieces of 8 will really start to flow, with council houses, benefits, and
    vans for the reunited family and friends.


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