Another Honor Killing in Germany: but not to worry, its cultural. Nothing to do with Islam!

Honor killing in Germany: Girl’s face “beaten beyond recognition”

Honor killing: “Retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Saliko1.1-2.) In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law.


She loved the wrong man, and should have submitted to an arranged marriage. Google translation of “Erschlagen, weil sie den falschen Mann liebte,” from Politically Incorrect, March 11 (thanks to Pamela) via Jihad Watch:

The young Turkish woman was beaten to death with a stick, her face unrecognizable, because she loved the wrong man and was pregnant with his child. Finally her parents searched for another man for her. She should have a traditional arranged marriage like her sister.There is no trace of the attacker, but her boyfriend Altin P. age 25 complains: “She must die, because she wanted to live like a normal woman!” An honor killing? That is what her acquaintances believe.

* Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?

Pamela has additional details, and don’t miss also this Q-and-A with Phyllis Chesler about honor killing in National Review. An excerpt:

A traditional Muslim family’s “honor” is based on how strictly it can control its female members. If a daughter, sister, or wife, even one who is living in the West, refuses to “cover,” wears makeup, has non-Muslim friends, insists on going to college, wants to choose her own husband or leave an abusive husband, wants to live on her own, or dares to have an affair — she is seen as having “dishonored” her family. This is a capital crime. She is not merely admonished or shunned as other traditional religions in the West might do. She is killed. The murder is typically carried out by multiple family members, not just by one loner. A grandfather, male cousin, mother, and sister may all collaborate on this.In my study, I spell out some of the major distinctions between Western-style domestic violence, which of course I deplore, but which does not always or even often end in femicide. Honor murders are femicide; they may involve battering but are also a highly ritual form of religious/cultural murder.

Although most Muslim organizations claim that such honor killings have absolutely nothing to do with Islam, many scholars and critics of Islam strongly disagree. Muslim countries do not often prosecute honor killings. More progressive countries, like Jordan, deal with the intractable problem of honor-related violence against women and honor killing by locking up the potential victims, often for as long as a decade. Sharia law believes in fathers’ and husbands’ physically punishing disobedient women. It does not clearly admonish its followers not to kill women who are viewed as “dishonoring” their families. The Islamic state will not prosecute honor killers, or will do so reluctantly, slowly, inexpertly, etc.

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  1. six women a week are brutally murdered by their husbands / boyfriend in USA alone,when they,[husbands/ boyfriends] find out them having an affair,These are also Honor Killings which are not committed by Arabs or Pakistanis, but the Americans!!,you say what you like ,have the guts to admit and help them poor women who are going to be murdered next week,or nearly 300 in a year,before you worry too much for the poor Muslims.

  2. But where are the Americans’ holy books compared to the quran and the sunnah (hadith and the sira) which tell them to do it, akhter?

  3. PS akhter… There is also a big difference in the fact that Americans condemn those killings and that there are safe houses and support systems in America for these women, but in the Middle East, men are notified by text messages should their women leave the country etc. and it is generally excused by muslims as saying honor killings are just the culture and that muslim fathers, husbands, brothers and sons etc have the right to kill women for being raped, not covering themselves up completely, leaving islam etc.

    According to islam, you should beat your wife if she doesn’t do as she’s told, but not so badly as to break her bones. Americans frown on this and women have various options – they can have these men arrested and thrown in jail. In islam, it’s OK to kill these women. Women in islam have no such recourse, because they are basically considered to be more like “domestic animals”.

    In islam, if a women is raped, she needs 4 male witnesses to testify on her behalf (because a woman’s word is ignored) and if she dares complain, she gets 200 lashings (or stoned) for ‘committing adultery’, in fact, there’s no such thing as rape in islam. In fact, if women get pregnant due to rape, they are pretty much sure to be stoned to death. The general abuse women face under islam is the reason why many women become suicide bombers.

    Ever seen that youtube video of the egyptian lawyer saying israeli girls should be raped simply for being around and if they are raped, that’s OK because that makes them equal to muslim women who are not allowed to fight against it? Ever saw that muslim immigrant saying it’s OK to rape Swedish girls (calling them whores and laughing about it), but raping muslim girls is not so good, because they will get in trouble with their families? That right there is an admission that according to islam, women are the ones who are attacked after being attacked by rapists in the first place!

    All this behavior such as forcing women to walk around covered up with only their eyes showing, not being allowed freedom of movement (cannot go anywhere on their own unless escorted by direct male family members), being looked down on, allowing beating of women when they don’t conform to whims of polygamous abusive husbands etc. can all be connected to the psychopathic, narcissistic thinking of the women abusers you mention there. I wish people who know about the psychology of abuse can write some nice books showing how islam teaches abuse of women and children. Not to mention their sick rules for doing all kinds of truly sick things with children and animals, young or old and alive or dead.

    The fact that you lot actually have rules for these things and excusing it by saying “it’s our culture” just proves that YOU CONDONE HONOR KILLINGS.


    Take your filthy taqiyya elsewhere you lying muslim taqiyya troll!

  4. Achter, you clearly did not read the article which addresses the crap you spew.

    Another difference (quote from article) between America and islam is:

    “More progressive countries, like Jordan, deal with the intractable problem of honor-related violence against women and honor killing by locking up the potential victims, often for as long as a decade. ”

    On the other hand, as I mentioned above, Americans (the abusers, attackers, killers) who do these sorts of things are locked up according to law, whereas IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES, THE VICTIMS ARE LOCKED UP (and that’s the progressive countries which intervene in some way), whereas the muslim abusers/ attackers/ killers are told they should beat their women by the islamic texts and scholars!

  5. Where are those restraining orders and safe houses etc for muslim women, which American women have?

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