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* The United Nations targets America

* IDF soldiers refute misconduct claims

* Obambi: which Armenian Genocide?

8 thoughts on “Apologies: the site is being upgraded…”

  1. The new site format looks very professional and business like. I will miss the brilliant colors, thankfully, the new format has the same revealing content.

  2. I thought your budget may have become a bit modest as yesterday all I got was a blank page. It looks really good.

  3. Yes it looks much better now.
    Here is an update on a story you seemed to have missed

    March 23, 2009:Nottingham, Britain. The postmaster who refused to serve customers who could not speak English has been transferred to another branch following complaints from local Muslims
    Sri Lankan-born Deva Kumarasiri introduced a ban on non-English speakers last week after claiming they frustrated other customers and made his job more difficult.
    Mr Kumarasiri, who moved to Britain 18 years ago, said he believed that new immigrants should learn the language and take pride in their new culture.
    But he turned up to work yesterday to find his managers at the agency which runs the Sneinton Boulevard post office in Carlton, Nottingham, for the Post Office had decided to transfer him to another branch.

    Last night, Mr Kumarasiri claimed that Riswan Raja, the 27-year-old owner of the shop in which the post office is situated, threatened to make his life a ‘living hell’.
    He said: ‘Mr Raja is a Muslim and he is very, very angry. He told me he wouldn’t let me walk through his shop to access the post office and he and other local Muslims have started a petition to get rid of me.


  4. Thanks Shiva, Mr. Kumarasiri should be supported. The only way is for the local community to take a stand. The muslim thug is starting a petition to damage Mr. Kumarasiri – then the local community must start a petition to get rid of the the muslim thugs. If you dont use to freedom to change your society YOU WILL LOOSE IT. So please motivate the local community to get involved and get rid of these muslim scum.

  5. Kaw
    I believe that there is some small local support, but to gather local support is very difficult, as Sheik can testify to, as he did not get much support a few years back when he had some problems with the local fish wrap a few years back .
    Any-way I am trying to stir up some international support for the guy, just now he is in a very dangerous situation, so hopefully the more coverage he gets will hopefully act as a shield.

  6. Well, I will send some some letters to government officials and to newspapers. Thanks for the feedback.

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