Better to be racist than to become extinct!

The Colonisation of Britain: Indigenous Births “Soon to be Less than 50%”

*  Plato: One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

Self-preservation is the foremost duty of every self-respecting citizen: National News

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Non-indigenous births will soon account for more than half of all the babies born in Britain, according to shock inside statistics provided to the British National Party by a concerned senior medical practitioner in the NHS.

The doctor, who cannot be named for fear of being persecuted by the government, approached the BNP with the figures which, he said, are quite openly discussed in senior NHS circles but which have been forbidden for publication out of fear of a public backlash.

“It is highly likely that the non-indigenous birth rate in Britain will exceed more than fifty percent of all births in this country,” the doctor said.

“There may be no UK standard definition of indigenous but I take it to mean babies whose grandparents were born in the UK.

“The government statistics tell us that about twenty percent of babies are born to mothers who themselves were born in the UK. The figures do not tell us the overall figures for those born to mothers whose own parents were not born in the UK. This would include second generation Asian and Afro-Caribbean mothers.”

A Healthcare Commission Report on Milton Keynes, which can be downloaded here, shows how the percentage of babies born to mothers who do not describe themselves as white British has increased from twenty five percent to thirty five percent in less than three years.

“On this basis, it will not be long before the figure goes above fifty percent,” the doctor said.

“If you walk around most maternity units in London and the West Midlands you will find that almost ninety percent of the births are non-indigenous.

“Doctors such as myself may well be reprimanded by the General Medical Council and the Academic Royal Colleges for even passing these figures on to you, but I do think that this should be open to public debate.

“It is fairly clear that the indigenous peoples of the UK will be a minority by the next generation. This is sooner than most people realise and it will have enormous consequences for the country,” he said.

* Only the BNP stands against the extinction of Britain – all the other parties have supported the policy of ethnic cleansing against this nation.

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  1. Racism is a word invented by a communist isn’t even correct English. As a word , it is most frequently used as a weapon.. It seems to be a very powerful weapon. I was shocked a while ago when senior journalists in my country did not seem to know how to answer this accusation. It was very concerning , if they could not see thru the ruse , how could ordinary people. People need to learn the language of nationalism.

  2. well, what goes around, comes around… USA, UK wanted to erase each and every race from this world, now it seems first world countries are feeling the same pinch… First World only knows one strategy for growth, which is CHEAT, but you know what so called “Third World countries” also know how to cheat, now.HA

  3. What really matters, and all that matters, is how many of those ‘non-indigenous’ births are from *Muslim* mothers.

    I am quite certain that the babies born to mothers of Polish Catholic extraction, or to mothers of non-Muslim Indian extraction, or to culturally or even actively Christian mothers of Afro-Caribbean extraction, or to mothers of Buddhist or Christian Chinese extraction, will not pose a threat, since they stand a very good chance of being socialised into English ways and contributing positively to society. Or for that matter, consider ‘Hannah Shah’, author of the book ‘The Imam’s Daughter’; she has converted to Christianity and married an Anglican Christian Englishman; any children they have will be counted as children of a ‘non-indigenous’ mother, yes, but they will be brought up in the Church of England and they will blend into English society.

    A friend of mine, in a Paris railway station, a couple of years ago, witnessed a most distressing scene in which a nasty Moslem Male was verbally harassing a tiny Parisienne matron. The fun came to an end when another person present – a very tall and broad Afro-Caribbean gentlemen, perfectly turned out in a suit – remarked to my friend, in a perfect English accent, ‘I think I will have to do something about this’. He then, my friend remarked, appeared to grow about three times bigger and, instinct with controlled rage, stalked towards the Moslem Male and reprimanded him, briefly and fiercely. Moslem Male, not having any friends to call upon, promptly wilted, and ceased his abuse of the Parisienne. Black Englishman then resumed his place in the queue, with an expression of satisfaction. His skin was black but his chivalry and courage struck a thoroughly ‘English’ blow against the Jihad.

  4. When a non-indigenous person (say first or second generation though third generation intermarriages are much more common) marries an indigenous person and has kids are those kids “indigenous births”? If those kids marry indigenous Brits are their kids indigenous? Frankly, the prospect of Britain being overwhelmed by English speaking children who are one quarter Brazilian, Polish or Asian is somewhat lacking on the threat scale.

    As for Islam, I would like to see more work done on tracking intermarriage rates, religious adherence levels and apostasy rates over generations (rather than comparing today’s first second and third generations as if they were representative of a trend – today’s first generation immigrants are not the same people as the grandparents of today’s third generation immigrants). I would also like to see research done on residency patterns over generations and how they affect the religious adherence rates. The information I have seen doesn’t make me all that pessimistic as far as the big picture is concerned even for France – compare the reported statistics for their population of Muslims by heredity with the percent who self-identify as Muslims on surveys and there is a significant discrepancy.

    That does not mean I agree with the way the elites tolerate unacceptable behavior from Muslim protesters/rioters and “traditional” actions like polygamy, death threats for critics and honour killing among Muslim families. More action by secularists and evangelicals to erode the numbers of Islamic believers and increase the numbers of apostates should be pursued.

  5. fuck you racist crackers , black and asians came here and built up this country for your english skunts. it is us blacks who taught you fools to dress, walk , and maintain a good hygiene . when i see u folks on road your dead roast pork . when the muslims get compensation in britian who will know how to close your eyes on fuck off.

  6. In reply to the eloquence of sabdra brown,
    I am trying very hard not to laugh – and just which history books do you read sabdra??? I am fairly certain that you didn’t teach us how to dress, how to walk, or how to maintain good hygene. The rest of your drivel makes absolutely no sense – perhaps you should learn English properly, or perhaps you might want to educate yourself. Incidentally, almost no-one who posts here are anti-asian or anti-black – you are one of the very few to even mention this form of racism. Since most people here comment on, and are strongly concerned with, muslim behaviour it is also inappropriate to label this discussion group racist as islam is not a race. Your last suggestion is returned to you with the advice that you follow it.

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