Bunglawussi off the hook?

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The professional liars from MPACUK  are hard at work to defend their slick little poster-boy  who was arrested on suspicion of attacking another man at his £300,000 home.  The incident happened in the early hours of December 13 last year and was covered up by complicit, dhimmified police. We reported here and here:  MPAC-UK: “Bunglawussi Victim of Racist Abuse by Well Known Zionists”

                     Inayat Bunglawala

Now the clowns from MPACUK are giving us their latest story, and what a story it is:

As we informed you previously, The Daily Mail and the Zionist blogosphere (that’s us, folks! /ed)  have created a storm around Inayat Bunglawala, twisting the facts and claiming he was an extremist who stabbed an innocent man.

Patrick Mercer, the Tory MP who is well known for his incompetence when it comes to getting it right as far as blacks and Muslims are concerned, even had the cheek to claim the Government should not be dealing with extremists like Inayat.

One of the motivators of this hype was to get the Crown Prosecution Service to charge Inayat and thus financially and psychologically hurt one of the bulwarks against Israel amongst British Muslim leaders, who sadly on the whole are both cowardly and incompetent.

Today, the CPS said they would not take any action against Inayat. There was simply no case at all.

So why did Mercer, the shadow cabinet minister, call Inayat an extremist? Why did The Mail run the story and why did the Zionists in the blogosphere jump for joy? MPACUK.org present here the real story:

What actually happened for those who do not know, is an intruder tried to break into the house of Inayat in the middle of the night. Inayat’s 3 year old child was sleeping as was his pregnant wife, woken by the noise of a man who at first tried to kick in the front door and then failing that, smashed the downstairs window. Inayat confronted the intruder and in the scuffle the intruder was stabbed.

That is all it took for the press, the political leaders of this country and the Zionists to rush to smear a Muslim leader as if he was a violent ‘extremist’.

It is time we Muslims learned to get political, to demand an end to this outrage, this witch hunt, this racist, malignant Islamaphobia pushed by Zionists in the media and Parliament that now infects the country’s elite and through them, the good people of Britain. Until Muslims start to stand up, we may as well give up on the word freedom and prepare ourselves for slavery.

We look forward to seeing you at an MPACUK talk in the near future.

*   LOL:


US: Wife-killer Muslim blames American culture for beheading

We have seen many times over the years the absolute inability of Islamic apologists to take responsibility for anything, or ever to avow that any Muslim has ever done anything wrong at any point in human history. It is always – always the unbelievers’ fault. If Muslims strike, they were provoked. If they lash out without any provocation, it is because of the general oppression of Muslims.

And so today, Elder of Ziyon


3 thoughts on “Bunglawussi off the hook?”

  1. Apart from the Daily Mail, there doesn’t appear to be any MSM report of this that I can
    find. Very well hidden by the press.

  2. I bet you thought that MSM stood for Main Stream Media but that is not the case at all it stands for Mohammedan Service Media. Which would be funny if it was not true.

  3. Patrick Mercer is no, shadow cabinet minister, he is a backbencher and can say what he likes within reason.

    If you really want to know why he call Inayat an extremist then ask him: GRAYSJ@parliament.uk

    However, please be au fait with the fact that he often knows more about such people than we do and there is no smoke without fire or so they say.

    I think Mr Mercer is the MP for Newark to represent his own agenda and I’m afraid not to be trusted.

    I also think Mr Mercer’s got stacks of cheek but not about Muslims.

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