China cracks down on jihad in Muslim Western China

 China cracks down on jihad in Muslim Western China


Closing Islamic schools and conducting house-to-house searches. The ChiComs, of course, are ruthless against dissent. Their regime is abhorrent in it authoritarianism and brutality, and certainly Western governments should not imitate it in that.  (Why not? Because our Muslims are so moderate?/ed)

At the same time, China is not hamstrung by politically correct niceties preventing it from even recognizing that Islam has a political character — and one that threatens Chinese government and society. If the West could even go so far as to recognize that political Islam does indeed constitute a societal threat, a threat to Western free societies, a great deal would have been accomplished.

“China cracks down in Muslim west,” by Alexa Olesen for AP, March 30 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

BEIJING (AP) — An overseas rights activist said Monday that authorities in China’s predominantly Muslim far west are closing unregistered Islamic schools and conducting house-to-house searches in a new security crackdown in the restive region.

The campaign under way for five weeks in the city of Hotan underscores Beijing’s persisting concerns about separatist movements in its Central Asian border province of Xinjiang.

While anti-government protests and a security clampdown in Tibetan areas have grabbed attention over the past year, China has also been battling unrest in Xinjiang, with a flare-up in violence last year that killed 33 people. Like the Tibetans, many of Xinjiang’s ethnic minority Uighurs have chafed under Beijing’s rule and restrictions on the practice of religion….

A congress spokesman, Dilxat Raxit, said in an e-mail that armed police were making nighttime raids from house to house. At least seven religious schools have been shut and 39 people arrested so far, Raxit said.

The official Xinhua News Agency earlier this month reported that Hotan authorities had launched a campaign against “illegal religious activity” at the end of February and “had already achieved some initial success.”

“Officials uncovered some illegal religious activities, seized a large number of illegal books, handwritten materials, computer discs, audio tapes and other propaganda materials as well as bullets, fuses, explosive and flammable materials, and other weaponry,” it said.

A secretary with Hotan’s Communist Party Propaganda Department on Monday denied that any religious schools were closed, people arrested or bullets, explosives and other materials seized. But he confirmed that some illegal religious activity has been halted and illegal books, writings, computer discs and audio tapes had been confiscated….

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  1. In this respect we should be following China’s lead. Please note that they are shutting down the muzz freelancers and getting rid of the muzzes that pose a direct threat. On another issue some of you may recall that a british yachtsman was beaten to death by three perps off the Thai coast. It has now been revealed that the the three perps are Burmese guestworkers. I think that we have just heard more from the Rohinga muslims of Burma.

  2. The problem is that the Chinese totalitarian dictatorship, which combines all the worst aspects of 1. dickensian capitalism – ruthless greed totally unrestrained by any moral considerations whatsoever and 2. totalitarian atheist marxism, treats its perfectly harmless Christian population in much the same way, as enemies of the state.

    The Christians of the ‘unregistered’ churches (who choose to be ‘unregistered’ because they wish to be free to believe and teach exactly the same things as standard evangelical Christians or pious Catholics do in the USA or Australia or the UK or anywhere else with real religious freedom) are hard-working, peaceful, productive and culturally ‘Chinese’, and unlike the Muslims have no intention of political insurrection ; yet they too are persistently hounded, arrested, tortured, imprisoned and occasionally killed. The Christians of the ‘registered’ churches live as did the christians of the ‘show churches’ of the Soviet bloc during the Cold War. They parrot the government line, or else.

    The other problem is that while the Chinese communist tyrants may suppress Islam within their own borders, they are cynically fostering and enabling jihad just about everywhere else in the world – most notably, for example, in the Sudan, where they are profiting from the genocide of the non-Muslim southerners by the Muslim northerners. They need to be ‘named and shamed’ for such viciousness; they may think they can use the Jihad crocodile as a tool in their own ploy for world domination, but historically, such games have always ended badly for the Infidel player.

    In the UN, China, with Russia, regularly sides with the Islamintern in their pernicious campaign against freedom of speech. They need to be ‘called’ on this policy of supreme stupidity.

    The modern Chinese regime, with its overweening imperial ambitions against all its neighbours, and its repression of intellectual and spiritual freedom, is a hideously ugly thing. It is not as monstrously ugly as the Ummah – nothing is as ugly as the Ummah, except perhaps North Korea – but it is ugly, and it needs to be ‘called’, repeatedly, on its ugliness.

    The tactics it is using to repress Islam may, sadly, have to be considered; but we must remember it uses those tactics also against innocents, and against the Tibetans whom it has subjugated and continues to subjugate in an act of blatant and mass-murdering imperialism.

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