Failed asylum seeker jailed for 18 months for benefits con

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* Newsflash: Saddam’s Tariq Aziz Applies for British Asylum…


* Asylum from what? Was he persecuted by his fellow Muslims? Unlikely.  Is seeking fertility treatment for your wife an entitlement to seek asylum in an infidel country? Something doesn’t add up here:

A failed asylum seeker was jailed for 18 months yesterday after admitting dishonestly receiving more than £100,000 in state handouts.

BMW-driving Huseyin Akbulut, 48, came to the UK from Turkey in 1993 to get fertility treatment for his wife.

He unsuccessfully claimed asylum in 2001 and, when appeal rights were exhausted, began fiddling benefits.

The UK Border Agency, who plan to recoup the cash from his assets, said: “He abused the country’s hospitality for his own greed.”

Doncaster crown court heard the local dad-of-one made false claims for six years despite holding key positions in four businesses.

Akbulut was given £66,957 in accommodation payments and £33,225 in cash.

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  1. We will learn nothing from our asylum system mistakes in the UK because our immigration system has been infiltrated by criminals and in the main is run largely by immigrants. Hence, I suspect for a little back-hander, lots get in to the UK on lies and bribes.

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