Israel: removed roadblock enables "moderate" Fatah-terrorists to murder 2 Israelis

Haaretz  reports that the two victims were police officers. Arab terrorists killed two Israeli traffic policemen Sunday evening near Moshav Massua in an apparent drive-by shooting in the Jordan Valley between Beit She’an and Jericho. The victims’ squad car overturned after the terrorists shot them in head. Medical officials say one victim died as a result of injuries suffered by the car overturning.


                   ‘Moderate’ Fatah Headbangers

What’s most curious about this incident is that Fatah has taken responsibility. With the imminent demise of the Olmert government on the horizon, could Fatah be showing that it has given up on the ‘peace process’? Or is it trying to score points among the ‘Palestinian people’ (and take attention away from Hamas) while Israel negotiates with Hamas in Cairo for the release of kidnapped IDF corporal Gilad Shalit?

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The sources added that “it is not by accident that this decision was made after US secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, visited the region”.