"Jewish Nazis?" Whatever suits your agenda, Yusuf!

* Sliming da Jooozzz:?  Yusuf joins the execrable George Galloway and other fanatical Jew-haters in his latest outburst on “Planet Irfan:”

UPDATE I: Neo-Nazi blogger Sheik Yer’Mami, whose racist comments (under the name of “Red Baron”) frequently appear on Tim Blair’s blog, is rather upset with my mentioning what LGF has to say about serial extremist Robert Spencer. SYM/RB is also upset with lots of other people. He’s upset with US President Barack Obama (whom he refers to as “The Magic Negro” and “My Muslim President Obama”) and David “Britain’s dumbest Jew” Milibrand. Like I said – he’s Tim Blair’s buddy …

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Needless to mention that Islam is not a race but a violent ideology. Yusuf has a long history of slander and defamation and soils himself with glee when he gets caught out, like here: Irfan Yusuf Apologizes to Daniel Pipes and here: Irfan Yusuf Apologizes Again to Daniel Pipes

Here is a historical record:  Neo-Nazis and Old Nazis teaming up with Islamo-fascists (they must be all Jews, right Yusuf?)

Liberal Fascism

Melanie Phillips

* Silent in the Face of Anti-Semitism

On Harry’s Place, Dave Rich makes some good points about the now common analogy that is drawn between Israel and the Nazis, or Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto, as used by such Israel-haters as George Galloway, Jenny Tonge, the British Muslim Initiative and others. Its import, as he says, lies in far more than its mere offensiveness and demonstrable barmyness. It is used for very specific political purposes. Since Nazism is totally beyond the pale – and since the Israel-haters believe, falsely, that Israel’s legitimacy rests upon the Holocaust – tarring it as a Nazi state delegitimises it and thus advances the agenda of its destruction.

But Rich points out a further consequence of demonising Israel in this way:

If Israel is a Nazi state, then anybody who does not oppose Israel is morally no better than a Nazi. There is only one place this train of thought can end: with the demonisation and social isolation of the vast majority of ordinary British Jews.

It means that when mainstream Jewish community leadership bodies organise a rally with the slogan, “Stop Hamas Terror: Peace for the people of Israel and Gaza”, and launch a Jewish community fundraising campaign for hospitals in both Gaza and Israel during the fighting, Richard Seymour accuses them of “cheerleading the massacre” and concludes that anybody who goes on the rally “ought to be shunned, and treated as the moral and political degenerates that they are.” It means that a research paper published by the School of Oriental and African Studies to investigate “legal aspects of economic and trade issues arising from Israel’s occupation of the OPTs” lists the names, addresses and contact details of kosher food shops in London and Manchester.

Once the central argument of anti-Israel campaigning in this country is that Israel is Nazi Germany, then this is no longer an anti-Zionist movement: it is an antisemitic one, with an antisemitic politics as its driving force.

Precisely so. And that is why so many British Jews now feel under siege in a country that to their horror and astonishment has now turned against them — which they feel every time they switch on the BBC or read the newspapers or go to the office or stand around over drinks with people they once thought were friends but who now force them to make a choice: renounce Israel and be accepted, or support Israel and be a pariah.

I would also make a further point that Rich does not make. Calling Israel a Nazi state retrospectively sanitises the Holocaust and lets complicit Europe off the hook – Britain too. After all, Britain was partly responsible for the murder of thousands of Jews to whom it refused entry to Palestine — in order to appease the Arabs of Palestine who were in league with the Nazis – and who perished in the Holocaust as a result. If the Jews have become Nazis, then their victimisation at the hands of the Nazis stops being the crime of crimes.

It also allows people safely to hate the Jews once again. As I was told to my face by a prominent man of impeccable liberal views, the enormity of the Holocaust had meant that it was no longer possible to disdain or loathe the Jews as before, at least not in public. But with Israel painted as a Nazi state, it can be open season on the Jews once again.

As the thinker Paul Berman points out in an interview on Z Word, the problem of Jew-hatred today lies principally with people just like this. The idea that it is reserved for knuckle-dragging right-wingers is simply wrong. Throughout history, it has been people pursuing the mostly high-minded visions who have wanted the Jews out of humanity’s hair once and for all. As Berman notes:

The unstated assumption is always the same. To wit: the universal system for man’s happiness has already arrived (namely, Christianity, or else Enlightenment anti-Christianity; the Westphalian state system, or else the post-modern system of international institutions; racial theory, or else the anti-racist doctrine in a certain interpretation). And the universal system for man’s happiness would right now have achieved perfection – were it not for the Jews. The Jews are always standing in the way. The higher one’s opinion of oneself, the more one detests the Jews.

 But the disdain takes another shape, too, which is cruder, though it follows more or less from the first version. In the cruder version, the Jews are not just regrettable for being retrograde. Much worse: the Jews have done something really terrible. By forming their state and standing by it, they have set out actively to oppose the principle of universal justice and happiness – the principle that decrees that a people like the Jews should not have a state. So, yes, the comparisons to apartheid – or, more radically and these days more typically, to the Nazis.

… Israel’s struggle puts it at odds with the entire principle of universal justice and happiness, as people imagine it – no matter how they choose to define the principle. Other countries commit relative crimes, which can be measured and compared. But Israel commits an absolute crime. In the end, it is the grand accusation against the Jews, in ever newer versions: the Jews as cosmic enemy of the universal good.  

Having stated these truths, Berman then flinches from the contemporary political application, refusing to agree that the human rights movement is intrinsically a vehicle for Jew-hatred. But it is. It is very noticeable that hatred of Israel and the Jews today goes hand in hand with higher social class and education, and high-minded progressive ideals such as human rights, the replacement of war by law, post-nation universal values and the forcible eradication of any views that challenge this agenda. It is, in short – as the title of Jonah Goldberg’s excellent book proclaims — liberal fascism.


Comparing Jews with Nazis is the latest schtick to distort the realities in the ME, Yusuf Irfan specializes in  religiously mandated taqiyya:

 * Irfan is an Islamo-agit-prop who appropriates Moses Maimonides and turns him into a Muslim “Shaykh Musa bin Maymoun al-Qurtubi”-  Although Moses Maimonides had an Arabic name,  (Abu Imran Mussa bin Maimun ibn Abdallah al-Qurtubi al-Israili (أبو عمران موسى بن ميمون بن عبد الله القرطبي الإسرائيلي).- Irfan shamelessly omits the “al-Israili” at the end, and never tells us that the Ramban fled from the Almohades who conquered Córdoba in 1148, and threatened the Jewish community with the choice of conversion to Islam or death.

* The mendacious Irfan also makes Arabs into Semites, telling his readers that ergo sum, they can’t be anti-Semitic, in the old tradition of  “I can’t be racist, I’m black!” 

* For some fools, it works…

Islam is Racist

Ishaq: 243 “I heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!’ He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks…. Allah sent down concerning him: ‘To those who annoy the Prophet there is a painful punishment.” [Surah 9:61] “Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, ‘If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey’s.'”

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  1. If Israel is a Nazi state and the Sheik is a neo Nazi then I say hail Nazis!

  2. You know what surprises me? Nearly all his posts try to critizise anti-Islamist bloggers, but he doesn’t blog about Islamic problems. He just does what most of the fundamentalist Muslims do: just point at others because of their own faults.

  3. Israel has become a nation of fascist wack jobs complete with concentration camp.

    Just a matter of time before they start eating people…

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