Lancet retracts…

Too much even for Lancet, after all

Andrew Bolt

I linked last month to a bizarre post on Lancet’s Global Health Journal by two British surgeons adocating we hire soldiers to fight Israel: 

Another weird, wondrous “Lancet Study”

The people of Gaza are extremely vulnerable and defenseless in the event of another attack. If the International Community is serious about preventing such a large scale of deaths and injuries in the future, it will have to develop a some sort of defense force for Gaza.

This article, which remained on line for a month, also described – among other wild things – an evil Israeli weapon not known to science:

People in Gaza described a silent bomb which is extremely destructive. The bomb arrives as a silent projectile at most with a whistling sound and creates a large area where all objects and living things are vaporized with minimal trace. We are unable to fit this into conventional weapons but the possibility of new particle weapons being tested should be suspected.

Lancet now publishes a retraction, which contains another unbelievable claim: 

We have taken down the blog post “The wounds of Gaza” because of factual inaccuracies. We would like to point out that our editorial decision process to post blog entries (and their comments) on The Lancet Global Health Network is very different from our rigorous peer review process in The Lancet and We want to encourage debate and we see The Lancet Global Health Network as a good forum to do this. We do not endorse any particular side of a debate and so post a range of views and comments.

(Via JF Beck, who isn’t impressed.)

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  1. The Palestinians ought to be thankful that they have an enemy like Israel. Who else would send texts in advance of an attack, while your “brave fighters” hide amongst women and children.

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