Muslims as Children

Jawa Report

There’s a reason the Left is so acquiescent to Islamist demands: they think Muslims are children.


It’s why the Left is also so acquiescent to the demands of [insert-name-of-group-here]. [Name-of-group] can’t possibly be treated as responsible adults. [Name-of-group] are like children, constantly victimized and never able to stand up on their own two feet and defend themselves in a civilized fashion. That is why you should never provoke [name-of-group] and why you should always be “respectful” of [name-of-group’s] views.


The poor. Minorities. Muslims. All children to be spoken down to.

Jeff G. makes the point in responding to an asinine article in the CSM advising Westerners to bite their tongues when addressing Muslims:

And so if we hope one day to stop the extremists among them from blowing up our shit, we can start by pretending that we don’t mean what we mean when we say what we mean, and instead try to remember what it is that they mean when they hear when we say what we mean — and make the appropriate concessions. 

What additional cultures and religions should be permitted to ask the same of us Mr Seiple doesn’t go on to say. But I suppose just to be safe, our State Department can send along to each and every country, religion, and ethnic minority in the world a current English dictionary and have whatever official spokesperson thinks for these groups cross out the words they don’t much care for.

The idea that we should watch what we say, but Muslims are given a free pass is the kind of condescending attitude that I have come to expect from the left. We must act like adults while the-other is treated as if they just can’t help it.


It’s a view of the world that has one billion Timmy’s incapable of living up to civilized norms based on the notion that individual human life is inherently valuable and, therefore, that the state has limitations which it cannot morally overstep.

Or maybe its a vision of the Muslim world inflicted by social Tourette’s syndrome.

Contrast that to the way the Left consistently and unrelentlessly attacks the West for not living up to the very values which it insists that the East is incapable of living up to.

It is a point that racists on the Right and the multiculturalists on the Left are in perfect agreement on.

Anyway, go read the rest of Jeff’s post.