Omar Bakri Calls Brit's to Islam

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Christians off to hell say Bakri hate mob

JADE Goody will go to hell because she is a Christian, Muslim fanatics insisted last night.

The warped internet claim by followers of hate preacher Omar Bakri followed dying Jade’s decision to be baptised.

The ceremony was carried out at the weekend in London’s Royal Marsden Hospital for Jade, 27, and her young sons Bobby and Freddie.

Jade lost her hair as a result of the chemotherapy she received to try to stop her cancer spreading.

But extremists who support Bakri and al-Qaeda launched a furious attack on the star on a website operated by a banned group which backs the preacher, who is now based in the Lebanon.

The fanatics declared: “The Christian faith to which she now turns to does not provide the answers.


“Jesus to who Christians plead for salvation will be of no avail. We call upon Jade Goody, other Christians and mankind to return back to Allah.


“If you do not then death awaits and hell will be the final abode and destiny for those who disbelieve in Allah.”


The rant appeared on the Islam for the UK website operated by longtime Bakri henchman Anjem Choudary.

There is a picture of Jade on the site’s home page accompanied by the caption: “O Jade Goody — Now is the Time to Repent and Return to Your Lord Allah and Save Yourself!”

The rant prompted a visitor to the site named only as Bilal to say cruelly: “Think of the benefits. Wearing a khimaar (head covering) would cover that bald head of yours.”

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