Out of context door-kicking mufti update

Apologies: we still can’t post links, colors or videos, but we’re working on it. The site should be back to normal within the week. Anyhow, here is Tim Blair with the latest mufti news:

The crowd at Muslim Village respond to A Current Affair‘s airing of security camera tape showing Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali’s athletic door-kicking:
• “i would be more concerned with who gave CCTV footage to aca, and the motives/agenda/intentions of that action.”

• “From all of this, the worst thing is the security camera reaching ACA – that’s the greater fitna as it definitely was inappropriate.”

• “The questions that everyone should be askng is who gave the tape to ACA?”

• “As for the security footage reaching ACA yes that is bad …”

• “I wanna know who sent it in!”

• “All I can say is the person or persons who gave that video to the ACA has not right to hold any position of authority in the community.”
But the finest line comes from commenter “ahmedk”:
“This honestly is a complete disgrace for the entire community and the sacred and blessed place that is Lakemba Mosque. They can have their ‘power struggle’, but please try and keep it behind closed doors.”
It isn’t easy keeping anything behind closed doors at Lakemba mosque, so long as Sheik Doorbreak is around. Hiiiii-YA!

11 thoughts on “Out of context door-kicking mufti update”

  1. * sacred and blessed place that is Lakemba Mosque.

    Might be a place to avoid, after an “incident” at Sydney Airport yesterday.

  2. If I understand what happened at the Sydney airport domestic terminal the bikie group Comancheros attacked the Hells Angels. What I read suggests that the Commancheros has been taken over by muslims – is this true for the Hells Angels – I don’t know but I suspect not. Which group disembarked – this is a relevant question – and where were they flying from. Can any one answer these 2 questions??

  3. Okay – forget last questions – things are a little clearer now.
    News reports say that both groups on QF430 (which is the flight number for the midday flight from Melbourne to Sydney). The Commancheros are reported to be heavily infiltrated by lebanese muslims with a strong connection to the Sydney innercity drug scene. The Hells Angels appear to have been in Melbourne to organise protests against legislation targeting bikie groups due to recent violence principally by Commancheros and another leb criminal group. Can anyone confirm this? If this was so then either the joint travel on QF 430 was a coincidence, which seems extremely unlikely, or the Hells Angels were set up by the muzz crims. If this was a coincidence, then the muzz crims are trying to set up bases in Melbourne – I am pretty sure that they control a significant fraction of the drug trade on the Gold Coast so further attempts at expansion seem likely and to be expected.

  4. I thought one group got off the plane and the others greeted them..According to another site , the dead man is of Greek origin. Four men have been arrested..three with muslim sounding names and one with a Maori name…Pomare Hirini.

  5. It is not 100% clear from the news feeds. A couple of reports claim that both groups were on the plane – did anyone see both groups get on board in Melbourne?? The dead man is a brother of Greek Hells Angel member. He was not on board the flight. And there does seem to be a Maori involved. On another note Paki intelligence will be handing over the name of 20 british muslims (between 17 and 22) who have recieved terror training to officials in UK – according to a European tv feed. Britian is now voted no 1 source of AQ terror cells – thanks NullLabor,

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