Palestine, Kosovo, and the Third Islamic Invasion

The Great Jihad Never Stopped!

Just in from Louis Stouch

….The campaign to Islamize Palestine and Kosovo, which has been undertaken by Muslim interests, supported by a West that is steeped in ambivalent approaches and ambiguous formulae, has come to its crucial defining stage. Will the West rethink its position, reconsider who are its friends and foes, align with the former (Serbia and Israel) and stand firmly against the latter, and turn to construct a solid wall of the Western civilized world against the new wave of barbarians who are determined to vanquish it and reduce it to dhimmitude? Palestine and Kosovo must be seen in the context of the third invasion of Islam into Europe. The first invasion in the 8th Century had taken Europe by assault from the southwest, colonized the Iberian Peninsula and attempted to take over Gallic France, until the Muslim forces were defeated and their advance arrested by Charles Martel in 732. The Spanish reconquista, which took centuries to reclaim that land, was not completed before the 15th Century, at the very same time that the second invasion of the Ottomans, this time from the southeast, attacked the Balkans and made headway to the gates of Vienna. But that invasion too was finally repulsed with the breaking of the siege of Vienna in 1683, and subsequently by the fall of the Ottomans after World War I.

No money for burned out Christian churches

* Adding insult to injury: Bosnian Serbs ordered to pay $41.8 million to rebuild mosques

Hence today, the retrieval of the lands once Islamic (Andalusia, Palestine, the Balkans and Kashmir) becomes an urgent, pressing matter of the highest priority from the Islamic point of view. Attacking India or the European Union by Islam outright is too risky. Therefore attention is centered on the easier targets of Palestine and the Balkans, with Andalusia, Sicily and Kashmir in the second stage. For the rest of Europe a new tactic of soft invasion, by immigration and demographic explosion, has already yielded impressive results: within one generation, 30 million Muslims have taken a foothold in Europe. The active help they receive from the West in the Balkans is an Allah-sent bonus that they had never dreamt of. The declaration of Kosovo’s “independence” in early 2008, which was recognized by the US and some of the Europeans, has been the most dramatic manifestation of this Western capitulation in the face of Islamic aggression in the heart of Europe.

At the same time, the Hamas and Hizballah, backed by Iran (which also meddles in Bosnia and Kosovo, and is maintaining a particularly intimate relationship with the President of Croatia), are encouraged by the Muslim successes in the Balkans, and continue to press in Palestine and Kashmir too. Under the threat that if the West does not accommodate Islam by exacting more concessions from India and Israel, as it did in the Balkans, both the Arab states and Pakistan may succumb to the fundamentalists, the panicky West seems to be losing all its bearings and falling into the trap of extortion that Muslims use so skillfully — thereby precipitating itself swiftly onto the sliding path and over the precipice.

Bosnian Serbs ordered to pay $41.8 million to rebuild mosques

From the Opinionator

The Bosnian Serb government, sued by the “Bosnian Islamic Community” has been ordered to pay multi millions to rebuild mosques:

“BANJA LUKA, Bosnia-Herzegovina-A court has ordered the Bosnian Serb government to pay €33 million ($41.8 million) compensation to the organization representing Bosnia’s Muslims for the wartime destruction of Islamic shrines in Banja Luka.” LINK

Not surprisingly, I could find NO evidence of Albania muslims being ordered to rebuild 112  Serbian Orthodox Christian Churches they systemically ransacked and decimated or the 10 defiled Orthodox cemeteries .

More than 2000 Arab mujaheddin war-criminals remain in Bosnia

“…the number of Orthodox Churches destroyed or damaged since NATO and the UN occupied Kosovo to 112. This has been an unprecedented act of genocide. The planned and systematic destruction of the Christian history of Kosovo-Metohija under US/NATO/EU sponsorship. Churches that had survived for over 500 years under Ottoman Turkish rule were reduced to rubble under the protection of 30,000 NATO troops.”


“Not even the innocent dead are immune from Albanian “revenge”. …50-60 Orthodox tombstones were desecrated and vandalized. Bishop Artemius/Artemije reported that the Albanians had exhumed human remains and had scattered them around the graves in Siga and Brestovik Orthodox churchyards near Pec in Metohija. Bishop Artemius stated that over 10 cemeteries and over 100 Orthodox churches had been ransacked and destroyed. Human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI), and the Helsinki Human Rights Group have ignored these acts of genocide. KFOR and UNMIK have done nothing to prevent this vandalism. Bishop Artemije was incredulous how NATO/KFOR/UNMIK could not prevent the destruction of 110 Orthodox churches and 10 Orthodox cemeteries

“On December 2, 2002, 46 tombstones at the Orthodox cemetery in Kosovo Polje and Decani were destroyed following celebrations of Albanian Flag Day held on November 28 near the Visoki Decani Monastery’

For excellent article on this & link to above quotes/information – go to : The Systemic Destruction of Orthodox Christian Churches in Kosovo – Erasing the History of Christianity in Kosovo by Carl K. Savich

Guess this is all more evidence of (the myth of) “Islamophobia”.

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  1. Methinks it’s time to bust on the Vatican regarding their trend since the 20th century to align with Muslim and other anti-Jewish AND [non-Catholic] Christian interests throughout the world. Most of this oligarchy cares only for influence and wealth, for earthly kingdoms, rather than the one of Scripture. Their work against those in the US who recognize the American Judeo-Christian heritage, who do not answer to a priestly hierarchy, is becoming more overt, as is their collusion with Saudi money. Globalist bureaucrats and Kafkaesque gatekeepers in essence, just like the communists they accommodated into their ranks after WWII while throwing the truly faithful Christians among them under the bus in order to maintain influence.

    “and in the shadows, who splits the profits”

  2. Unfortunately the Christians are not united that is why nobody cares whether Christian Churches are burnt or destroyed because it is not in their denomination or they just don’t care. That is why you are losing to Islam sadly!

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