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(not sure if the voters of this category are aware of the fact that for us an ‘Islamophobe” is a non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam…)


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Fox News: O’Reilly discovers honor killing and beheading!


O’Reilly: “In Islam, if the guy abuses the woman, the woman can’t cut his head off and hope to get to paradise, right?”

Appalled at beheadings in America

O’Reilly questions a “ritual murder” expert concerning the recent Buffalo beheading. Click hereto watch the segment. “The Factor Investigates Muslim Beheadings,” from Fox News, February 27, via JW

O’REILLY, HOST: And all over the world, fanatical Muslims — some terrorists, others just enraged citizens like Hassan — are beheading people. The United Nations estimates that 5,000 women may have been murdered by Muslim fanatics, some by getting their heads chopped off. With us now, Dr. Dawn Perlmutter, a ritual murder expert who has been studying the situation. 

First of all, these are honor killings. This Buffalo, New York, thing where a Muslim man is insulted by the woman. She commits adultery. She divorces, whatever. He has the right to kill her. Is this widely accepted in the Muslim world? You know, do moderate Muslims believe this?

DR. DAWN PERLMUTTER, RITUAL MURDER EXPERT: Absolutely. This is ingrained in rights of purity, in ideas about the afterlife. A lot of what has to do when somebody is disrespected or dishonored by her filing for divorce, he has to restore his honor through blood vengeance, and it becomes a symbolic act…


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  1. Hi Sheik,

    Trouble with the poll is there is no option to vote for more than one answer!

    Maybe you could have included an ‘All of the above’ option…

    Or a rating system for each. Mind you, I don’t know how it could be rated better than sex….

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