Sheik yer' Mullah: Hollyweird Pop-Tarts Go to Teheran to do that Kumbaya Thing…

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                                    Hollyweird Diplomacy?

Hollywood actor Annette Bening said her movie industry delegation hoped its presence in Iran could help open dialogue between arch-foes Washington and Tehran.

“I hope that we can be a bridge to open a dialogue between the two countries”, Bening, wearing a black traditional hijab and headscarf, told reporters in Tehran.

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Brian Akira: As a Muslim and an Iranian citizen, I expect she’s being treated no worse than all the other detainees there. And considering her good looks, my guess is all those typical Iranian police men and women already fought over who gets to rape her first.

*   FARGO, N.D. (AP) — A U.S. journalist has been arrested in Iran, and her father said Sunday she told him in a brief phone call she was detained after buying a bottle of wine.


Iran wants apology from Hollywood dhimmi delegation

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“Death to Amrikkee, death to da Jooozzz..!”

Willful stupidity knows no bounds — only thing is it’s coming directly from the White House. Annette Bening is dialoguing with the poison pygmy regime on behalf of President B. Hussein? Does Bening have a clue about Islam? Does she sanction the stoning, hangings, the repression and murder of reformers? Does she think she can disarm the mullahs with a screening of The Grifters? This is embarrassing. And very dangerous.

Hollywood Stars Open “Dialogue” With Iran        

A delegation of Hollywood stars, headed by Annette Bening, is traveling to Iran to open a dialogue on behalf of the Obama administration:

The sound of one hand clapping

Annette bennning

Thirty-eight years ago, a ping pong team sent by US president Richard Nixon to Beijing opened the door to Communist China. February 27, 2009, president Barack Obama launched his bid for dialogue with Iran with an Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences delegation from Hollywood. It is led by the actress AnnetteBening, AMPAS president Sid Ganis and his predecessor Frank Pierson who flew in just after the Oscar award ceremony. Visiting in the framework of “US-Iranian culture exchanges,” they will hold talks in Tehran Saturday and Sunday.

While the Hollywood stars are in Iran, I’m sure they will meet with the thousands of opposition political candidates who have been excluded from elections, the students who protested at Tehran University against repression, the homosexuals whose conduct is punishable by death, and the women who risk being stoned to death for adultery.
Hollywood is going to Iran, one of the most repressive states in the world, but I’m sure we’ll hear hardly a peep of dissent; after all, we want the mullahs to like us, and everything that has happened the last 30 years is our fault:

While the Hollywood team’s visit to Tehran is not political, it does show the openness of Iran toward the expansion of cultural relations with the US.

How ironic that the Academy of Motion Pictures is going to one of the most repressive anti-homosexual countries on earth just days after awarding Sean Penn an Oscar for his portrayal of gay San Francisco mayor Harvey Milk. Do they not see the irony? Will they have the courage to speak up, much like Hollywood stars bashed George Bush at every opportunity? Perhaps the stars can visit the factory where Iran manufactures explosively formed projectiles used to kill our soldiers.        

When Obama pledged to make the world like us again, what he meant was that we would willingly sacrifice the populations of countries like Iran to perpetual repression so that its repressive leadership liked us and stopped attacking us.

Iran wants apology from Hollywood dhimmi delegation

A delegation of Hollywood dhimmis is going to Iran to open up talks with the friendly old mullahs, as Pamela reported yesterday. But here again we see that appeasement only emboldens the one who is being appeased: it isn’t enough for the dhimmi stars to legitimize the oppression and brutality of the mullahs’ Sharia regime; they also have to apologize for how mean, mean, mean Hollywood has been to Iran.

Apologize for 300! And The Wrestler!

There are plenty of Hollywood films that the filmmakers should apologize for, but those two are not among them.

“Iran wants apology from Hollywood team,” from AFP, February 28 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

The art advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged a visiting Hollywood delegation to apologise for “insults and slanders” about Iranians in films, the ISNA news agency reported on Saturday.”(Iranian) cinema officials will only have the right to have official sessions with… Hollywood movie makers when they apologise to the Iranians for their 30 years of insults and slanders,” Javad Shamaghdari said.

“The Iranian people and our revolution has been repeatedly unjustly attacked by Hollywood,” he said, citing ‘300’ and recent Oscar nominated movie ‘The Wrestler’ as among offending films.

In 2007, the war epic ‘300’, a smash hit in the United States for its gory portrayal of the Greco-Persian wars, drew the wrath of Iranians for showing their ancestors as bloodthirsty.

Similarly ‘The Wrestler’, was booed in Iran and heavily criticised for the scene of breaking and tearing of the Iranian flag by the picture’s star, 2009 Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke.

“We will believe (US President Barack) Obama’s policy of change when we see change in Hollywood too, and if Hollywood wants to correct its behaviour towards Iranian people and Islamic culture then they have to officially apologise,” Shamaghdari added….