Should George Galloway & Yvonne Ridley be arrested for treason?

             Those Silly Muslim’s, Always Blowing Themselves Up In Crowds


The actions of a rabid Muselmaniac, documented on this Pali-terrorist website here

 This may be the stunt that finally may break his neck, as he personally hands over 100 vehicles and thousands of dollars in cash to Hamas.

The BBC Digs Another Hole  (Honest Reporting)
Who would have thought that another bulldozer terror attack in Israel would be so tough for a British news agency to report?

* State Dept Forgets To Condemn Pali Bulldozer Attack

* Chas Freeman out: More details on why Freeman withdrew

* Pakistan: Muslims raid Christian village, kill one woman

* Egypt: Muslims burn Christian man alive, stab his father to death

Baron Bodissey/via Tundra Tabloids

UPDATE: The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer has more, much more on the aid convoy to Gaza.

Further to my earlier post on MP George Galloway’s adventures in Egypt, I researched the convoy in a little more detail. 

Apparently, three suspected terrorists who had been under surveillance here in Britain were intercepted by the police and MI5 trying to sneak out of the country whilst posing as convoy members.

This convoy was organised by a group called ‘Viva Palestina’. It seems to be a charitable organisation run entirely on member donations.

It is full of trite, saccharin, Student Union nonsense such as ‘we’re all Palestinians now’.

However, the vast majority of its supporters seem to be Muslims and radical leftists. This is pretty much summed up by the fact that their poster boy is to be maverick MP George Galloway.

His ‘Respect’ party, for which he sits as the MP for the predominantly Muslim Bethnal Green & Bow constituency, makes New Labour look like the PVV. There is literally nothing this man will not say or do to persuade the Muslims he represents to vote him back in next time. 

Here is extraordinary footage of the convoy heading through Morocco and into Algeria back in February; I can only assume that the British ambulances you can see have been decommissioned and bought by the organisation.

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  1. “Should George Galloway & Yvonne Ridley be arrested for treason?”
    Is this a trick question?

    Just send them to Iran! Permanently!

  2. I loved Darrin’s post. Others have said in the Middle East they are considered infidels..let someone in the middle East deal with them..Galloway came to our country telling us what to do when we were under our previous Communist regime…Thank God for regime changes.

  3. George galloway is the modern Lord HA HA spewing out vile anti west propaganda,pretending to help the muslim cause but doing the things to win over Muslim votes, he deserves to do the Saddam shuffle.


  4. You stupid silly spastic nazi racist zionist son of a bitch, you should be arrested for treason and much much more!!!

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