UK: Muselmanic Grievance Theater Watch


Police in Scotland ordered to give special priority to crimes where the victims are Muslim

* More of the same: “Apartheid culture” existed at Met police station, Muslim officer tells tribunal

Because, you see, this will keep them from becoming “radicalized” — i.e., turning to jihad. Living in a society that treats all equally before the law is not enough: Muslims have to be placed in a special class with rights and privileges beyond those of non-Muslims. And that, of course, is precisely the arrangement envisioned by Sharia.

“Police In Race Bias Outrage: Scottish forces ordered to give priority to crimes against Muslims,” by Dean Herbert in the Scottish Daily Mail, February 28, via The Frozen North (thanks toPamela):

Police in Scotland have been ordered to give special priority to crimes where the victims are Muslim.

In a move that last night sparked a fresh row over political correctness, a senior officer revealed that the race and religion of a victim has now become a crucial factor in how police respond to crime.

Inspector Tom Galbraith, of Lothian and Borders Police’s diversity unit, told a conference on tackling terrorism that it was important to stop Scottish Muslims feeling “vulnerable” in case they were driven towards radicalism.

Mr. Galbraith said the force encouraged officers to consider the religious or ethnic backgrounds of victims to assess their needs in dealing with hate crimes.

He said that both an attack and a perceived lack of action by police could turn Islamic youths into future terrorists.


But mind you, he is speaking about “a perceived lack of action by police,” not an actual lack of action, and is recommending that preferential treatment be given to Muslims, not just that they be treated in the same way as the rest of the population is treated. And almost certainly it has never occurred to him that Muslim groups might try to use grievances to manipulate non-Muslim officials into granting them preferential treatment — or taking the edge off anti-terror investigations. To suggest such a possibility, despite the abundance of evidence demonstrating that this kind of thing happens not infrequently, would be “Islamophobic.”

Mr. Galbraith also revealed that police officers, Special Branch and BAA security staff were being given special lessons about Islamic culture after Muslims complained that being questioned when entering the country about whether they pray and attend mosques was offensive to their faith.Speaking at a national security conference in Edinburgh on Thursday, Mr. Galbraith said, “It is not about treating everybody the same. If I have a young Asian man who has been subjected to a hate crime, I would rather put more resources into that than if it had happened to a white male because the white male is far less likely to end up becoming radicalised.”


Many times I have mentioned “the equality of rights of all people before the law” as a key Western principle that needed to be defended from Islamic supremacism. Looks as if it is dead already in Scotland.

He later confirmed that his remarks were in line with Lothian and Borders Police policy, saying that cases of hate crime were assessed “by need”.He added: “You have to consider cases according to need. The idea of treating people all the same is a bit naive and we have to remember that there are vulnerable individuals who can be put on the path of radicalism.”

Last night, the police were criticised for being too politically correct in dealing with hate crimes.

Conservative Justice spokesman Bill Aitken said: “I’m afraid we are now living in a society in which some people are more equal than others.

“Not accepting assault against some people is a serious matter and the law is required to be proactive in each and every case.

“There is no room for political correctness in the fight against crime.”

Richard Cook, Scottish spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness, added: “I think people will be extremely concerned that victims are being treated differently according to their religion, colour of their skin and where they live.”

During the conference, Mr. Galbraith also said that police officers and airport security staff were being given lessons in Islamic culture to avoid offending arrivals.

He said: “Sometimes they will be asked “Do you pray?” or “Do you visit mosques?” when they arrive in the country.

“This kind of thing is derogatory to the Islamic faith. A lot of people then wonder what is wrong with going to mosques in this country.

“It is about making an effort in learning about other cultures and faiths.”

He later confirmed that training in Islamic culture was now on-going among officers.

Mr. Galbraith joined Lothian and Borders police in 1988.

He presently works in the diversity unit under the “prevent” strand of the UK counter-terrorism strategy.


Yeah, that’s gonna work like a charm.

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  1. More of the master “race” mentality in action. As in the de facto ummah crimes against Koranists get top priority over crimes against inferior “infidels”. It seems that nobody engaged in this mentality even realizes what they are doing-what’s happening in Scotland-voluntary dhimmification-is happening all over the world yet the consequences are unnoticed. And that’s what makes this sort of behavior all the more scary.

  2. Do the sniffer dogs wear booties when investigating crimes against the protected class, and
    are the local mosque officials (henchmen) kept informed of the investigation …

  3. Thanks for putting this up, I put this up onto my blog originally, and passed it on to Pamela a Atlas Shrugs. I just went into ASDA for a paper the other morning, and when I saw the headline I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It’s just appalling. I really don’t know how this is all going to end. More and more I’m thinking about emigrating. Then again, maybe we’ll have riots in the streets? Who knows? It’s horribly depressing to think about that particular possibility. And yet … At least people now seem to be more willing to speak up, maybe the whole deal with Geert Wilders opened people’s eyes a little bit.

  4. Whoops, Pamela at Atlas Shrugs, that should be. I really need to get some sleep now, that’s two weeks worth of night shifts I’ve just finished. Thank goodness, no more for a while!

  5. The USA will one day have to change the emergency number from “911” to avoid causing
    hurt feelings and alienation to muslim “victims”.

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