UK: Wilders out, Islamic terrorists in…

* Newsflash: Taliban tell Obama “no moderates here- you are “illogical” “

Dear Jacqui Smith: may the burka rest lightly on your shoulders!

“This is the deepest hypocrisy, in fact, it is worse than hypocrisy on behalf of the British government.

“The government clearly do not have a grip on this. Britain is still a place where terrorists and terrorist supporters can come to incite and recruit.”


H/T Jawa Report:

Apparently a terrorist spokesperson for Hizbollah will not threaten social harmony. Where’s Lord Ahmed and his 10,000 strong muslim gang to protest this misunderstander of islam? Telegraph

The think-tank said the Home Office would be “beyond hypocrisy” if it allowed Dr Ibrahim Moussawi into Britain just weeks after barring Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician, because of his alleged anti-Muslim views.

* Supreme Court gives direction for Case-Wilders — ISLAM-OFFENDER ACQUITTED


Dr Moussawi is a spokesman for the Lebanese-based militant group Hizbollah, the military arm of which is banned in Britain as a terrorist organisation.

He has allegedly called Jews “a lesion on the forehead of history” and said of Israel: “Pain is the only language that the enemy understands.”

Douglas Murray, director of the CSC, has written to Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, warning her that he will instruct lawyers to seek an arrest warrant for Dr Moussawi if he is allowed into the country.


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