Why are the bomb-throwing "youths" of Darwin not identified by the media?

H/T Pamela, from AAP:

Bombs hurled as 300 youths brawl in Darwin


* The only indication that Muslims are behind these “brawls”  in Darwin are from a commenter:

Friday, 06 March 2009

Put them all on a boat and send them to Indonesia or Iraq. Do not pay them any welfare benefits. Cut all welfare benefits in the Northern Territory slums

Posted by: taxpayer Sydney, Sydney

* If it wasn’t for this, we would never know….

Police in Darwin have warned they’re taking a zero tolerance approach after three separate incidents across the city.

Up to 300 youths brawled at Casuarina Shopping Centre, while homemade bombs were let off at two different sites in the city yesterday.

About 10.45am (CST) one of the bombs was hurled at a building near La Grande apartments on Knuckey Street, then about 1.30pm a second incident took place on Mitchell Street.

Firefighters were called in to make the areas safe and clean up the remnants and police say they’re looking for four young men seen in the area at the time.

Less than two hours later police were called to a large disturbance at Casuarina Shopping Square, with 27 police officers called in to break up a series of fights involving up to 300 youths.

7 thoughts on “Why are the bomb-throwing "youths" of Darwin not identified by the media?”

  1. This didn’t seem to make the MSM anywhere I usually check for news. I got it from a friend in the US.
    What’s going on up there?

  2. Ridiculous … local and national broadcaster ABC did no report that I heard of on this situation and you have to do a search to find it on the ABC news website (even when it is the local site) Obviously no mention of the (foreign/muslim ?) perpe TRAITORS !!! …

    yet the ABC news today covers a story of Aboriginal unrest in the Capital because one of them threw a stick at a baloon!!!

    Ludicrous when “small bombs” or petroleum cocktails are being thrown around at buildings and business’ in the streets of Darwin.

    Another case of media censorship which suits the govt. in order to prevent any understandable backlash against the so called moderate muslims living in Australia . There seems to be no accurate reporting of muslim illegal activity in Australia be it small bombs or honor :-p killings !!!!

    Evil prospers when good people do nothing1

  3. “Police in Darwin have warned they’re taking a zero tolerance approach …”

    There’s zero we can do, and we’re very good at doing it.

  4. I know this sounds a silly question, but do we know for sure that the perpetrators are Muslims? While admittedly Muslims are usually involved in this sort of thing, and the MSM go to great lengths to deny it, occasionally it can just be anti-social youths.

    Like Kaw, I would love to see some pics of the brawl.

    The incident certainly wasn’t reported in Al Age.

  5. Its unfortunate that we don’t have more evidence.

    I was hoping that some readers from Darwin might call in and let us know what’s happening up there, that’s why I put that article up.

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