Yusuf rubs it – furiously!

Busted again!


Reality, fact and truth-challenged Islamo shyster Yusuf Irfan pretends to be a Jew (again) and calls sheik yer’mami  a ‘neo- Nazi’ in his latest exploits on Planet Irfan:

HUMOUR: Nazi-lover learns how to spell …

A reader just sent me a post he noticed on the Sheik Yermami website.

 *  No “reader” sent you anything,  liar! You’re checking this blog every day….

For those of you who don’t know, Sheik Yermami is a neo-Nazi blogger whose past posts have included this gushing tribute to a deceased far-Right and notoriously anti-Semitic Austrian politician.

*  Hmm, “neo-Nazi blogger” is a far cry from reality. You really need reading comprehension help, Yusuf. “Gushing tribute to Haider?”  Hardly. Nothing I wrote about Haider compares to your adulation of  jihad-guru Tariq Ramadan.

“Far Right” is just another smear that won’t stick, Yusuf, because Haider was an Austrian patriot, dead-set against the Islamization of Austria and against the revolting mosques that  disgrace  his country. Haider was an elected politician. Did he kill any Muslims? No. Did he blow up a mosque? No. Did he chop anybody’s head off? No. Was he a terrorist? No.  Did he worship a pedophile? No. So what’s your beef with Haider, Yusuf? Why do you seek to vilify him?  

You need to get some fresh air, Yusuf.

Yermami now claims that someone using a computer (one which I also use from time to time) has left messages on his blog.

* I don’t “claim”- I caught you red handed, you lying small “c” conservative!

Among the messages is one that I acknowledge leaving, and in which I had to correct Sheik Yermami’s spelling. Yermami thanked me for the spelling lesson, but then posted this point …

* You left quite a few messages that trace back to you, Yusuf. Lying about it doesn’t  change the fact. 

Does that change the fact that Binyam Mohamed is not a “Briton” and that you and GANDHI have nothing in common?

                           “I’m just like Gandhi!”


Gandhi and I have nothing in common? Let’s see …

a. Gandhi and I are of North Indian extraction, he from Gujrat and my ancestors from Uttar Pradesh.

* Maybe so. So when and how did they become Muslim, any idea?

b. Gandhi spoke a lanaguage (sic) which the Poms once called “Hindustani”. I speak the same language. 

* Barely, by your own admission… (besides, learn how to spell ‘language’)

c. Gandhi spoke, read and wrote English. I speak, read and write English.

* You wish…

d. Gandhi was a lawyer. I’m a lawyer.

* Nah. You’re  not a lawyer, Yusuf. You’re a shyster and an Islamic agit-prop. But more than anything your are a serial blog jockey. Lawyers work to make a living, you live with yor mama…

Clearly Gandhi and I have absolutely nothing in common. My apologies to Yermami for making such a dreadful error.

* Lemme guess, Yusuf: Jew-hatred?  Would that unite you in your commonalities? Or this:

“Hitler killed five million [sic] Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs.” 

But what about the other messages Yermami refers to? Jeez, how should I know? It could be any number of relos or friends, including the friend who pointed out Yermami’s post to me.Tim Blair’s defence shouldn’t just work for Tim Blair.

* You have ‘friends’ Yusuf? Gee, and I thought even yor mama hates ya…

I guess being a Nazi never required much brain power …

* It doesn’t Yusuf. That’s why  Muslims and Nazi’s always march in lockstep together:


* So lets sum it up: what makes Yusuf just like Gandhi?

  • Ghandi was a skinny man, Yusuf is a fat boy
  • Ghandi was intelligent, Yusuf is a rather deficient species…
  • Ghandi was a Hindu, Yusuf is a Muslim and is religiously obliged to hate and kill Hindus. If it wasn’t for that,  Pakistan wouldn’t exist. Neither would there be such a mess in Kashmir…
  • Leaves one thing: curry! But even here Ghandi would have nothing to do with you,Yusuf,  because he was a vegetarian…
  • When are you going to answer my 10 questions, Yusuf?
  • 10 Questions for Yusuf Irfan, Civilizational Missionary from Planet Irf

* Check out the IP-address:  

And this is what makes Yusuf a serial wanker:

Submitted on 2008/10/19 at 10:52am

All you homophobic anti-Jewish Nazis are alike. If you had your chance, you would have raped her thinking she was Aboriginal. You racist neo-Nazi turds. You disgraceful pedophiles.

Muslim sets girl alight for wearing lipstick      

Submitted on 2008/10/16 at 6:11am

Darrin, I think the number of Irf’s readers is at least 100 times the number of people who voted for you in the last Local Government elections.

Hmmm … that still isn’t that much.

Screaming Sectarian Super-Bigot Yusuf Rubs It: “to visa Nick Griffin or not to visa”      

Submitted on 2008/10/14 at 3:04pm

I’ve been following your blog for a while, Sheik. It looks to me like you rub yours more than Yussuf rubs his. You are a filthy Jew-hating racist. That explains why you wrote such a touching obituary of that neo-Nazi from Austria. I believe the government should introduce special legislation to deprive you of your citizenship.

You also hate gay people too. Otherwise why would you be attacking Yussuf for defending gay people from vilification by Akerman?

I really think you should consider placing a gun to your forehead, closing your eyes and pulling the trigger. But please let us all know before you do it. We can then all come and dance on your grave.

Yusuf rubs it: Planet Irf supports the gay & lesbian Mardi Gras!      

Sheik Your’Mummy
Submitted on 2008/07/24 at 4:06pm

Koranist? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! You pack of neo-Nazi morons. Stay in northern Qld where your type of in-bred human trash belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Questions for Yusuf Irfan, Civilizational Missionary from Planet Irf      

Sheik Your’Mummy
Submitted on 2008/06/11 at 7:01am

I never knew being called a Catholic could be deemed so offensive. Then again, I have no sexual interest in kids.

* Grow up or blow up, Yusuf!

Ah, and before I forget it: its sheik yer’mami, don’t forget the apostrophe next time!

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  1. Irfan’s offensive behaviour against women has been noted by Bronwyn Bishop in the federal parliament.

    It comes as no surprise his aggression and anger spills over here.

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