70% Increase in Arson Against Swedish Schools

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

Fjordman just sent us this brief note summarizing an article from Sydsvenskan:

There has been a 70% increase in the number of registered arson attacks against Swedish schools in the space of a decade. In the region of Skåne in southern Sweden (where Malmö is), the increase has been 340%.

If any of our Swedish readers know of an English-language version of this news story, please send us a link.

That’s all because we  don’t make them comfortable enough:

“At heart they don’t really want to be Swedish. They tell me so themselves.”

Eurabia Alert from Sweden: Muslim immigrants don’t want to integrate — not that this will stop the learned analysts from blaming European governments for not doing enough to integrate them. “RosengÃ¥rd: Integration in the eye of the storm,” from The Local, March 27 (thanks to Fjordman) via JW:

While Sweden’s official unemployment rate stands at around seven percent, nearly 40 percent of RosengÃ¥rd working age residents are jobless.“A lot of young people here are out of work… Their parents don’t work, and they get their only social interaction in the Islamic milieu, which complicates integration,” says Camara, originally from Guinea.

“They spend their time speaking Arabic,” he says, adding that “at heart they don’t really want to be Swedish. They tell me so themselves.”…

Why don’t they? What attitudes and assumptions are they being taught? Does anyone in Sweden know or care?

About Norway, Israel and Anti-Semitism…….

6 thoughts on “70% Increase in Arson Against Swedish Schools”

  1. No problem, just set up a “muslim reference group” and a “chair
    of islamic excellence” at the University of Malmo, complete with
    wudu washers and “prayer” rooms, mix in the secret herbs and
    spices … and nothing happens.

    It never works, but the powers that be stick to the same tried and
    true formula for failure, in the vain hope that one day it will work.

  2. Throw these muslims out – stop hoping that pigs will fly – we are facing the reality and what we must do!!!

  3. 40% jobless.

    And then we are told that we need immigrants, particularly immigrants from the ME, to do jobs we wont do.

    The time is soon coming when these socialist/marxist governments will run out of taxpayers money to pay the wastrels, the Jihadis and the rest of the Muslim ummah – then hell will break lose. Muslims are not going to very angry when the Kafir Jizya well runs dry.

  4. We dont need muslims!!!! Period!!! When these PC idiots run out of money the muzzs will start really pushing and then we will react. Europeans can be particularly viscous and nasty, and these middle eastern and african muslim parasites will learn this for the first and only time.

  5. There is absolutely no way that the ‘immigrants” are going to adapt to the norms, way of life and culture of the Swedish people. They can only do so by taking control of Sweden absolutely and making the Swedes to adopt Islam; the Sharia; and their way of life which of course would include stoning of women, honour killing, chopping off arms and legs; and so forth.

    Stop giving them jobs and aid and let them go back to their own countries where they can somehow find a means to live. If Sweden fails – the whole of Scandinavia will become the Caliphate of SCANABIA.

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