Australia: Christian Leaders Oppose Koranic School Because "Islam is Incompatible With the Australian Way of Life"

*  Right. Now we’re talking: somebody had to say it!
svkate-420x0Vilified Aussie scape-goat  Kate McCulloch: the “face of Islamophobia” in the AGE
Now watch the PC-brigades and the Muhammedan’s combine forces and call us ‘Islamophobes, bigots, xenophobes, racists, red-necks, wacko’s-  etc etc…

CAMDEN’S Christian leaders have united to condemn the Quranic Society, which wants to build an Islamic school in Camden, for espousing views which are “incompatible with the Australian way of life”.

The leaders of the St John’s Anglican, Camden Presbyterian and Camden Baptist churches and the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary signed a letter to Camden Council arguing that the proposal was not in the public interest.

“Camden is increasingly becoming a multicultural community, but when one part of the community seeks to dominate the public space, as we have seen in Auburn, Bankstown, Lakemba and more recently Liverpool, the social impact is unacceptable,” says the letter, which was read at the Quranic Society’s appeal to the Land and Environment Court yesterday.”Our concern is the Quranic Society inevitably advocates a political ideological position that is incompatible with the Australian way of life. This includes promoting Quranic law as being superior to national laws and regarding followers of any rival religion as inevitably at enmity with it.”

The school proposal has split the Camden community.

The council voted unanimously to reject the original application for a 1200-pupil school “on planning grounds alone” last May.

After reducing its proposal to a school catering for 900 students, the Quranic Society took its case to the Land and Environment Court.

Commissioner Graham Brown, who will decide the school’s fate, visited the site yesterday morning, along with lawyers, council officials and residents. It is on a rural block on the corner of Cawdor and Burragarong roads.

The hearing continued at Camden Civic Centre in the afternoon, attended by about 150 residents.

The hearing continues today.

9 thoughts on “Australia: Christian Leaders Oppose Koranic School Because "Islam is Incompatible With the Australian Way of Life"”

  1. The light is beginning to shine on the truth, Islam is incompatable with humanity. These church leaders are realising that you can’t just hug someone and they will hug you back. Islamists are parasites not huggy bears.

  2. The passages cited from the combined Christians’ letter are rational, factual, and completely accurate. These people have been doing their homework. They know what they are talking about. I hope it has an effect…and I hope that some of those Sydneysiders who read the excerpts from the letter, which were published both in the SMH and also in the Telegraph, will have their eyes opened to the Quranic agenda …Total World Domination By Muslim Theocratic Despotism.

    It’s worth remembering that the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, being a Catholic outfit, are under the authority of the well-informed Cardinal Archbishop George Pell, he who read the Koran and clearly saw the multiple incitements to violence that it contains. Let us also remember that the Sydney diocese of the Anglican Church is strongly evangelical, which means that it supports organisations like the Church Missionary Society, whose missionaries work in countries like Pakistan, and bring home to their supporting parishes, disturbing information about the way that Muslims treat non-Muslims and apostates from Islam. I know: for years I worshipped in a Sydney church which supported missionaries in Pakistan and Indonesia, whose work was with the indigenous Christian minorities. They had no illusions about Islam.

    A couple of years ago, a major UK whistleblower about Islam, jihad, and sharia creep, Canon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, visited Australia and attended the Sydney Anglicans’ big ‘Katoomba Convention’ and told them the facts (he was back again in Australia this February, again speaking in significant corners of the Australian church, including an Anglican congregation in Canberra, and a Christian businessmen’s retreat).

    Perhaps this activity by the Rector and Congregation of St John’s Camden, teaming up with other Christian bodies to oppose the Islamic school, just might be some fruit from Canon Sookhdeo’s labouring to inform and instruct.

  3. Please keep alert on this issue. Regardless of the facts, the local council is infiltrated with left wing people who will simply disregard the arguments presented to them as racist. These people (left wingers) have a unique ability to redefine the dictionary as they need it (a very soviet trait). In any case, if you are going to write to the council to support these people who do not wish an islamic school in their neighbourhood, then do so using polite language and with facts backing the argument that islamists do not belong in Oz. Examples abound. Writing the heartfelt opinions that some of you have about muslims (many from experiences that are not easily forgotten) will not help and will prove counter-productive. Use hard logic with an emphasis on the facts highlighting an unwillingness of many muslims to integrate. You can clearly make a cultural divide here.

  4. I could not believe this when the article was pointed out to me. So factual and about time that the real community started sticking up for itself. However, your typical Australian is oblivious to the danger presented by Islam and a lot refuse point blank to heed any warning signs presented to them. This Quranic Society will be fuming and after blood with the useful idiots falling in behind by the droves. Still the battle begins.

  5. Good for them..they are to be commended ..speaking up against this madness usually puts people on a hit thing the muslims seem to have , is a good memory for their enemies. They are more than” vengance is mine says the Lord” for them.
    I agree so many people are ignorant , partly I blame the left wing press for this for keeping so much out of the papers..also people are afraid , so in some cases do not want to know.

  6. Islamic schools produce terrorists..Read The Ed Hussein..When he looked back on his journey , he could easily see that his parents sending him to an islamic school , was the cause of him becoming an extremist..Fortunatly , for him he saw the light..This would be an interesting book to circulate , tho I don’t agree with some of his conclusions , he too is brave to speak out about Hizb ut-Tahrir in the UK.

  7. We have all seen what is happening in the UK – and the prime cause are the idiots who like social engineering without thought – call them New Labor. Rudd and his mob are starting to behave in a similar fashion. STAY ALERT!!!

  8. this is such good news. Good News is what the Christian churches are supposed to be about too! Keep it coming.

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