Australia: KRudd responds to Boat people (sort of)

 Kevin responds! It took him an entire day. Andrew Bolt rounds up all the excuses. 

The Ministry of Truth is spinning like Iranian centrifuges…

Tim Blair notes that the Government has little to fear from the press gallery over the rise in boat arrivals or yesterday’s deaths. Or much else, to be frank.

2 thoughts on “Australia: KRudd responds to Boat people (sort of)”

  1. Hello: i want say some thing about afghan Asylum Seekers. Kevin Rudd not responds for this happening on wensday. Afghans Asylum Seekers bleam him selv. They pour him selv petrol in the boat. They are responsibele for him selv becaues they want to go to Australia requst Asylum case. Moradi

  2. All of these people are liars…they are treating the general public as if they are brain dead..Debus looked a dipstick trying to reign in the truth once the guy in Perth had released it.
    We have about 200 so called refugees here in NZ who are trying to stay..they are supposed to be deported cos they were brought in by Iranian people doubt they will be allowed to stay. It is a joke..Why don’t these people head to Malaysia? ..Why do they make a beeline for Aussie and NZ..benefits and soft touch wallies like Rudd of course..

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