Australia: Muslim Invasion in full Swing

Paul Maley and Mark Dodd | The Australian

Surge continues with two more boatloads of “asylum seekers”

There have been 17 vessel arrivals since August.

Which is around when KRudd weakened his laws against boat people. Since then 13 have died.

By the way, can we have a costing of how much all these new arrivals have cost taxpayers so far?      

 Andrew Bolt

boatexplosion_adf_400Recent arrivals doused their boat with petrol and blew it up…

* Not to worry: this time they will all integrate and assimilate, if only we give them their dues. And a mosque. And a madrassah. And the jiziyah… what could go wrong? Besides: “the numbers of those coming to Australia are low” sez the Afghan ambassador…

TWO boats carrying almost 80 suspected asylum seekers have been intercepted by Border Protection Command, bringing to 17 the number of vessels detected since August.

Surge continues with two boatloads

The interceptions occurred less than 24 hours after the mysterious discovery by Customs of four suspected asylum seekers on Deliverance Island, 30 nautical miles off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

As more of the injured from the fatal boat explosion of two weeks ago left hospital – for immigration detention – Afghanistan’s ambassador to Australia backed the Rudd Government’s argument that global instability was behind the surge in arrivals.

One of the boats stopped yesterday was carrying seven people and was intercepted one nautical mile north of Ashmore Reef.

Sources said the passengers, who included at least one child, appeared to be Indonesian. The second boat was carrying about 72 people and was stopped 27 nautical miles west of Bathurst Island, just north of Darwin.

Several women and three or four children were believed to be aboard.

  • “The Iraqi government is happy if all Christians leave”

    “They say they want us to stay, but they don’t mean it. If they mean it, then they would protect us more.”    More on this story. “Iraqi Christians Shaken By Slayings,” from AINA, 

The interceptions occurred hundreds of kilometres apart, suggesting the boats were not travelling together.

They came less than a day after four people, understood to be two Afghans, a Sri Lankan and an Indian, were detected by a surveillance flight by a Customs helicopter.

No boat was found with the men.

Yesterday, a government source speculated the find could be a new trend, with people-smugglers preferring to drop their cargo and go home rather than stay with their passengers and risk arrest and prosecution.

Afghanistan’s ambassador, Amanullah Jayhoon, told The Australian yesterday a recent crackdown by Pakistani and Iranian authorities on Afghan refugees was a major factor behind the spike in boat arrivals.

He stressed that the numbers coming to Australia were low compared with those of Afghan refugees opting for asylum in Greece, Turkey or Cyprus.

Two main “push factors” were driving Afghan asylum seekers, he said – continuing insecurity, particularly in the south of the country, and little or no economic opportunities at home.

Many of the Afghan asylum seekers had been long-term residents in camps in Iran and Pakistan, he said.

“The third factor is that Iran and Pakistan are trying to push the refugees back to Afghanistan, so when they are being pushed back to Afghanistan, they consider themselves refugees again,” Mr Jayhoon said.

“These are people (criminals) who thrive on the tragedy ofothers. But most of those (refugees) coming are not coming directly from Afghanistan, because most of these people (in Afghanistan) cannot afford to pay this $10,000 or $15,000.”

Two Afghan asylum seekers who were burnt in the boat blast off Ashmore Reef were taken to a secure immigration facility in a Perth suburb yesterday after being discharged from Royal Perth Hospital. The men are expected to be interviewed this morning by Northern Territory police who are investigating the cause of the explosion.

They will join four men who were placed in one of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s home detention facilities in Perth’s eastern suburbs on Tuesday.

The men will be under 24-hour supervision by guards.

They will have access to members of the Afghan community who have offered support by cooking meals and providing spiritual guidance.

A department spokeswoman said the men would have access to computers, television and a phone to contact their families.

She said hospital staff had already visited the men to provide medical assistance. Department officials were yet to interview the men to establish their identities, she said.

Seventeen other asylum seekers who were badly burnt in the blast remain at Royal Perth, with one of the men in intensive care, three in the trauma unit and 13 in the burns unit.

Four other victims from the blast remain at Royal Darwin Hospital and seven in Brisbane.

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  1. Krudd is a total fool and a dishonest one..can’t even man up and admit his mistake.
    Afghan men here in NZ don’t like it here supposedly because they don’t like they way women dress…they spend their time telling relaxed muslims to wear headscarves and telling young men to wear long sleeves…their sons are joining hasn’t taken them long. I was told recently that Afghan families are working and claiming benefits at the same time , so criminal as well. Many NZers are out of work and are told they are ineligible for benefits.

  2. Critisizing racist muslims…with your racist comments, makes you just as bad as them.

  3. Critisizing racist muslims… with your racist comments, makes you just as bad as them.

  4. Our comments about muslims are not racist ; islam is not a race , it is a cult. Whatever we say is our considered opinion. I developed my strongly held views through living in an islamic hellhole where hypocrisy competed with dishonesty , corruption, unfairness , stupidity , censorship and cruelty.

  5. Theresaj:

    Silly remark. If racism doesn’t cover religion, then anti-semitism isn’t racist. The fact is Australia and New Zealand is full of white settlers. The native populations have been subjugated and suppressed (NZ done a better job of fixing those errors than Aus). So please stop the trash talking about the new wave of immigrants. They are only doing what your people did two hundred years ago…minus the genocial bloodshed.

    The root of your opposition is race, pure and simple, I am sure you are just as opposed to the Chinese that are coming to the subcontinent. As far as Muslim countries having all these ills… don’t know how much that has to do with Islam vs. simple poverty. A poor Muslim in the ghetto of Karachi will always be better behaved than the poor Christian slum dweller of Johanesburg who will kill without remorse. Been there, done that… you obviously have not.

  6. Ayan,
    You are talking rubbish!! And you are the person making silly remarks. I note you pick Karachi as an example which is one of the major cities in Pakiland where islam of a more “moderate” form is practised. I come from the neighbourhood, so to speak, and many poor dwellers from the interior of the NW Province are worse than angry brown snakes. The VAST majority of Christians (> 99%) in Joburg,SA or Soweto do not kill as you suggest, but nearly all muslim radicals (who NOW comprise a significant percent of the local population) in the NW province do. There is a civil war in Southern Thailand where muslims are happily murdering all non-muslims to achieve their “Malaysian extension”. The muslim government in Malaysia appears to be providing support for abu sayaf and other muslim terror groups in the Southern Phillipines, and we have Indonesian muslims attacking non-muslims on a fairly regular basis on at least two of the main islands of the Indonesia archipelago. I am just mentioning the more “open” muslim misbehaviour in our general region.

    The opposition most people have to muslims is not RACE, it is behaviour!!! Understand that!!! I don’t care if you are green, with purple eyes! But I do care if you behave like an arsehole in my country – and I will do everything to destroy you if you threaten my home!! A significant part of the ground reasons why islamic countries (excepting the states who have oil) are poor is to do with what islam teaches these people – and islam is responsible for theír poverty. It is rather amusing that uneducated muslims who come from countries that they have, in end effect destroyed, feel that they need to do the same in their new homes. We actually don’t care about Chinese settling in Oz, but we do care about chinese economic policy which will damage us – this isnt racism – it is called self-preservation!!! Our neighbourhood consists of several countries in which the muslim majority appears to feel it can behave as it wishes, without constraint, to its non-muslim minorities. We are not scared, but we are going to be dammed sured that this cancer is cut out of Oz before it starts to affect our country. So if you are a muslim and if you can live in peace with your non-muslim neighbours, and you make a meaningful contribution to our society you are welcome. If you are an islamic jihadist, trying to force 5th century Bedouin tribal customs customs down our throats then you can leave or die – either is satisfactory and I do mean that. You clearly haven’t “been there” and “done that” – and if you were in the neighbourhood you haven’t understood very much at all. Oh, as for the killing without remorse, muslims are way ahead of any other religion – the numbers are a cold judge of this statement.

    Formally, anti-semitism is racism. The term Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern people originating in southwestern Asia, including Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arabs, and Ethiopian Semites (this line is cut and paste from Google because I am too tired to pull a proper reference out – but this is sufficient). Islam, however, is not a race and the muslim dislike for the rest of the world centers on an inability to accept other belief systems as equally valid. Given that human interpretation of the real concepts behind a religion are, at best, limited, the mindset of islamic extremism is amusing, although dangerous. Your argument shows that you extrapolate without understanding how to set the bounds or the boundary conditions – rather dangerous and unreliable.

  7. KAW

    Well spoken !

    And You are right in your saying.

    We in Europa are warming he comming civil war between the nuski because muslims

  8. warming up to the comming civil war – betwen muslims and europeans.

  9. Thanks Kaw better than what I could write…Weird the way they try to jihack the word racism…it is as if meanings do not matter which of course they don’t.
    My opposition has absolutely Nothing to do with RACE. I value education and freedom , development and progress. I oppose all bullies so naturally I oppose islam. As I said , it was living in the midst of it which made me this way. They stole my innocence and as for being anti Chinese , I have been married into a Chinese clan for decades so this is as untrue as is the rest of her rant.
    Funny how they blame the problems with islam on poverty…without getting that islam causes poverty.

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