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China: Muslims riot after traffic incident

Yet another restive Muslim minority with grievances, seizing upon an incident of alleged mistreatment by authorities to stage a riot. Yet no one, anywhere, notices any kind of pattern, or any hint of the Islamic supremacist notion that it is offensive for Muslims to be under the rule of non-Muslims. “Hui Muslims riot after traffic incident, rights group says,” by Choi Chi-yuk in the South China Morning Post, April 3 (thanks to JW):

Xinjiang Province: The Islamic Jihad Battlefront in China

Egypt: “Villagers” burn Bahai homes, threaten death

Imam declares Bahai’s apostates, Muslims go apeshit:

Aside from the ambiguity regarding the identity or motivation of these random “villagers,” this report repeatedly misrepresents what’s really going on in Egypt. For instance, even though the Copts are systematically persecuted, this report presents their plight as “clashes” between Muslims and Christians, in a tone suggesting that both are equally guilty, equally intolerant.

“Egypt village mob torches Bahai homes,” from AFP, April 2: more

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