Finnish Greens MP Says on Blog: Pedophilia OK if State Sanctions it…….

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Former Greens Party Spokesman Osmo Soininvaara:
“Halla-aho’s labeling of Islam as a religion of pedophilia was intentionally insulting”
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In the comment section to a post at the former Greens Party spokesman’s blog, he states the following concerning the issue of Islam and under age wives:

“If one gets an exceptional permission to marry an 11-year-old girl in Finland, then having sex with her is OK according to the Finnish legislation, too. But an exceptional permission will be extremely difficult to get.”

Soininvaara’s comment was in response to a previous question about whether the opinion of the Finnish Islamic Council’s Imam, Chehab Khodr about the marrying age of an 11yr old was in sync with Finnish law.

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Islamic Pedophilia in Finland: Imam Wed Juvenile to 20Yr Old Man, Says State Gave Permission…


Imam Chehab Khodr walking in the way of his prophet
Says “hundreds of under age Islamic marriages preformed in Finland”

Chehab Khodr: One set of laws for infidels,
and one set of laws for us Muslims

What better reason is there for saying no to Sharia? It’s an illusion to think that Islamic communities can manage their own affairs and keep within the guidelines of Western law, it simply won’t work, women and children will become victimized with the approval of the state.

Chehab Khodar is one of the Imams who services the needs of Finland’s immigrant Islamic community, and was one of the more vocal leaders in the Islamic community who demanded that the Finnish government prevent the publication of the dreaded Mohamed cartoons in the Finnish media. Apparently he’s more upset over pictures of his dead prophet than the thought of marrying a juvenile to an older man. Sick!

An Imam has wed a 14yr old in marriage

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    The insanity of the dhimmidiots is mind-boggling.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    marry very young girl…

    if it makes you HAPPY man
    but wait until she is ten

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