F*kc That: Not At My Expense!

British Taxpayers Fund Cartoon Slander of Christians…

No more finger-pointing at the faith

Andrew Bolt 


As I’ve said before, it’s time to stop this scapegoating of a religious minority:

A Government-funded charity was at the centre of a row last night after a magazine it publishes for children appeared to depict Christians as Islamaphobes who regard Muslims as terrorists.


“From all the demonising of Christians and other Westerners, you’d think they were the blowning-up rather than the blown-up.”

Historically, everywhere Islam goes it terrorizes and persecutes Christians and kills Jews, along with other unbelievers.

What happened to the Jews and Christians in the Arabian peninsula, the Egyptian Christian Coptic civilization and the numerous Christian communities along northern Africa after they came into contact with Islam? 
What happened to the Christian communities of Turkey and Armenia? 
What happened to the Persian Zoroastrians and Christian Assyrian civilizations? 
What happened to the Afghan and Pakistan Buddhist and Hindu communities and temples? 
Why currently all the beheadings in southern Thailand and Philippines by Muslims and why are the Christians now being driven from Iraq and Afghanistan, now that sharia law is enshrined in the Iraq and Afghan constitutions(thanks George W)? 
Everywhere Islam goes, bloodshed and misery follow.

John Wesley (1703-91)wrote, 

“Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it…have been as wolves and tigers to all other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth; that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and only their name remaining; that many countries, which were once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury, the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind”.

That chap wearing the crucifix has every reason to be horrified.

3 thoughts on “F*kc That: Not At My Expense!”

  1. The truly sickening thing is this: that the scenario in the comic – Eevil Cross-Wearing Bigot Persecutes Sweet Innocent Hijab-Wearing Muslimette – pretty much reverses the real situation in the UK (not to mention elsewhere in Europe).

    Muslim ‘youths’ have, more than once, physically assaulted parish priests, even in the church grounds. There was the kidnapping and sadistic torturing to death of a British non-Muslim schoolboy, Kriss Donalds, by a gang of psychopathic Muslim thugs.

    And earlier this year, while the IDF was showing the jihad gang bosses of Gaza that Jews can and will defend themselves against Muslim attack – and the entire Ummah was howling with horrified indignation – there was at least one case, in northern Britain, of a British Jewish schoolchild being attacked by Muslim …schoolgirls.

    Twenty – twenty! – Muslim girl (note well: GIRL) pupils from one school in Birmingham , chased one little [12-year-old] Jewish girl who had dared to defend herself against being taunted and physically threatened by one of their number; they screeched “Death to the Jews” and “Kill All Jews” as they pursued her.

    Now let’s just imagine someone putting *that* real-life, actual factual scenario into a comic-book!

  2. Dumbledoresarmy, where you been, baby? We miss you at JW.

    You’re right, too. How many hate crimes take place just in Europe because people wear crosses and yarmulkes? And how many take place because females don’t wear the slave rags?

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