Geraldo Rivera, Asshole of the Month

images91Heaven knows why Fox employs this Far Left lunatic. Just about everything about Geraldo is fake and phony,  he hijacks every  discussion with his insane drivel. This guy would even fail as a master of ceremonies in a Strip-Club. Geraldo is an Asshole with a capital “A” , he smeared Michelle Malkin,  who has about 1000% more integrity than he ever had, in the vilest ways:  “Michelle Malkin is the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met in my life. She actually believes that neighbors should start snitching out neighbors, and we should be deporting people. It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in New York. I’d spit on her if I saw her.

And now he spits on the troops. That’s why Geraldo Rivera is the Asshole of the month. The rest of you far left loony cue-jumpers: get in line!

Geraldo Defends DHS Memo/War on Terror News

Any one that knows me knows that Geraldo is my most disdained so called “journalist.”  I didn’t like him when he was a “talk show host,” but consider him a model for what’s wrong with the “lawyer” profession, and consider him to be a model of what is wrong with broadcast “journalism.”

But don’t let my tactful mincing of words fool you: I despised Geraldo before I saw his report tonight.  And I have good reason for that, but tonight he stepped a little further over the line.  Tonight, he used his time on Fox to defend the Napolitano/DHS memo.

Tonight, he decided to use his time on the bully pulpit to demonstrate that “Veterans really are a threat”

that should be watched.  Of course he brought up McVeigh, the despicable terrorist that received the light but maximum sentence of death, which has been executed.  Alberto Gonzalez, a guest on the show, had to point out that McVeigh did not receive bomb making training from the Army.But Geraldo couldn’t just point to McVeigh for evidence.  And there really isn’t any other evidence to point to, to demonstrate a right wing extremist threat or any other terrorist threat from Veterans.  So what did Geraldo use?  Evidence of gang membership of those entering the military, to include those that are thrown out for it.

Gangs are criminals, not terrorists, no matter what any overzealous prosecutor might wish to say, no matter what some sensationalist lawyer turned “journalist” wants to portray.  Gang members are common criminals somewhat organized.  They’re thugs not terrorists.

Our Military Recruiters do their best to prevent gangmembers from entering the Military, but the Military is made up of a cross section of America, so it is not surprising that some gangmembers join the Military.  Some are prevented from entering and some sneak through.  Some make it through Basic Training and their enlistment and others are caught and tossed out.  The Military does not want them, even though they’re not terrorists, just criminals.

But when a gangmember does sneak in, and particularly as one of Geraldo’s “examples” was, gets thrown out, that is a reflection of the society of crime from which he came, not the Military which tried to instill in him, honor.

Geraldo has been banished from Embassies and Combat Bases for his endangerment of Americans, to include those that were responsible and engaged in keeping his sorry butt alive.  I have no love for him in any definition of the term, and his report on Fox tonight simply added to my despise of him.  He has once again, purposely distorted the facts and the news while also engaging in the base sensationalism that discredits the entire main stream media.

How he maintains a position in any “news” organization is beyond me, but he is assuredly safer in the studio than on the field of battle.  The fact that he still breaths is a demonstration of the self-control and restraint of a multitude of Soldiers, Marines, and Veterans who’ve had to put up with him.  His continued existance is proof that Our Troops are the safest members of society to be around.

And Fox is not the first word to come to mind when the despicable assumed name of Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo, is brought up.  Fox is very similar to it, but a letter short and with only one letter in common.  But perhaps another time I will tell you how I really feel.

Geraldo was late to the memo party and on the wrong side of the issue.


Here’s an older story to prove Geraldo’s lunacy:

Rivera skillfully demonstrated why liberals are called the “Loony Left”. “It wasn’t about an illegal alien drunk driver. It was about a drunk driver”, stated Rivera. O’Reilly’s sense of logic was so brutalized by such an idiotic statement that it pushed the button that said “Hyper-drive” and he was almost instantly shoved over the edge. The poor man could hardly contain himself while trying to speak plain logical English to an illogical liberal whose twisted and convoluted thought processes have no “truth receptors”. I’m surprised the Rivera didn’t leave the show with a fat lip.

Geraldo Rivera’s Liberal Lunacy

13 thoughts on “Geraldo Rivera, Asshole of the Month”

  1. Another poseur, like the one in the White House–and that sickening “trained” mustache! How and why Fox keeps him on is beyond me. He was a scumbag “journalist” in the hippie days when he got his start, a joke and a flop when he opened Capone’s “vault”and he still is, besides being one of the biggest assholes around.

  2. Geraldo is on Fox to keep things fair and balanced. Along with a few intelligent views and thought out commentary you must have an uneducated left-wing knee-jerk moon-bat rant. That keeps things balanced you see. “It’s so crazy it just might work,” is the thinking behind it.
    And, This is fair…..

  3. Ever since the epic failure of his “Al Capone’s hidden vault” show, I’ve had nothing but contempt for this clown.

  4. I wrote a letter to FOX about Geraldo being senile and forgetting who the good guys are. He was on Hannity and sitting next to a real gangster who had more class and intelligence than Geraldo could hope to have. His attitude is so off center it seems he is from a different planet. He is so afraid of loosing his job that he hasn’t a clue what to say…he thinks if he favors the left they will include him in their plans and throw him a life preserver with crumbs on top.

  5. Don’t know why FOX has not gotton rid of this character yet. he belongs to CNN. He is not a class=act as the rest. he is a nut and seems brain-damanged.

  6. fox keeps things fair and balanced, but they do not need this geraldo—he is just plain coo-coo.
    get rid of him fox and turn anderson cooper around to your side.

    i am by geraldo like i am about ob–i mute of flip channels when he is on.

  7. Thank goodness for FOX’s affiliate; they broadcast two-and-a-half Men re-runs, and it’s good for a laugh, while Geraldo does that he does; even Geraldo can’t stand himself; his show is a place for Kimberly Guilfoyle to fulfill her contract to Fox.

    I wonder how long he can survive because most just flip the channel during his space; I do the same with Huckabee’s variety show. Oh, and also Beck’s sermons, maybe he’ll wail on air, “I just love my country”, that’s his excuse for his live wails.

  8. Get rid of Geraldodo and hire a Real person lou Dobbs a smart man if Lou Dobbs was a dodo like Geraldo he would be working.

  9. Fox needs people like lou dobbs, smart people how get rid of Geraldo he makes fox news look like a freak show, thats why they say it’s not a news show. That one Geraldo has the brain the size of a pea .The lawyer that came out of a cracker jack box.

  10. Geraldo Rivera is despicable! He has no talent, virtue or logic in his irrational, ultraliberal, la raza body. To him, Hispanic is good, and all else is evil. What a coward, threatening to spit on the Marvelous Mrs. Malkin! If he does, he and I are going to have a Dad and Lad chat.
    This forlorn critter ranges with the coyotes and rattlers, puny , ugly and stupid. and is so emotionally entangled with his perverted racial perspectives that Truth necessarily escapes him. Fox should dispatch him to report on the Zetas, after being embedded in their Tamaulipas contingent for, say, six months. If he survives, his outlook will be significantly more rational. If he does not survive… ah, well…

  11. A letter to Fox:

    Gerry Rivera is no different from Helen Thomas

    Geraldo Rivera and 1967 Borders

    Dear Fox and Friends,

    The next time Mr. Rivera is on your show advocating his vapid ideological drivel as though it might contain some deep geopolitical insight, please point out four things to him:

    First, “the” problem in the Middle East neither Israel’s unwillingness to return to the pre-1967 war borders nor even the Arab-Israeli conflict. The problem is the unrelenting hatred of Israel and the rampant anti-Semitism of far too many Middle East Muslims. This hatred is aided and encouraged by Arab (and Persian) governments, who have done virtually nothing for the Palestinians, except to use them as stalking horses for their own evil political ends; the aim of those governments seems only to use anti-Israeli sentiment to distract from their corrupt and dictatorial policies. Let Mr. Rivera point to a single Arab government that shows any evidence of respect for human rights, including the rights of women and minority religions (perhaps Mr. Rivera might ask the Coptic Christians in Egypt what they think “the” Middle East problem is). That is the Middle East problem — the hatred and intolerance that animates the Muslim states and their citizens, generated by a deep ignorance and sustained by an unwillingness to change.

    Second, Mr. Rivera can point to no moral principle, no international law that requires Israel to return territory that has been used on three separate occasions to mount attacks on Israel, with the sole purpose of extinguishing the state of Israel and exterminating Jewish citizens. Mr. Rivera can point to no evidence that the Golan Heights or the West Bank would not soon be used — undoubtedly with the cooperation of Iran — to again mount attacks on Israel, attacks meant to threaten if not end the existence of a Jewish state. Unfortunately, there is no reason hope that in the next two or three generations that the Arab/Muslim governments and their citizenry will finally forswear their hatred of Israel.

    Third, Mr. Rivera is flatly inconsistent. While he applauds the U.S. sending troops into Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to defend itself. Indeed, I suspect that even someone as driven by ideology as he is would allow the U.S. to hold on to territory that there was every reason to believe would be used to attack the United States. President Kennedy took the U.S. to the brink of nuclear war in order to “neutralize” a territory that threatened us. Mr. Rivera cannot consistently applaud the one while decrying the other.

    Finally, ask Mr. Rivera if it comforts him to know that he is in the same intellectual company as Helen Thomas. Just as surely as anti-Semitism drives her, an empty, uninformed, and completely historically-blinded ideology drives Mr. Rivera.

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