Hijab More Important Than Murder

Illinois: Islam “insulted” by alleged child killer’s mug shot, says husband

Update: both ways they win. If the right hand picture had gone through the media, the soldiers of Allah would have complained that we are blaming the whole Muslim ummah of 5 gazillion people for the actions of a few extremists” or some such...

Yes, but what does he think of the crime?

Was Islam “insulted” by the child killing?

Islam ‘insulted’ by alleged child killer’s mug shot, says husband,” by Kim Janssen for the Southtown Star, April 10 (thanks to JW):

The police booking photo of alleged child killer Nour Hadid released Tuesday is an “insult against our religion,” says Hadid’s husband, Alaeddin.

Video thanks to Pamela


Child-killer requests and receives a Koran behind bars

So what? Perhaps she’s reforming and repenting of her evil ways? Such would be a Christian interpretation. While the Koran does not advocate killing children, it does advocate killing non-believers. Thus it’s not exactly the most ideal book to help reform criminals. More on this story. “Accused Orland child killer asks for Quran behind bars, lawyer says,” by Kim Janssen for Southtown Star, April 11:from  JW

Orland Park police detectives say the 26-year-old Muslim woman was treated as any other suspect in a murder probe would be, and they did not intend to humiliate her when they photographed her Sunday without her headscarf and wearing only a skimpy top.

Nour Hadid is accused of beating her 2-year-old niece Bhia Hadid to death over four days at her home on the 9000 block of West 140th Street. The child had 55 separate bruises and was beaten “from head to toe,” according to prosecutors, who say Hadid confessed.

But Alaeddin Hadid – who insists his wife is innocent


She confessed; see below.

– said Orland Park police are “really going to be in big trouble” for releasing the woman’s booking photo to the news media after she was charged with first-degree murder.The Hadids are Muslims and Nour “never leaves the home without covering up,” said Alaeddin, who’s vowed to sue.

By custom, some practicing Muslim women wear the hijab, or headscarf, and cover their arms and legs when in public.

In the mug shot, a bare-headed and obviously emotional Nour appears to be protecting her modesty with her hands.

“It is against our religion; we do not do this in our culture,” Alaeddin said.

“People have been calling me about this all day.”…

Orland Park police Cmdr. Chuck Doll said the mug shot was taken “for identification purposes” before Hadid made her confession. Her headscarf was handed back to her after the photo was taken, Doll said.

“A matron was with her at all times while she was in our custody,” Doll said. A matron is a law enforcement official who works with women held in custody. “She was wearing a tank top, and she had the headscarf when she was interviewed.”

The headscarf later was taken from her after she made suicide threats, he said.

A sobbing Hadid appeared without the headscarf at the Bridgeview courthouse Tuesday and is being held without bail at the Cermak Medical Center at the Cook County Jail, where she remains on suicide watch.

Police have said her husband’s possible involvement in Bhia’s death still is under investigation.


And — surprise, surprise! — here come the unindicted co-conspirators:

Islamic advocacy groups seem wary of taking up Hadid’s cause.Spokesmen for the Council on Islamic American Relations, the Islamic Society of North America and the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation all declined to comment Thursday.

But Dr. Mohammed Sahloul, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago, said that while police should follow the usual procedures with all defendants, “they should respect the modesty of the accused.”

Sahloul, who made it clear he was not aware of the Hadid case and was speaking in general terms about the hijab, pointed out that Muslim women are allowed to wear hijabs in photos for their state IDs.

“If it’s for the purposes of identification and they cover in public, then that’s going to be more effective in identifying them anyway,” he said.

Former chairman Kareem Irfan said, “It’s particularly humiliating because she appears to be in her underwear.


Isn’t it more humiliating to have murdered a toddler?

“I don’t condone what she’s alleged to have done.

Of course not. But it isn’t what you’re focusing upon, is it?

“But if it was a nun accused of these crimes, would they treat her the same way?”


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  1. Bloody idiot – child murdered but the husband worries worry about his islamic reputation – no real surprise there. I will bet that the husband killed the child and setup his wife.

  2. As they say in IT, garbage in garbage out. Seems to sum up this evil ideology succinctly

  3. This further proves the islamic culture does not mix with Western Cultures including the United States of America. Hadid committed a crime in the U.S., you must face the consequences based on our U.S. Constitution, not Sharia Law! Since Mr. Hadid cannot adapt to U.S. culture and laws, please leave and take your family with you!

  4. How do you worry about veiling your face after you murdered a 2 year old girl. You obviously have no sense of what Islam has taught you. If you were even a descent Muslim you would understand that your priorities are not right. You stupid BITCH! you should be ashamed, put to death! for killing an innocent person, let alone a child. You are ashamed to unveil your face but not ashamed or embarrassed to murder.

  5. Hey Amin,
    Sorry, but it is very likely that the mother is as much a victim as the poor child. We don’t know – so we should wait until the truth comes out. It would not be a surprise if the husband was behind what happened, but we should reserve judgement until the truth comes out.

  6. no I think she did it, muslim women are very angry and oppressed, they really have issues, and the victim is the husband’s neice not the woman neice

  7. Funny how thousands of murderers may be any type of religion/race/ethnicity however, none get put into such large stereotypes like Moslems, whoever is “me” is a good example of what im talking about. lol
    as a non-moslem and non-ignorant person, i can (un)safetly say that Islam is the new Black.
    hope i dont get suspected of terrorism for being one of the few to admit this.
    you cannot compare every moslem woman to a nun btw, whoever wrote the article because nuns are the MOST pious you have in your culture. and and over half of moslem women cover, wether by law or choice. For their dignity’s sake, its like telling a non-moslem, who wears short sleeve tank tops as a normal thing to instead take the picture in her bra and underwear, better yet! nude.
    Dont be so ignorant. she was accused of a crime, she may have done it she may have not done it. I dont see such hateful comments to (forexample) asians if they commit such crimes, or worse. Decapitation on grey hound by Vince Weiguang Li, Canadian Law was critisized more than the man who instantly was checked for psychological problems.
    Have none of you considered maybe she has a mental problem? Do not know what she is going through, if she is a threat to her own self, then you HAVE to know someting else is going on.
    OH no, i forgot. Theyre not humans…. theyre Moslems.. to the ignorant. They arent equal to ‘ the westerners’

  8. Linn you are in dream land…enjoy it while it lasts. It is very obvious that you have never lived in an islamic country. I would say you probably haven’t even visited one…dream on…

  9. * Have none of you considered maybe she has a mental problem?

    “History of mental illness” accompanies muslim perps like shoes accompany socks, but who are we to stereotype. There must be a few muslim perps who are of sound mind.

  10. ^ If only you werent being sarcastic. youre very disrespectful and you are hiding behind the name which mocks others beliefs.

    and theresaj, you would say many things im sure, however i have visited many Islamic countries and lived as a minority among Moslems. its called karma, you treat one with respect, you gain it & vise versa. I pity all of your actions, however ill try not to judge you by them because just MAYBE youll learn from your stupidity and ignorance one day

  11. There is no karma in Islam.

    Islam has replaced it with inshallah fatalism.

    There is no Golden Rule in Islam.

    The honour of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs.

    One who respects the kafirs dishonours the Muslims… The real purpose of levying jiziya on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honour and might of Islam.–

    Sufi saint Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624), letter #163

  12. Sheikyermami-I have to disagree with you, if you are a muslim living in a western country, you must respect the non-muslims, many of them are too ignorant or don’t have the correct knowledge, I have many non-muslim friends because of this-and it helps them respect you more-once they know who you really are and ur muslim values. Plus this is only for ‘Sufi Muslims’ Most muslims are NOT sufi-I am not sufi, I am sunni-thats where the truth lies.
    I completely agree with you Linn. I have lived in muslim countries and I’m an american palestinian, and being good with others makes them good to u in return.
    ‘me’ Not all muslim women are opressed, I am a proud muslim woman, and I dont have ‘issues’ and I am not angry-most of my friends tell me they love to be around me because I bring the light in-muslims are supposed to be like that. Only those who misunderstand the true meaning of Islam treat it with disrespect and give it a bad name-they wear it like a pair of shoes, they don’t care what it touches where it goes. Real muslims DO care, they live with the islamic values of respect, truth and kindness-to everyone and EVERYTHING. I would appreciate if the haters here would stop and think before commenting and search up the real meaning of Islam Plus that woman, if she did something that terrible, she must want repentance, THAT is why she wants the Qur’an-it is a calming book that guides muslims to the right-it does not ‘command us to kill all non-believers’ it tells us to guide them into the right path and treat them fairly. WHen muslims ruled over half the world, people could have any religion they wanted, but most converted when they saw the fairness and beauty of islam. Please, anyone that reads this, learn a little real *not some stupid made up biased* islamic history. This is all I ask for-seek the truth adn only that. Thank you.

  13. Oh, and I forgot to thank you, Thank you Linn, I am happy that more than just my close friends understand that we are people too, and there are many different types of people that have different beliefs and values. It really saddens me how mad people are at the ‘Muslims’ when its the minority doing wrong. We are the new blacks, the japanese, the jews. All these groups were attacked at some point and the were hated deeply-misunderstood and greatly stereotyped. Thank you for those who care enough to think about the other side. Thank you again Linn for understanding.

  14. “I pity all of your actions, however ill try not to judge you by them because just MAYBE youll learn from your stupidity and ignorance one day”

    You pity us, Linn? That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Irrespective of your experience which may be subject to your own prejudice, you only need to open your eyes wide to see what is going on around you. Are you living in this world? Have you visited the poor supurbs of these countries you make mention of and seen the miserable expression of the belief system that emanates out of these helpless victims?

    This is not an issue of a misunderstood religion, or . It’s a wake up call to anyone and everyone who holds true to man’s innate quest for freedom of conscious. When was the last time you bothered yourself to read anything about this monstrosity?

    As for you SunnyD, why don’t you stop this role playing. If what you purport has any taste of truth in it, pray tell us why you left your paradise of a country to seek a “better” life in the (of ALL places) the US of A?

    Do you honestly think that Sheikyermami has this site up just for the sake of defamation? Putting aside the sarcasm, I think you better read what he has to say. It will enlighten you. Once you have that squared off, I encourage you to seek true peace and salvation for your soul with the One who has the authority to grant it. I’ll leave it to you to discover who that One might be.

  15. Nolaughingmatter, first of all I would like you to know that I was BORN in the USA. Secondly, my dad moved here after finishing high school because he got a scholarship at a university in Texas, then he got married and my mother moved in with him. I have lived in a muslim country when I was younger and I have gone there for summer vacation. I know first hand what good muslim people are like. I also know that people like you and Sheikyermami just don’t want to believe what is true or they have not had the right amount of light shed upon them-meaning you’ve seen too much of the wrongdoing and the bad to believe there is good.
    As many people know, a person in their teenage years goes through many rebellious stages, and if they didn’t believe in their religion *especially in America* they can change their religion, move away from their parents, or do many other things. I am a teenager, I am buried quite deep in this rebellious stage yet I stay true to my religion, I feel it is what really keeps me stable. I even went through a long stage of depression after my family had to move three times in one school year. Once I started praying to God-really really praying with all my heart, my relationship with my parents got better and better, my grades went up and I felt soo so much happier. You can ask any single person at Lake Oswego High School about my second semester freshman year and my sophomore year, the difference between my attitude and my grades are quite vast. I just want people to know that I don’t hate people of other religions *three of my bff’s are catholics and christian*, I am not ‘role playing’ and that I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t slam me, because as you can see, I don’t do that to others. Some muslims, who have their ideas mixed up and their heads screwed on wrong believe that its right to punish children the way she did to hers, to blow themselves and others up, to put down anyone that is a ‘non-believer’ and to want to conquer all-but if you ask MY parents, MY friends, the Sheikh at MY Mosque, you will know that it is NOT true. In fact, we *my muslim youth group* have monthly/sometimes weekly discussions about where we stand and where the people that hate Americans stand, what our religion really means and what other people think of it *bad/good* and we also discuss how we should deal with interfaith and the people that we live around *neighbors, schoolmates etc.* And I could record a video of one if you want, or you guys who don’t believe me could come unexpectedly ANY DAY you want and watch us talking, listen to what we are saying. I really hope that you don’t think a 15 year old girl would go this far jst to ‘role play.’ I am the kind of person that liikes to tell people what I think no matter what my opinion is and no matter what my family and friends think of it-if I was ever ‘role playing’ it would most definitely NOT be on the internet-the only place where you can do as you please undiscovered. Now I ask you, after I have told quite a bit about myself, do you really think I’m role playing? Do you really think that Islam is a bad religion? That I am a bad person? That I am a monster, a liar, a cheater, a killer, a terrorist, a hater, an evil being without regard to anything but herself? I hope not, because these are all labels that have been put on good religious people such as my friends, my family and every other muslim, regardless of people knowing them or not. It seems that the only people not regarding others are the people who hate ALL muslims instead of the ones who actually caused harm. Thank you.

  16. Oh, I am sorry Sheikyermami, I did not realize how long my post was, until I posted it. I did not mean to make it so long, I hope you can excuse me for that. Sorry.

  17. Sunny D
    ”Muslims do care……..” About what exactly?
    Please tell us about all those people who were able to keep their religions when ”half the world was ruled by muslims.”
    I am all ears.

  18. Sunny D,
    It is good that you do not hate people of other religions but this website is not about you…it is about the evil ideology you have been born into. It is not a religion. Most religions promote peace , love , light , kindness…Your so called religion promotes hatred , cultural arrogance , suppression of women , the subjugation of children , slavery , beheadings, murder , rape , gang rape , female genital mutilation..3 million last year..mostly muslims , amputations , double amputations , stonings , acid burning and other forms of mutilation..young girls in Afghanistan are getting their noses and ears cut off…etc etc etc etc…Suicide bombing…terrorism..
    No other ideology is currently producing this amount of horror.

  19. True Muslims care about others, just the other day, I met with my youth group, and our Sheik told us that regardless of who our neighbors are we had to treat them with a great kindess. For example if we cook something that we really like, we should give some to them-what you like for yourself you should like for others. You should not bother them by being too noisy, you shouldn’t annoy them *by going on their lawn or doing something that they reallydon’t like.* If they are rude and mean to you, you should not do that back to them, because if you are always constantly good to them, they may realize that you don’t deserve their rudeness, they may become your friend or will begin to treat you with kindness too. Also, its like treating fire with fire, it only creates a bigger fire. When my friend’s uncle was trying to build a mosque near an old prejudiced senior, the owner of the house near her uncles land always spit when he saw them, made a lot of inappropriate rude comments and even tried to sue them. When the judge saw that he was just trying to get them away, and didn’t have a good reason for suing, dismissed the case with the condition that the old man had to pay my friends uncle for causing useless problems and trying to take her uncles land. Her uncle decided that he would have none of it and convinced the judge that he would not touch the money. The old man still treated him bad-it has been around five years since then, and the old man has willingly sold her uncle four more pieces of land for the building of this mosque. As a muslim, patience is very important, my friends uncle was very patient with this man and now they’re somewhat friends. With this patience and sincerity, they have built a stable relationship. There are so many things a good muslim cares about, I could write forever, Islam is a very deep religion and it has a lot more to it than the surface shows to those on the outside.

    Well catholics in spain-when spain was ruled by muslims for hundreds of years. I know this because in those countries, the non-muslims had to pay a tax. A muslim has to pay charity *it is a must in islam to give what you can to people that are more needy that you,* therefore, the non-muslims, who did NOT have to pay a charity, had to pay a tax that kept the Islamic government running. I even learned this in my 7th grade social studies class when I was learning about the Ottoman Empire. Non-muslims had to follow the law of the land, but they did not have to follow our religion. They prayed as they wished, the went to non-islamic schools, they did not have to dress the way muslims did. You can search this up if you would like-I learned it in both a non-muslim AND a muslim-environment.
    oh, and just fyi-the term ‘non-believer’- generally refers to people that are NOT christian, jewish or muslim. Jews, Christians and Muslims are all called ‘Ahl-Alkitab’ which is *literally* parents of the books, which is talking about the Torah, The Bible and the Qur’an. Because these are all so similar and have so many things that are the same, the people that are religious *with any of these religions* are called ‘believers’ because they believe in a monotheist god.
    If you have any more q’s, just ask away. But for now, I am off to eat my dinner, lol. Thanks.

  20. SunnyD April 8, 2010 at 1:40 am,
    theresaj April 8, 2010 at 1:13 am’s point was that islam IS supposed to be of peace, BUT, in practice IT IS NOT, for the reasons she described.

    We do not buy your TAQIYYA!

  21. Haha, sorry. I had to finish my homework and then my parents told me that I should go to sleep *I wake up at 6 a.m.* so I did. I am really really sorry!

    I just want you to KNOW that I did not even know what taqqiya was-when I searched it, it is something that Shi’ites do. I am not shia, and I would NOT lie about my religion. Do you really believe a teenager will go this far to LIE about her religion? If I did not believe in what I say, I would not say it. It’s against our religion to lie. The core of our religion stands for being true, good people-this is why it’s against our religion to lie, to cheat, to steal, to murder without just reason, and to be unkind to others regardless of situation. It is not the religion’s fault if humans are forgetful and imperfect and do not follow every aspect of it, or only follow the parts THEY wish to. In our religion, God has given the women and the men different powers, but so many men look at it the wrong way. Some men do not allow their wives to work-before you spit a stupid remark at me for contradicting myself listen to EVERYTHING I say; I do not know why so many men are being so stupid-our Prophet’s (PBUH) first wife was a very well known business woman, she was extremely wealthy, very famous and very intelligent. As you can see, if our Prophet had a wife who worked-meaning she talked to other men and did many other things that you and I do-that many women don’t think its right to do-then men should not have a problem with it. Unfortunately, certain men look only at the parts of my religion that THEY want to. IT really is a matter of perspective, if you look at EVERYTHING, and not at just what you want *like some ‘muslims’ and many of the people on this site* you will see the truth and will want to learn more. But if you keep looking at what you want and denying any thing that has a different view, like what I am saying here, then you will stay in the same position, you will be the kind of person called ‘ignorant.’

  22. Another thing-before you slammed those words at me-think of the people you are talking about. Who is getting all their land taken away? Palestinian muslims-when people are desperate, what do they do? The do everything in their power to get what they need. They need their land back-and of course if all they can do is *TERORRIZE* the people with the 5th largest military in the world, back up from the US, and all the power they want *Israeli’s*, then they will. What would you do if someone came to your house claiming this was their land all along and they kill your family and children and they bulldoze your house like they did to several American civil rights activist? WOuld you just tell them theycan have whatever they want, watch them kill your family and ruin your homeland? Would you? NO. YOU WOULD EFFIN FIGHT BAAAACK. Don’t you DARE slam Palestinians.

    Next. Iraq. Oh crap man! There are WMD’s in Iraq!! We gotta go save the world, lets kill a buncha people so that we could have power over oil and pretend there really ARE WMDs! Whoops! The public found out…there really are no WMDs….HA! I have an idea! Let’s get the people to like us so we can stay here and still have power over oil! Why don’t we find and kill that SOAB Saddam *whom I hate too, just fyi* and make everyone like us! DEMOCRACY!!! <-Bush
    Think about it. I've seen this kind of stuff ALL over the news, so don't say this is just what I think, and that I just hate Bush or some random stuff like that. If you lived in Iraq, and had a lot of your family killed *I know someone who left with only her brother and her grandma because the rest died there* how would you feel? Angry? Insane? THe reason the muslims seem to be the crazy ones is because problem upon problem is stacked upon them and they don't know what to do, they are human beings, they feel powerless and find themselves nowhere else but at the end of their line with nothing else to do but suicide bombing…*I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS-I DONT THINK SUICIDE BOMBING OR SUICIDE ARE JUST IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER*…they go crazy when their families are taken away, when their homes are taken away, when they have soldiers constantly watching them, they begin to have more issues and grow desperate. What do you want them to do, everyone is attacking them from every angle. If they don't do anything they'll die, but when they do something people make fun of them, the attack them, the hurt them verbally and physically. Muslims are humans to, we get hurt when someone says something mean. Islam is a good religion, I invite you to come to ANY Youth Group meeting of mine, ANY DAY AT ALLLL!! I don't understand why you are labeling everyone that is muslim without even knowing everyone of them! Don't judge a book by the cover you see! What is underneat/inside is always worth so much more than the cover.
    I was born into kindness and undertanding. IF Islam is so different why does it have so many more things similar to Christianity and Jewish religion then things that are different? I have jewish and christian friends and we compare and contrast our religion, its values and our rules and I feel we could be sisters when I look at how many things are exactly the same.
    Islam does NOT promote, in ANY WAY any of the things you have mentioned, if you want me to, I could find a million and one ways to prove to you that the Bible does promote atleast half of those, I have read many different parts of the Bible and I even learned about it at school. DONT attack Islam, pleeease, Islam IS a religion of peace,love, light and kindness. Attack the stupid people that don't understand it and think it's okay to say they are muslims when they don't really know what being a muslim entitles. You have to be fully aware of everythiong you do as a muslim and you have to have good intentions when doing and saying everything you say. You should never do anything to cause harm. Those are a few simple rules of our religion, if you want to know what my religion is about, at least believe that what I am saying is true. If you live in a country/state/city where you could visit a Mosque, do so. It will not hurt you, just tell them you are interested in Islam-EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT-just to see how kind they will be to you. I have seen many people interested come to my Mosque, it is so easy to be kind t othem because they just want the truth or they are just curious. People at the Mosque treat non-muslims that are interested like gold-at least at my Mosque they do-that is what I learned.
    If Islam was so terrible, why do think there are songs like this that are so very popular? These kinds of songs are there to help and inspire muslims *like me* who are in environments where they have no other muslims around.

    Wow….that was long. I am sorry, but it's so hard to write everything in my heart without having a lot. Thank you.

  23. ‘Hijab More Important Than Murder
    by sheikyermami on April 10, 2009

    Illinois: Islam “insulted” by alleged child killer’s mug shot, says husband’

    ‘SunnyD April 8, 2010 at 11:36 pm
    Haha, sorry. I had to finish my homework and then my parents told me that I should go to sleep *I wake up at 6 a.m.* so I did. I am really really sorry!’

    That explains it! You are a young, dutiful female muslima.
    The point of this website and a rapidly growing list of others is to expose islam for what it practices, whether it is shia, sunni or whatever.
    You keep refering to what it is supposed to be.
    You are wasting your time writing about that here. We now know all that.
    Stick around to have your eyes and your mind opened, girl!
    You are in for a shock!

  24. Oh, and I don’t mean to attack the Bible, there are just things that I learned and I want you to know that Christianity isn’t perfect either, you should look at the person first not their religion *you do this w/ everyone that is NOT a muslim-why do this to muslims?* I do not intend to attack the Bible, I am sorry that I said that-I said I would not slam other religions, I am really really sorry. I just have not seen people so intent on making me fall whenIhave done no wrong. Just stop hating on Islam, hate on the people that use it to label themselves and don’t even follow their label. Thank you.

  25. Really? Really? Is this what it has REALLY come down to? Because I went to sleep early so I could be awake and do good in school I am just a *young* dutiful muslima? Are you implying, that although I have spent all this time explaining to you that my family and friends and all the religious people I know practice Islam the way it was meant, that I am just bull*******? Really? Because a LOT of teens do their homework and go to sleep early so they can be awake at school, just because I am MUSLIM and I do that, you use THAT as a thing to attack me? Has it really come down to this? You have nothing on me. I keep saying *supposed to be* because all of the stories on this website are about those who are not really religious. I still can’t believe you used my first statement *of them all!*, my apology for not returning the questions as something to insult me and attack me with. I am sorry, but this is just getting nowhere. Have you really read ANYTHING that I have written? Yes I am a muslima, and I believe in everything I have witten and my WHOLE community PRACTICES everything I have said, even people in Texas *a community I used to live with*, in Michigan *a place I visited over the summer*, and in Jordan *lived there for four years and visited on summer vacation* theyALL practice it the same way that I do. If this is such a terrible religion why is 1/6th of the world muslim? That’s 1.2+ muslims.
    Plus, I SEE/HEAR/KNOW what’s going on in the world, and I am in no way shocked-I live in the whitest place in the coast, I hear bull from people all the time. We are just the new blacks, over time, people will realize they are unrightfully wronging us. If you don’t want to believe me, then you just don’t want to know-you obviously don’t want to find a reason to believe in me or my amazing religion. Thank you.
    Here is another thing that muslims made that tell you that muslims are only to do good.

    Thank you.

  26. Hijab More Important Than Murder
    by sheikyermami on April 10, 2009

    Illinois: Islam “insulted” by alleged child killer’s mug shot, says husband

    SunnyD April 9, 2010 at 12:14 am,
    SunnyD April 9, 2010 at 12:40 am.

    SunnyD, it did not take you long to become verbally abusive, did it?
    Just like ALL of your islamic members. All of you start out by saying how wonderful your cult is, then when the media point out the obvious, horrible practices of your cult, everyone of you, starts screaming and shouting abuse.
    Stick around on this blog, sonny, and read what the global news media writes about ‘ad nauseum’. Hopefully your mind will open up to the truth of islam, before it is too late for you. You haven’t got a leg to stand on.

  27. You are just trying to make me look bad, I did nothing wrong. I was not verbally abusive at all. I was just so shocked at your deperation to find me at fault. Do not ignore the 1.2+ billion muslims in the world all praying in the same language all doing this in unity for one thing-justice, truth and for their God. Just in my Mosque alone, we have 30 languages-THATS how many people and how diverse people of the Islamic belief are, they are not just satanistic arabs that are in a cult. This is no cult, please remove the shroud from your face and at least recognize that I have not wronged and that my mind is quite open to everything around me. I do not know what you would be saying now if I HAD been verbally abusive….
    I have just proved to you how the media, and your view of what a muslim is, is wrong and what the truth is, but why you are fighting to believe me, I do not know. I have been trying so hard just so that you don’t hate me, and you are, just as I said attacking from every angle, no matter what I do I can never be right to you. There are no more places you can attack from, please stop making false accusations and search for the truth in my words, this is all I ask-I did not ask you to convert, nor to love muslims or Islam, I am just asking that you actually read my words with an open heart to understanding. Thank you.

  28. Sunny D,
    You are too long winded for me…I am a busy person..Dhumme is responding to you and trying to get you to think about what islam says it is and what it actually is.
    The article by the young psychologist in Denmark is really worth reading. He is calling for an immediate halt to muslim immigration into Europe and says that Muslims should be resettled in muslim countries.
    I didn’t like the way you referred to the elderly American man who did not want the mosque built . Were you not taught to respect your elders?
    No mosques or islamic schools should be built in Western countries whilst schools and synagogues are not allowed to be built in muslim countries..I knew a group of Malaysian Catholics who had been trying to build a church for more than twenty years. Muslims don’t seem to understand that life is a two way street. The demands are endless.
    And I don’t really think you are a school girl either…

  29. Hijab More Important Than Murder
    by sheikyermami on April 10, 2009

    Illinois: Islam “insulted” by alleged child killer’s mug shot, says husband

    SunnyD April 9, 2010 at 1:08 am

    That is better. Nice and calm again.
    We will keep going over the same ground for as as long as you like, while you maintain your position.
    On this blog we read news reports from all over the world about all aspects of islam. We have learnt that imams teach the men, from the quran, how to fake niceness to us Westerners while your numbers are low, then when your numbers are big you will dominate us or kill us. In your womens’ classes they also teach you, from the quran, how to do the same. We read how muslims hate and kill all the world over.
    Of course you are nice to each other, but not to us. The quran teaches you that too. The quran tells you to dominate the world for allah.
    We do not like it!

    Keep coming back to this blog as you grow up.
    [That is if you are, who you say you are -You are practicing TAQIYYA- LIES]
    If, as I suspect, you are not, you already know all this, but still stick around, anyway, and learn.

  30. It appears that a hijab is murder – especially if you’re a bint who like go-carting.

    Should that be called hijab jihad?

  31. Gary,
    Sunny may not be aware of the situation you are referring to..a muslim woman wearing a burqa has died in a golkart accident where her burqa became entangled somehow. How ridiculous to wear such a garment whilst go karting.

  32. *Sigh*
    There really is nothing I can do to convince you that I am a good person, that I am a teenage muslima going to LO High and that really, muslims are not bad, and the religion is all for the good is there? You guys are amazingly stubborn, lol. I’ve been trying really hard to be really formal, but I give up on that-since that makes me not a ‘school girl’.

    First off, if you think I’m ‘too long winded’ for you, then you obviously don’t care too much, I didnt tell you, you HAD to read, did I? This is your pure choice-you’re the one that wants to continue to argue, and if you don’t want to read my whole messeges, then don’t. ^_^ Okay?

    Next. I live in America, not in a muslim country, why would anyone in a muslim country want some sort of OTHER religious building built where islam is the main religion? In America we have the first amendment, so we have a RIGHT to that. Think about your questions before you word them. Plus, as I explained to you, that wasn’t ‘just an elderly man who didn’t want the Mosque built” he was a rude man that said a lot of inappropriate things around kids and adults alike *as long as they were muslim.* And that was definitely NOT appreciated. I do respect adults, actually parents and people older than us are supposed to have a great deal of respect, this is all over the Qur’an, in many Hadiths and is a big thing in Muslim countries.

    Back to the Imams thing-those are Sufi and Shia Imams. Why do you not understand that? Is it that complicated? There are the right and rightous people of Islam and the peoplewho add their own things and make it much more complicated and ruin its purity and goodness. Just like Mormens, there are good mormens and stupid mormens like Jeff Johnson who exploit and ruin what mormons really stand for. It’s so so sad how people can believe the bad so much easier and quicker than the good.
    Also, it’s not very surprising that ANYONE hates the west, who wouldn’t hate the people that have so much power over them, the people who can attack any minute, the people that can do really, what ever they want and can easilly get away with it? “OH look! He looks like he might be arab! Let’s send him to Gitmo!” LIke srsly? wtf?! And don’t start trying to justify anything, because My class had several full period discussions, and ultimately, my side was supported. I know more than you think, I have Mr. Moore *who you do not know, but if you knew, you would understand what I mean* as a teacher, anything he knows *and he knows a lot* he just gives to us. I’m a good student, so I absorb 95% of this very current information. Iknow you hate the fact of giving up and admitting that I am right and there’re muslims all over the world with different values and views. But, even if you do not admit it here, you will at some point realize that, you just dont WANT to know the truth. Stop looking at only one side, once you look at the other side, then will you truly understand this broken world.
    I really don’t appreciate you calling me a liar, so please stop. What can I do to prove to you that I am not practicing bullshitting to people?
    Here’s a website that I believe is very valid-if you think its ‘too long-winded’ then at least skip to the bottom where it says ‘Peace and Forgiveness’ These are things my religion is really about. These are the things that I believe in, read it and believe it. This guy would not be a professor at an Islamic university if Islam was what you all believe it to be, because obviously, he doesn’t agree with what you guys think Islam is.

    Oh and that Burqa thing *thank you theresaj for briefing me on that*, I have to admit, that girl must have been stupid, she should’ve thought about that. There are ones that are not loose enough to get into the tires.You cannot label hijab as murder, it was just a stupid mistake-just because she is muslim, you have t0 label it and use it to attack islam? If something like that happened to a nun, or a lady wearing a dress, you wouldn’t have mentioned a thing to anybody-not about religion atleast. Thank you.

    P.S. Does anybody here listen to ‘The Script’?

  33. Sunny, nobody here is interested in your da’awa efforts. If you can find anything on ” this website to be false and very biased” you are welcome to point it out and we will correct it.

    If you cannot, you should apologize for making false and misleading statements and you will be banned from posting.


  34. Sunny,

    What are the credentials of a prophet? Is having sex with a 6 year-old girl a “virtue” that is ONLY ascribed to a “prophet”, but the very same act brands another a pedophile, and if so, why? Can you emulate your “prophet’s” life in anything he is recorded to have done or said? I wish you’d answer these questions and snap out of the state of denial that you are living in.

    Now ask yourself this question. What are the distinguishing marks of a cult whose growth has spiraled out of control?

    OK! Having said that, kindly google a little comparison between the lives of the Lord Jesus Christ and Mohammad, and tell me who miserably fails to measure up to the basic standards of righteousness.

    Believe me, Sunny. I am not mocking you. I am stimulating your mind to wholesome thinking – for your own good.

  35. Sunny, (Maria, whatever you are calling yourself) I’m getting fed up of this.

    The conditions for posting here are clear. You read them, or did you not?

    Your link confirms only that Muhammad was a pedophile, that’s all. Because he was a pedophile, hundreds of thousands, millions of Muslims are pedophiles who rape 9 year old girls. That’s a tragedy and a monstrous crime against humanity. No matter how you roll this turd in glitter, it remains a turd and it stinks like a turd.

    Nobody “attacks” you, but I told you before that you will be banned from posting if you don’t stop making false claims like “there is a lot of information on our Prophet (PBUH) on this website to be false and very biased”, because there isn’t.

    You are now banned and unless you apologize for your stupid behavior you won’t be allowed back.

  36. Good call Sheik. Sunny, or whatever you call yourself, you want to make a statement then justify it properly, not with the bullshit and lies that passes for an islamic proof.

  37. Maria?? What is going on? Who is Maria?
    I have justified my statement. If you guys do not want to believe the truth, don’t. But I have done as I was supposed to. I have proved you wrong, if you do not want to believe me, that is not my fault.
    Thank you.

  38. Masters of lies and deception. That link that SunnyD provides is proof of their craftiness at twisting facts and meshing good with evil and vise versa.

    What the good scholar failed to do was site their own historical sources for auhtentication. These historians wrote it down as it was – sexual infatuation with a six-year old.

    No matter how hard they try, they will never be able to clear his record and improve his image with us who know him better, and the feeble minded (SunnyD) will go on believing what they have been spoon fed without the courage to challenge the validity thereof.

    Poor souls. If ONLY they read their own books.

  39. IP Address:
    ISP: Comcast Cable
    Region: Lake Oswego (US)

    The Portland, Oregon area – poor dying USA.

  40. Actually, it is pretty clear that we have three or four people posting with multiple monikers, posing as non-muslims with a suitably dhimmi inspired story. Interestingly, their English seems to be improving so they are not completely wasting their time, but that is about the only benefit that a written discourse with these folk returns.

    “nolaughingmatter” is correct.

    A proper appraisal of the life of mohammed , studied within the pages of the quran and other materials, do not show him in an outstanding light. And here we have one of the many contradictions of islam – muslims claim that quran cannot be false and defend the statement that mohammed was a holy man – a clear contradiction with the contents of the quran. Perhaps some pages should have been removed before it went into print?? I suspect it is much easier to sit on the floor of a mosque listening to someone tell you what is true rather than having to discover it for yourself.

  41. Diplomat Disciplined Over Pope Memo Is Named.
    THE TELEGRAPH: The diplomat who has been disciplined over a Foreign Office memo mocking the Pope was accused last night of being “clueless” about the Catholic faith. ….Suspicious Name ‘Anjoum Noorani’

  42. I did not say non-muslims are stupid! I would be stupid if I had said that, many of my friends and many of the people that inspire me are non-muslim. In fact, I like learning from my christian and jewish friend, and what do you know? They are non-muslim. Some of my best, best friends, who I love very much are non-muslim. Don’t accuse me and put words in my mouth.
    And, just because we have used the same computer, it does not mean we are the same people! This computer is for public use! Do not accuse me of deception. Please, why do you insist on calling me evil after all I have said and done to try to prove you otherwise? Why do you not read the Prophet’s (PBUH) biography before you judge him. read an ACTUAL biography, not some online biased stuff. Thank you.
    I am really, truly sorry you believe me to be a bad person and a liar after the hours I have spent writing and trying to make you understand me.

  43. Do you have proof for this statement?
    “A proper appraisal of the life of mohammed , studied within the pages of the quran and other materials, do not show him in an outstanding light”
    Who told you that the Qur’an says that the Prophet (PBUH) is not a holy man? He infact is, he was dedicated and devoted to the service of god-which is a definition of being holy (dedicated and devoted to the service of god)
    He was a human miracle sent down to reform the people.
    Here are is a website with a bunch of verses regarding the Prophet (PBUH)

    Thank you.

  44. Hey look, SunnyD is back! How have been doing? I said it before and I say it again, you are very mislead. You may be sincere, but you are sincerely wrong. You may have strong convictions, but it’s all biased info. There is enough material and resources and strangely enough from your own commentaries and Hadiths to convict your pseudo-prophet.

    SunnyD, think with me for a moment. You were born into this cult. All of you identifies with this cult – you cannot help but belong to this cult. It’s who you are. The same applies to a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Catholic, an Agnostic … etc. Do you get my point?

    Now do as I have done. Step out and take a good look at who you are and what you have become? Put everything into perspective – specifically recorded history. Now, dare to ask the difficult questions – could I have been wrong? Conduct a thorough investigation and apply critical thinking. But most of all, seek the Truth with a sincere heart – and surely the Lord our God will reveal it to you.

  45. SunnyD: “In fact, I like learning from my christian and jewish friend, and what do you know? They are non-muslim. Some of my best, best friends, who I love very much are non-muslim.”

    Your false prophet, apparently channeling allah, said (among other

    [3:28] The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from GOD. Exempted are those who are forced to do this to avoid persecution. GOD alerts you that you shall reverence Him alone. To GOD is the ultimate destiny.
    5:51 O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

    So you have taken Christians and Jews as friends, and exiled yourself
    from allah – now what?

  46. See what I mean, SunnyD? You have just opened a can of worms and there is more where Mullah Lodabullah got this from. Put everything into perspective.

    One more question that just came to mind: Have you ever read the koran? And if yes, do you understand it?

  47. Have I been banned once again? It wont let me see the second page of the comments? And I tried to post before and it would not let me. I hope this works.

  48. surprise! surprise!

    a woman allegedly killed her children. All the other people in this world in this world were outraged and want the justice.

    And here you are, focusing on the “religion of the suspect” .

    I couldnt find anybody mentioned Casey Anthony’s religion anywhere when her case was being heard.

    Surprise! Surprise!

  49. Casey Anthony’s religion? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

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