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Here we go again…

As a presidential candidate, Hussein Obama argued forcefully throughout the campaign that “America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides.”… On Nov. 11, 2007, in one of the most memorable speeches of his campaign, the future president told a South Carolina crowd that “I am running because of what Dr. King called ‘the fierce urgency of now.’ I am running because I do believe there’s such a thing as being too late. And that hour is almost here.” For the precious few victims of the Armenian genocide still with us — in their 90s and beyond — that time has come.

The writer: Rep. Adam Schiff.

Remember what happened last time when Schiff was advocating a US recognition of the Armenian genocide?

Last month, the Turks and their friends in the administration defeated Nancy Pelosi, a determined, commanding speaker of the House. The passage of a resolution that would label the 1915 killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as “genocide” was postponed indefinitely. Pelosi’s friends on the Democratic side of the House were kind enough to save her from even greater embarrassment: The sponsors asked her to delay the vote —and she agreed.

* The Jihad Genocide of the Armenians

This was a political blunder. The speaker, as committed as anyone to passing the symbolic legislation, was humiliated by an even stronger and no less committed Turkish lobby. However – as often happens with acts of foolishness committed by Congress – the price will be paid by another branch of government, the executive. The check will be submitted later this week to its senior representative, Secretary Rice. A week later, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit an even higher authority, President George Bush, with the same purpose.

America lost twice in this congressional battle of political will – by losing the chance to gain the high moral ground by recognizing the Armenian tragedy and by angering an important ally. Turkey was able to benefit twice: It defeated the bill, but it was also handed an excuse to get angry by its earlier passage through the House foreign affairs committee. Now it can feel justified for its somewhat vindictive mood.

I’m not saying Schiff is right or wrong. I’m just saying: do we have to go through this same battle every year?

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