India: Media Censors Jihad Outbreak in Mysore

Mysore: Jihadi groups attacked Temples and Houses of Hindus following the arrest of two Jihadi Romeos. Jihadis unleashed terror against Hindus and burnt their houses here following the arrest of two Jihadi youth based on the complaints of locals.


 Four Temples and more than 250 houses were destroyed by the Jihadi mob that also set ablaze 12 vehicles and four houses.An anganwadi centre, printing press, xerox shop and scores of petty provision stores were destroyed. They also looted jewellery and cash, residents say. Miscreants also attacked the house of the former Mayor H N Srikantiah and ransacked furnitures. Many policemen were also injured in the attacks.

As usual this incident will also get censored by our National medias as part of their ‘Media Ethics’ unless Hindus starts retaliation in same coin. The Media wolves are waiting to jump into the scene when the retaliation happens so that they can corner the BJP government in Karnataka as well as portray the ‘Innocent Muslims’ as victims under fascist rule.

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One thought on “India: Media Censors Jihad Outbreak in Mysore”

  1. The Islamic wave of invaders from the last 1300 over years are said to have killed an estimated 90,000,000 Hundus during their rule of most northern India prior to the comming of the British. So what their descendants are now doing need not be something new to the Indians. Anyway, at the rate that they are breeding it is understood that they will form the majority population of India by about 2050. Then India will be renamed IRABIA and the goons who presently do notknow what is happening or what they are doing will come under the total dominance of the new Religion. At that time most Indians would be taught stone throwing at schools to executewomen for adultery because there were no ‘4 reliable witnesses’ to the rape scene. It would appear that eventually India will merge with Pakistan and the Middle Ease leaving Israel as a small pocket of non Faithful.

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