Kuthba # 1002378699874: Projection, Taqiyya and Stupidity…

If you say they suck the hatred in with the mothers milk they call you a ‘bigot & Islamophobe’- if you record their own video’s and make it into a 14-minute movie (like Geert Wilders did with ‘FITNA’)  the whole ummah goes apeshit and wants to kill you. But this is Islam undiluted, and this is the mental baggage that makes these people kill and die for Allah.  Now just wait for Yusuf to tell us its all not true and “out of context”….


Following are excerpts from a Hamas Friday sermon, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on April 3, 2009.

Preacher: Who is leading the world today against Islam and its people? Who is leading the fierce and vehement campaign in the world today against Islam and its people? The answer is as clear as day: It is the nation of the Jews. It is the Jews who are leading the vehement campaign against the Muslims today.


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We Muslims know best the nature of the Jews, because the Koran has informed us about this, and because the pure Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad has devoted much space to informing the Muslims of the truth about the Jews and their hostility to Islam and its Prophet.


Their famous book, the existence of which is denied by the reasonable people among them, the so-called Protocols of the Elders of Zion – but we call it the Protocols of the Idiots of Zion... In this book, the Jews included their plan to besiege the whole world by land, by air, by sea, by ideology, by economy, and by the media, as is happening today, my brothers in the nation of the Prophet Muhammad. The Jews today are weaving their spider webs in order to encircle our nation like a bracelet encircles the wrist, and in order to spread corruption throughout the world.


Allah willing, the moment will come when their property will be destroyed and their sons annihilated, until not a single Jew or Zionist is left on the face of the Earth.

* Fortunately for us, Allah is impotent and unwilling/ed)

There used to be a dog that frightened the entire neighborhood with its barking. This dog begot a pup which was more wicked than its father. The Jews are always the same, brothers. Both dogs and pups bark and bite, and both are impure. That is the truth about the Jews.

Influential Lebanese Shi`ite cleric calls for Muslim-Jewish dialogue

Lebanon’s most influential Shi’ite Muslim cleric renewed his call Monday for a dialogue between Muslims and Jews to promote world peace, while maintaining that Israel should still be confronted for occupying Arab lands.

Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah stressed that Islam recognizes Judaism and rejected any offense against Jews or Christians in any Arab or Muslim country.

Fadlallah renewed his call for a Muslim-Jewish dialogue during a meeting 
Monday with a delegation of German intellectuals, businessmen and journalists who visited him at his residence south of Beirut, according to a statement issued by the cleric’s office.

Fadlallah, 73, is the main religious authority for Lebanon’s estimated 1.2 million Shi’ites, the country’s largest sect, and has followers throughout the Middle East.

Hani Abdullah, the cleric’s spokesman, told The Associated Press that Fadlallah has in the past called for a Muslim-Christian dialogue and a Muslim-Jewish dialogue as part of interfaith efforts aimed at bridging the gap among various religious. 

But in his latest call, Fadlallah wanted to emphasize the importance of a Muslim-Jewish dialogue away from Zionist influence, he said.

“Islam recognizes Judaism and rejects any offense against Jews or Christians…We have no complex toward Jews at the religious level,” Fadlallah said.

(BS. He is actually inviting the Jews to accept Islam, so that the jihad can be concluded peacefully. This jackass should take it up with Nasrallah, who has other plans…/ed)

The cleric, however, stressed that Jews need to be freed from the cycle of world Zionism and Israel should be confronted because of its occupation of Arab lands.

Fadlallah is a strong supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah.

(There you go. Read the Hamas charter. Read the Hezbollah slogans/ed)

In his Monday’s statement, Fadlallah also stressed that Lebanon’s Shi’ites have no foreign agenda or a special project to spread Shi’ite ideology in the predominan tly Sunni Arab world. He also said the Shi’ites are not seeking to change any Arab regime.

His remarks came as Egypt announced earlier this month the arrest a group of 49 members of an alleged Hezbollah cell that the government said was plotting to destabilize the country.

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  1. * Allah willing, the moment will come when their property will be
    destroyed and their sons annihilated, until not a single Jew or Zionist
    is left on the face of the Earth.

    “You will attack my people Israel like a cloud that covers the land.
    In the days to come, I will let you attack my land so that nations will
    know me. I will use you for my holy purpose as they watch.” (God)

  2. Islamic fundamentalists are dangerous. dishonest, but fortunately stupid, idiots.
    There is no point talking to these fools – just dissappear them.

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