Little Green Footballs finds more pro-Israel neo-Nazis

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Robert Spencer:

Many of you have written to me saying I should ignore Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs and his relentless smear and libel campaign against me and others who are defending the freedom of speech and equality of rights of all people against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism.

It would be good to ignore him, but unfortunately, although his readership is plummeting, he still commands a sizable audience, and many people (who of course must not have been paying close attention) still think he is fighting against the jihadists — when in reality he is only engaging in relentless defamation of those he dislikes. And since that defamation spreads far and wide, it must be opposed.

Today he is once again attacking Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, whom he clearly fears a great deal (inasmuch as she tells the truth about him), along with Paul Belien and me for being invited to speak at an anti-Islamization conference by the group Pro-Köln. Pro-Köln, he says, is a neo-Nazi group, and he has a photo of some guy who is not involved with Pro-Köln but is wearing a Hitler-style overcoat to prove it. And if Pamela, Paul and I are speaking there, well, we must be Nazis too, right?

In reality, the fact that we were invited to speak indicates in itself that Pro-Köln is not a neo-Nazi group. We are known to be pro-Israel, and if I go I would speak in defense of Israel and against neo-Nazism, Holocaust denial, etc. Outside of Charles Johnson’s fantasies, no one has ever actually seen a pro-Israel neo-Nazi. Racist parties such as the BNP and antisemites such as Jean Marie LePen’s National Front are not welcome and have not been invited.

Moreover, as John Rosenthal reported in Pajamas Media last year, the German intelligence service in Hamburg has found that real German neo-Nazis despise Pro-Köln because it is…pro-Israel.

And finally, this whole line of inquiry is absurd. The idea that if someone speaks somewhere, he must therefore hold all the same views that the other speakers hold, is not worthy of serious consideration. Question for Charles Johnson: as he well knows, since I met with him at the time, I once spoke at the same event at which the featured speaker was none other than Hillary Clinton. Does that make her a neo-Nazi as well? (Or does it make me a Leftist and a socialist?) After all, she spoke on a bill with someone who once spoke on another bill with someone who was accused of being in the same room with someone who was once photographed at a funeral with someone who…

For that matter, is Johnson a neo-Nazi as well, since he met with me then also? Of course not — because after all, he renounces all neofascism, race supremacism, etc., right? He sure does. And so do I.

It is astounding that otherwise reasonable people fall for his sort of “analysis.”

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  1. What happened to Charles to make him go so crazy? He was a hero, and now he is a pariah in the community. I am so disappointed in him, and never rely on his blog, as he has lost all his marbles! Shame on him.

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