News agencies concealing Islamic names?

Outlets refuse to identify Muslim immigrants as gunmen in recent rampage


Savage tells it like it is…


Most of the local reports of a Minneapolis shooting left out the Islamic names of the suspects, notes  a blogger at

The suspects were identified in one report as Mohamud Ahmed Hassan, Hamad Ahmad Issek and Jibril Farah Mohamed, and the blogger wondered whether the Islamic names had anything to do with the omission in many other Minnesota media reports.

Blogger Warner Todd Huston said the question is “did the Old Media in Minnesota purposefully leave the names unreported so that they could cover up the fact that the criminals were Somali immigrants? And, if so, why would they do this?”

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He cited the initial reports in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and on Twin Cities TV stations KTRV, KEYC, KARE and KSTP, which “all skip the naming of those arrested.”

“It isn’t until the Saint Paul paper, the Pioneer Press, covers the story that we get the names of the ‘three suspects,'” he wrote.

“Why is it that only one news source listed the names of the arrested? Was it because the perpetrators were Somalis?” Huston asked. “If so, why wouldn’t the news want these Somalis identified or even described? Are they as reticent to name other suspects in other reports? Especially in an area that has had recent problems between the Somali immigrant community and other residents, one would think that the names would seem relevant to the story of the greater community situation there.”

A contributor to Newsbusters’ forum commented, “Seems the MSM considers only white, Christian males to be capable of committing crimes. This concealment is a perfect example of exactly why the old media is rapidly dying.”

“Why should we know their names?” wrote another. “We weren’t allowed to use Present Obama’s middle name and we still don’t know his real name or origin.”

Police reported the investigation began after four people, including two 17-year-olds, were shot at a Lakeville, Minn., party after a man apparently became upset when he was told to leave.

Minnesota has a large Muslim population that has made news frequently, including protests by Muslim women over state driver’s license photographs and conflicts over the refusal of Somali cab drivers to take a passenger carrying alcohol or accompanied by a guide dog.

A “mosque” on a publicly funded college campus also generated controversy.


From Atlas:

The covered badge represents police killed while carrying out the colonial occupation of the African community. Just like the resistance of Nat Turner and Gabriel Prosser, enslaved Africans once vilified and today considered heroes, African people in Oakland have a right to struggle against this government-imposed terror. (hat tip Laura)

The barbarians are at the gate and on the dole.


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