Planet of the (mad) Apes

article-1174828-04bb2f5a000005dc-554_634x380Obamamania or overkill? Presidents marks his first 100 days in office with THREE hundred photos… all of him/ Mail Online

Obama administration preparing a largely unconditional $1 billion gift to Pakistan (unfortunately there is no funding for the counter jihad/ed)

Considering Pakistan’s duplicitous nature, the U.S. giving it a billion dollars gives whole new meaning to the jihadis’, most notably bin Laden’s, predictions that the U.S. will bleed itself dry in the war against jihad. More on this story.

“US readies $1bn gift for Pak,” from Times of India, April 29: via JW

Egypt calls for the death of all pigs

Literally, swine this time — not that group of infidels regularly conflated with them in Islamic scriptures. Even though the U.N. insists Egypt’s pigs are harmless, as a “precautionary” measure, the government has called for their eradication, possibly as many as 400,000. After all, as the following report reveals, “Egypt’s 80-million population consists mainly of Muslims, whose religion forbids them from eating pork, as well as an estimated six to 10 percent Christian Copts who may eat pig meat”: In other words, since Muslims won’t be affected, only Christians, might as well call for this extreme, and wholly unnecessary, measure. Besides, it will make for good PR with Egypt’s more “radical” segments.

“Egypt MPs seek ‘immediate death’ for nation’s pigs,” from AFP, April 28: via JW

  • Those Wacki Pakis:

Breaking News: Taliban “deceives” Pakistani government

As Islam’s prophet lived and preached, so war is deceit. Just another reminder of how futile the “Swat deal” — supposed peace in exchange for sharia — is; something the U.S. government should keep in mind as it prepares to hand over one billion dollars to Pakistan. “Taliban deceived govt, staged withdrawal drama: ISPR,” from the Daily Times, April 29:

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  1. This country has gone mad!! We know the Paki government loves the Taliban as their police stood by while Taliban murdered people. WTG Libtards!

  2. Critisizing racist muslims…with your racist comments, makes you just as bad as them.

  3. The reason why the Egyptians don’t care if the pigs are killed is due to the fact that they are owned by Christians and make their living off of these animals.

    And the one who says that muslims are a race – has a race with a pig in the IQ department. I think the pigs win though.

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