Political Correctness in the War on Islamic Terror

Rock Peters /Global Politician

President Barack Obama and his Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano have scrapped the terms “war on terror” and “terrorist attacks.” The new hygienic, sterilized language and “politically correct” term being introduced by the Obama administration for the ‘war on terror” is now “Overseas Contingency Operations”. In place of “terrorist attacks” the politically correct term is “Man Caused Disasters.” Let’s not offend murderers, al-Qaeda and the Muslim terrorists that attacked us! This will make us safer, no doubt.

Obama and Napolitano are quite obviously out of their minds. If these mental cases were in power during WW II they would not call Hitler’s “Third Reich” Nazism they would refer to Nazism as “Asserting German Pride.”

If in the Obama administration the “war in terror” is now “Overseas Contingency Operations” and “terror attacks” are to be called “man made disasters” then I motion that we should now call:

Genocide and the “Jewish Holocaust” – “unnecessary mass death.”

Rape should politely be referred to as, “unsolicited rough sex from an undesirable partner” 

Rapists must not be offended and will henceforth be known as,”Unwanted lovers.”

Burglars should be called, “unwanted house guests.”

Shoplifters, “non paying customers”

Stolen goods, “un purchased items.”

Stealing, “Borrowing without asking”

Murder should be called, “Abruptly ending another person’s life.”

Forgery is now “signing someone else’s name.”

Buying illegal drugs should be referred to as “Purchasing un-prescribed medicine.”

Drug dealers should be “unlicensed pharmacists.”

And last but not least Pedophilia shall now be known as, “A Predilection, Preference, Desire and Fondness for little children” – just like Mohammad had.

For an illegal alien is an “undocumented worker” and the war on Muslim terrorism is “Overseas Contingency Operations”, then all of the above are not jokes but make perfect sense.

Truly, Liberalism is an extreme psychological disorder and a dangerous mental illness.

3 thoughts on “Political Correctness in the War on Islamic Terror”

  1. I know there are some people in this world who I would ever so much like to apply this to ….”
    “Abruptly ending another person’s life.”

    This is very clever ‘wit’ and please come up with some more of them.

    I am sick of the PC bullshit that is being forced on us all. I have always been brought up to call a spade…well… a spade…gees, now what am I supposed to call it… a shovel??? yeah that’s it, so I can shovel my way through all the bullshit that is being heaped upon us .

    Luv ya work sheik.

  2. Hey sheik…as I enjoy your work and humour, how about you put your thinking head rags (hat) on and come up with some Aussie versions of what we have to put up with here in OZ.
    like dole bludgers
    welfare rorters
    the multiple wives and many offspring of the polygamous muslims,
    the muslim settlements around OZ,
    the 13 odd illegal boatloads of mainly paki/afgani so called refugees that bypassed all those refugee taking muslim countries to get here and that have come to our shores in the last year alone since mrkrudd moved into the big chair..

    I can’t wait to read what you come up with…

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