Pre-emptive Dhimmitude in Sydney

* Liberalism is the idea that it is reality’s responsibility to conform to your beliefs, because you have a right to believe whatever you want.

Tim Blair

“Modern times” come to  Sydney: 

Worshippers at one of the state’s largest hospital chapels have been ordered to get rid of crucifixes and Bibles and pull down religious pictures and symbols for fear of offending other religions. (Namely Islam/ed)

The decision by Royal North Shore Hospital has outraged patients and their families, many of whom have turned to the chapel for comfort in their darkest hours.

Hospital managers ordered the ban on symbols of any kind because the chapel was increasingly being used by a number of different faiths …

A hospital spokeswoman said it was appropriate to “move with the times”. 

Working on this story yesterday, a number of Daily Telegraph staffers noted that these decisions were almost always taken prior to any actual complaints. And so it happens again: 

Last night Islamic leaders criticised the move and feared a backlash.

Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Society, said Muslims would not be offended to use a multi-faith chapel and see images of the cross.

“It’s a multi-faith room. It is not offensive to see another religion’s symbol,” he said. ”We would not have asked for this and these sorts of things cause rage and backlash from others.”  Really?/ed

Aiming to avoid conflict and anger, the Royal North Shore Hospital has instead increased it.

4 thoughts on “Pre-emptive Dhimmitude in Sydney”

  1. Appeasement again. This is a dangerous game. You Aussies have not learnt how to dealwith the Dhummies or their mode of operations. (Dhimmies refer to us Infidels)

    You are all operating exactly how the late Winston Churchill would have expected you to operate.

    “Keep feeding the crocodile in the hope that it will eat you last”.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  2. Wrong Isa – many of us do know – it is just the FWits we have in power at the moment who are letting us down. This decision comes from the public service, and it has probably been made by a muslim. At present we are trying to ascertain who made the decision. If we can find out, then the name of the muslim dhimmi will be made public.

  3. I wonder how long it’ll be before korans (toilet paper in book form) start appearing in this chapel, and what penalties will be imposed on people removing and/or destroying this filthy ‘book’? Just another step supported by ‘do-gooders’ (see dhimmies) for multiculturalism in our country.

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