Shakira Hussein Katzenjammer: "Muslims throughout the western world have been pigeonholed and vilified"

* You don’t say, Shakira, you don’t say…

The ABC provides a soapbox for  Shakira Hussein’s Islamic grievance theater: 

Shakira Hussein 153

“Pigeonholed and vilified?” NOT!

File photo: A Muslim woman wrapped in an Australian flag smiles as she arrives for prayers at Lakemba mosque, Sydney 2006(Getty Images: Ian Waldie)

Since the 9/11 attacks, Muslims throughout the western world have been pigeonholed and often vilified. In this talk academic Shakira Hussein looks at some of the prejudices Australian Muslims are facing in the 21st century.

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Like all good Muslims, Shakira is deaf and blind when it comes to Islam and what Islam does.  And what do Muslims teach their children? Can’t go there, right? How dare you criticize the ummmah, you Islamophobe, you!

* But of course, here on sheik yer’mami we do go there. I guess we need more “outreach” and ‘interfaith’ activities and everything will be just swell, right Shakira? Surely you ‘d have no problem condemning the people who support the abject Jew-hatred we see below? 

 Oh Allah, completely, destroy and shatter the Jews. Oh Allah, torment them with a disease that has no cure or remedy. Send a thunderbolt down upon them from Heaven. Oh Allah, torment them with every kind of torment.

6a00e008c6b4e5883401156f67bf2d970c-500wiWatch the clip here

or read the transcript here:

Egyptian Cleric Teaches a Child to Memorize Antisemitic Messages on Al-Rahma TV and Explains: The Understanding of What He Said Will Come

Following are excerpts from an Islamist children’s program, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on March 6, 2009:

Child: Oh Allah, completely, destroy and shatter the Jews. Oh Allah, torment them with a disease that has no cure or remedy. Send a thunderbolt down upon them from Heaven. Oh Allah, torment them with every kind of torment. Oh Allah, send upon them flocks of ababil birds1that will pelt them with stones of baked clay, and turn them into straw that has been eaten. Oh Allah, turn their women into widows – just like Muslim women were widowed. Allah, turn their children into orphans – just like Muslim children were orphaned. Oh Allah, bless the efforts of themujahideen. Oh Allah, bring victory upon us soon. Amen, amen. Peace and blessings upon you.

TV host: Well done. Well done. I let him end the program on purpose. Of course, he memorized this, and the understanding will come, Allah willing. But this is one stage in becoming a future preacher.

1 Ababil birds are described in the Koran as dropping red clay bricks on the army of elephants sent by the king of Yemen to attack Mecca in 571 CE.

37 thoughts on “Shakira Hussein Katzenjammer: "Muslims throughout the western world have been pigeonholed and vilified"”

  1. muslima are professional victims….all the B/S about how they are treated. What about what muslims do to others. Muslims have declared war on the western world and then they expect to wander about as if the war has nothing to do with them. In all previous wars they would be rounded up and put in camps and considered to be spys. They don’t know when they are well off.

  2. Evil acts ‘r’ us is a global organisation masquerading as a “religion” called Islam. Not 2000 years ago not 1000 years ago but today tomorrow and so on until it is obliterated!


    To think something this shocking has happened after hundreds of these celebrations is appalling. This was clearly no accident. The driver was aiming for the bus containing the royal family – and thankfully didn’t make it to his target. How many were injured, killed, maimed – only time will tell. From the video’s the injuries look severe. I phoned my friend who is one of the medical examiners for the Police department and she said it’s being treated as a terrorist attack on the Royal family until further notice. The driver trapped in the car is NOT Dutch – but rather is a Muslim immigrant to The Netherlands. Whether he worked alone or was in with a group is unknown at this time.

  4. It seems as if the identity of the perpetrator is still not clear. What is definite is that he is 36 years old, but it is unclear if he is a dutch national. Fifty percent of the data says he is an unemployed European, so he may not be a muslim. We shall see what comes out in the final reports of the Apeldoorn police. This may just be a disgruntled citizen, but 5 deaths confirmed – 2 woman and 2 men – several with severe injuries + driver of car who may or may not survive,

  5. Possibly not a Muslim who attacked the Dutch royals. But someone cut from the same lunatic cloth no doubt!

  6. Critisizing racist muslims…with your racist comments, makes you just as bad as them.

  7. No mate , noone can be as bad as is not possible..they are the worst people to ever walk on the planet…they are not just racist they are backward and moronic…they contribute absolutely nothing to any society they invade. They endless ask for special treatment but NEVER , ever offer to pay for anything…perpetual bludgers , oxygen theives.

  8. “A Muslim May 1, 2009 at 12:10 am
    Critisizing racist muslims…with your racist comments, makes you just as bad as them.”

    Further proof Islam makes people stupid. What race was the the racist Muslim being criticized? And did someone make a point of attacking his ethnic heritage? For the last time you silly muzzies, Islam is a ideology, not a race. Do you realize stupidity cannot be projected on others knucklehead?

  9. When muslims want to stop killing people, and then when the masses of so called ‘peaceful’ ones want to stop racism (sharia laws) and intolerance, and lying to us about what islam is all about – then maybe they can stop whining about being pigeon holed. Until then – cry all you want, baby.

  10. A Muslim,
    Silly boy – Islam is not a race and we have every right to discuss and highlight the criminal actions that are taken in its name on an almost daily basis. For you to call this discussion as racist is dishonest at best and smells of an attempt to use racial vilification laws to destroy open discussion on the criminal nonsense that many of you muslims seem to get up to. The problem is not with your skin color, your language or the shape of your eyes – the problem is a vile philosophy which is being forced onto people using violence by idiots like you. It is very interesting that islam is the only philosophy that requires violence to grow and requires no thought whatsoever from its adherents.

  11. OT, but relevant: Rabiah plays her victim card[s] and The Oz
    soaks in it.

    Muslim matriarch Rabiah Hutchinson’s suburban nightmare
    Sally Neighbour | May 02, 2009

    Tight lines, Sheik!

  12. Some nice news from BBC
    A Ghanaian man who was imprisoned in Libya eight years ago for distributing Christian material has been freed.

    Ghana’s Vice-President John Dramani Mahama secured Daniel Baidoo’s release, during an official visit to Libya.

  13. Lets face it people – if you do not have children you’re culture will die. This is simply what our culture is doing to itself although the birth rates of Muslims are I think over 3 and in some countries 5-6. Other cultures have faced this type of pressure and survived it. India would be a fine example but look at its current population and general state of poverty.

    At times when discussing any topic associated with Islam I ensure that my audience is aware that I am speaking about Islamic Supremacists. An apologist will always attempt to force Muslim into the conversation. This woman is particularly good at it. Her comments in relation to rape are unsupportable specifically when dealing with the ridicule of the demographic correlation. Evidence from many other countries would suggest a strong relationship between Islamic Supremacists and rape – as well as homophobic and anti-Semitic attacks not to mention the destruction of property. These same statistics would be present in the Muslim demographic within our own Australian society. Can we get them Sheik? Her comments in relation to illegal boat arrivals and Muslims is laughable considering that for the most part illegal immigrants are Muslim and would therefore constitute the majority in detention centres.

    But the one thing that really riles me about these idiots is their denial of the hate that this ideology inspires. It is always the islamaphobes blaspheming Islam which is the issue it is never those that perpetrate the violence in the name of Islam. Oh but we all really know it is Jews in disguise or the Christian right responsible for all the woes in the world just like it say’s in the Koran or that leftist useful idiots would have us believe.

  14. Geoff, I wonder if the concept of responsibility for what one says and does is even remote understood by these folk.

  15. Hello Kaw

    They know exactly how to play us, our society. The denial of this link of violence and Islam has a large bloc. It is difficult to convince people to look at the problem. My only success has been to get them to read some good sources. Mark Steyn has some really good arguments and gives me a lot of success in getting people to listen.


  16. “Shakira Hussein Katzenjammer: “Muslims throughout the western world have been pigeonholed and vilified”

    The anti-democracy muslims feel they can say anything and the anti-democracy commie msm will parrot what they say. What a nifty understood policy.

  17. For those of you who don’t know her story, Delara Darabi was an innocent Iranian women who was basically set up for murder by the iranian religous thugs. Over the past year many of us have tried to have the Iranian thugs see reason and have her released – however she was murdered sometime in the last week to spite the international community. The Iranian dwarf and his thugs have once again spat in the face of all known principles of decency and fairness.

    Following is a copy of the BBC feed reporting the murder of this young woman.
    Human rights groups have protested against the execution on Friday of a young Iranian woman for a murder committed when she was 17 years old.

    Amnesty International said it was outraged by Delara Darabi’s hanging and that she did not get a fair trial.

    The head of Iran’s judiciary had recently granted a two-month stay of execution but her lawyer says this was disregarded by the prison authorities.

    Ever since her confession Ms Darabi, an artist, had said she was innocent.

    She said she had taken the blame to save her boyfriend.

    Her case received international attention after dramatic paintings and drawings created in her cell were seen around the world.

    ‘Save me’

    The head of the Iranian judiciary recently granted a two-month stay of execution.

    But according to her lawyer this order was simply disregarded by the prison authorities, who provided no notice of the execution.
    Amnesty International protest outside the Iranian embassy in west London, on April 20, 2009
    Ms Darabi’s case attracted attention around the world

    The BBC’s Jon Leyne in Tehran says that early on Friday morning Delara Darabi made a desperate phone call to her parents, saying she could see the hangman’s noose.

    “Mother they are going to execute me, please save me,” she said, before a prison official took the phone away and said: “We are going to execute your daughter and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty’s deputy chief for the Middle East and North Africa, said that the execution was a cynical move to avoid international protests.

    “Amnesty International is outraged at the execution of Delara Darabi, and particularly at the news that her lawyer was not informed,” she said.

    “Amnesty International does not consider her trial to have been fair, as the courts later refused to consider new evidence which the lawyer said would have proved she could not have committed the murder,” a statement by the group said.

    The statement added that Iran had executed 42 juvenile offenders since 1990, in disregard of international law.

  18. “Out in the great outdoors fishing”

    You lucky bastard! 🙂

    The jihadists are currently scouring the “great outdoors” in most western countries, trying to find Sheik Yer Mami, I mean they certainly have the personnel pitched up in our countries, don’t they?

    Keep up the good work, and enjoy your rest and relaxation, Sheik, you really deserve it for all the good anti-jihad work you do here, regardless of what the snake Charles Johnson tries to smear you and your allies with!

  19. Osrvetoa important in attacking our religion more and more will not be able to access it you scum .. Look at the criminality of the Jews and Christians fanatics in the world against Muslims Look at how they kill children and rape women and the destruction of mosques in Palestine and the United States and most Western countries .. Enough is enough! We Muslims respect all religions and we know that our religion is the true religion, but Christians and Jews do not respect Muslims and they are being tortured every day .. But you can never have changed the point of our strong belief .. We have a large and wonderful and I lie and say that we are terrorists, but in reality you are the source of terrorism and Islam against the war against terrorism, but you do not understand because you understand Khaleon intelligence and love and compassion! Enough is enough, and called on Muslims as well as .. You are stubborn fanatics and hate

  20. Muslims have created their own bad reputation. They are disliked wherever they go because they are so arrogant and ignorant. They are incapable of fitting in with others. Jews have very , very high IQs..muslims on the other hand are thick..they drag down every society they enter or rather invade. Almost all terrorists are muslims.

  21. Your world is ending, nora – allah’s lies and blasphemies, along with those of the false prophet Mo are dragging muslims into a war against the God of Israel that will leave them destroyed. Those who plot to partition Israel will be punished:

    “I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will execute judgment on them there for my people, and for my heritage, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations. They have divided my land…” Joel 3.2

    Warn your fellow muslims, nora, to flee from islam and allah while they still have that opportunity. islam is doomed. Flee from it. Run for your life!

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