Those Wacky Paki's: Soon With Nukes!

  • Wacki Paki Ambassador:   “we are not a failed state”.

Pakistan to West: Stop lecturing us; help us $$$$!!!

In other words, stop it with the demands to root out Talibani terrorism, and just pay up already. “Stop lecturing, help us, Pakistan tells West,” from Times of India, April 26: via JW

taliban-school_114601sBlowing up schools is a speciality of the Taliban, also known as “students of Islam”

NEW YORK: Pakistan’s ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani has urged the international community to help Pakistan in its efforts to prevent the Talibanisation of the country’s Swat and Buner regions instead of giving lectures, the Online news agency reported. 

“We have shared our concerns with the US and do not want Talibanisation in Pakistan at all”, Haqqani said.[…]


“Most of the Pakistanis are moderate and will not allow militants to impose Sharia (Islamic laws).

More contradictions:

“We admit Taliban pose great threat to Pakistanis, and Pakistanis are Muslims and wanted implementation of their religion, but neither we believe in flogging of girls nor locking up women inside homes,” he said in an interview on Saturday. 

He added that the majority of the people rejected the Taliban lifestyle and the areas where the Taliban influence still existed was due to the local environment.

The ambassador strongly rejected the impression (by Western countries) that Taliban will occupy Pakistan, saying, “we have one million strong army and our institutions are strong, and we are not a failed state”.

* Yep. They are a work in progress, as we can see here:

*  Pakistan: Taliban demand jizya payments from Sikhs

U.S. military poised to secure Pakistani nukes if Pakistan falls to jihadists

The Obama Administration seems to be playing a double game of its own: reaching out to jihadists in Iran and Afghanistan, while being ready to stop them in Pakistan. “Does Pakistan’s Taliban Surge Raise a Nuclear Threat?,” by Mark Thompson for Time, April 24 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):  via JW

……The prospect of turmoil in Pakistan sends shivers up the spines of those U.S. officials charged with keeping tabs on foreign nuclear weapons. Pakistan is thought to possess about 100 — the U.S. isn’t sure of the total, and may not know where all of them are. Still, if Pakistan collapses, the U.S. military is primed to enter the country and secure as many of those weapons as it can, “according to U.S. officials.”


Andrew Bolt: Pakistan falling to barbarians

If you think you’ve seen many refugees already, watch would happen if Pakistan and its 170 million people fall completely to the Taliban. US secretary of state Hillary Clinton is getting nervous about something else, too:

“One of our concerns, which we’ve raised with the Pakistani government and military is that if the worst, the unthinkable were to happen, and this advancing Taliban encouraged and supported by Al-Qaeda and other extremists were to essentially topple the government for failure to beat them back—then they would have the keys to the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan,” Shillary Clinton told Fox News.

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Jihad Watch: Taliban shave men’s heads for listening to music

For years many people have pointed out that most music is contrary to traditional Islamic law. For this they have been called “Islamophobic.” The Taliban must be Islamophobic as well.

Here is a glimpse into the West’s future if it continues to accommodate Sharia: “Taliban shave men for listening to music,” from Agence France-Presse, April 26 (thanks to JW):

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