UN General Assembly Leader Regrets Durban II Not More Focused On Israel

 Insane myopia at the United Nations continues.

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It would appear that the only nation whose actions concern the United Nations to the point of taking action is Israel. They ignore North Korea’s nuclear program, which has been restarted despite non-proliferation agreements. They ignore North Korea’s missile launches, despite UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting them. They ignore Iran’s missile tests and regularly repeating statements calling for the annihilation of Israel. 

They ignore the human rights violations by dozens of countries, including genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sudan, but Israel gets special treatment by being singled out for castigation and undermining Israel’s legitimacy?

Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitic rant
at anti-racist conference didn’t happen!

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his use of a UN forum for political grandstanding”

UN rights chief slams Durban II critics

These gatherings instead focus on Israel’s actions to defend itself from genocidal thugs in Hamas, Hizbullah, and other terrorists arrayed against Israel on her borders. They worry more about Israel’s retaliation to eliminate terrorists attacking them than against thousands of kassam rockets and mortars fired by Hamas from Gaza. 

So, it goes without saying that the United Nations General Assembly President expressed regret that the Durban II statement didn’t single out Israel more than it did to condemn it for actions dealing with the Palestinians. How come there were no expressions of regret for China’s dealing with Tibet or Sudan’s actionable and provable genocide in Darfur or Sri Lanka’s actions against the Tamil Tigers or the Thai government’s actions against the Islamist insurgents or the Taliban’s ongoing assault on human rights and freedoms in Afghanistan and Pakistan? 

Well, it’s pretty simple because the President is a leftist who has made these kinds of statements on Israel in the past:

Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, a socialist parliamentarian from Nicaragua whose tenure as UNGA chief is coming to an end in September, said in a Friday summary speech that it was a shame that a passage regarding the rights of Palestinians to statehood had been removed from the final text of the current conference.

D’escoto Brockmann, who has been accused in the past of making anti-Western and specifically anti-Israeli statements, expressed satisfaction that a concluding text had been coordinated. 

But he added that it was unfortunate that the text no longer focused on the Palestinian “victims” whose plight had been the central issue of the first Durban conference.

Brockmann hasn’t just been accused of making those statements in the past; they’re on the record and verifiable. He’s claimed that Israel engaged in genocide in Gaza (all facts to the contrary and purposefully ignoring real genocide in places like Sudan). He’s embraced Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction. They’re like peas in a pod – both with the same goals.

This is on the heels of the head of the UN Human Rights Commissionsaying that Durban II was such a success, even though it singled out Israel by name and that the critics were wrong for trying to brand the conference as a forum of hate. Apparently everyone wants to ignoreAhmadinejad’s outburst during the keynote address where he once again claimed Israel was illegitimate and called for Israel’s destruction. Ahmadinejad’s very presence shows just how rigged this whole process was given that Iran regularly violates all manner of human rights and freedoms, by executing gays for simply being gay, for sham trials (see Roxana Saberi and the Alaei brothers), and for flogging women who are found in the presence of men who aren’t related to them. Throw in the fact that countries with large Muslim populations who regularly treat those who aren’t Muslim as second class citizens (a fact prevalent among countries where sharia is imposed or sought to be imposed) and there are billions of people affected by that racism, xenophobia, and hate.


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