Ward Churchill wins case, $1 in damages

Fake Indian Rewarded for Treason

Words fail me…


The jury ruled in Churchill’s favor, deciding that when he was fired in 2007 it was because a majority of CU’s Regents were responding to political pressure stemming from outrage over an essay he wrote after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 


John Murtha

Scumbag Murtha receives naval honor, veterans outraged

A Christian attorney and former Marine says he shares the outrage of other veterans who are upset that Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha received the Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Award.

Brian Rooney is a spokesman for the Thomas More Law Center:

“It’s disgraceful. As a former Marine myself, I have a hard time stomaching it, and I can understand the outrage. ”


2 thoughts on “Ward Churchill wins case, $1 in damages”

  1. the $1 award is a sign of contempt, signifying that even if there was a technical
    unfair dismissal, he deserves nothing.

    In the old days, when dishonest/disreputable people managed to win defamation cases on a technicality, the jury would award them a minimal amount to show that their reputation was worthless and they deserved nothing.

    I suspect this is the case here, and if so, it’s a good thing. So long as he’s not reinstated and able to poison more young minds.

  2. Cassandra–

    I think you’re right, but in that case the award is 99 cents too high.

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